Index of ‘You’ Series Season 1 & 2 (Review, Cast & Episodes)

Index of ‘You’ Series Season 1 & 2 (Review, Cast & Episodes)

‘You’ falls under the kind of series, which you don’t often come across. It’s an unconventional story and ‘edge of the seat’ thriller elements have made it one of the best psychological thriller series in recent times. ‘You’ is an American series, currently streaming on Netflix. If you are in the mood to watch something that is of the psycho-thriller romance genre, you can blindly go for this.


Plot in brief

The series revolves around a man called Joe Goldberg, who develops a great obsession over a beautiful girl he sees at a library. He would do anything for her and go to any extreme to earn her love and affection. He cannot bear to see her with anyone. He is not at all what he portrays himself as, to the people. 

The acting of the leads in the series is one of the reasons for its unanimous success. Top-notch performances of the actors in the series would make you enter the world of ‘You’. 

‘You’ series details 

  • Release Date of the first episode: 9 September 2018
  • Genre: Psychological crime thriller, Romance
  • Total number of seasons: 2 seasons
  • Total number of episodes: 20 episodes
  • Length of per episode: 40 – 49 minutes per episode
  • Available in: Netflix and Amazon Prime
  • Direction: Lee Toland Krieger, Marcos Siega, Cherie Nowlan, Vic Mahoney, Silver Tree
  • Writing: Greg Berlanti, Sera Gamble
  • IMDb rating: 7.8 / 10

List of the main characters

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg

  • Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck

Elizabeth Lail as Guinevere Beck

  • Zach Cherry as Ethan

Zach Cherry as Ethan

  • Luca Padovan as Paco

Luca Padovan as Paco

  • Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger

Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger

  • Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn

Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn

  • Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves

Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves

  • James Scully as Forty Quinn

James Scully as Forty Quinn

  • Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone

Ambyr Childers as Candace Stone

  • Daniel Cosgrove as Ron

Daniel Cosgrove as Ron

  • Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves

Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves

  • Nicole Kangas as Lynn Lieser

Nicole Kangas as Lynn Lieser

  • Kathryn Gallagher as Annika Atwater

Kathryn Gallagher as Annika Atwater

  • Mark Blum as Mr. Mooney

Mark Blum as Mr. Mooney

Index Of ‘You’ Season 1 – Episodes List

Index Of ‘You’ Season 1

  Name of The Episode Availability
Episode 1 Pilot Check Now
Episode 2 The Last Nice Guy in New York Check Now
Episode 3 Maybe Check Now
Episode 4 The Captain Check Now
Episode 5 Living with the Enemy Check Now
Episode 6 Amour Fou Check Now
Episode 7 verythingship Check Now
Episode 8 You Got Me, Babe Check Now
Episode 9 Candace Check Now
Episode 10 Bluebeard’s Castle Check Now


Index of ‘You’ – Season 1 

Episode 1 – Pilot

Joe Goldberg is a bookstore manager. He gets attracted to a beautiful woman called Guinevere Beck from the very first time he sees her. To know more about Beck, Joe keeps following her wherever she goes. He stalks her on social media to see her likes and dislikes and to know who her friends are. He even finds her home by following her. 

One day, drunken Beck becomes unstable and falls onto the subway where the trains come. Joe saves her and drops her at her home. He steals her phone while saving her, as she was not completely conscious. Through her phone, he learns who her friends are. He also comes to know about her boyfriend Benji. Beck then thanks Joe for saving her and prompts him to ask her out.  

Joe cannot handle the reality of Beck having a boyfriend. So, he kidnaps Benji and tortures him slowly to death. 

  • Episode 2 – The Last Nice Guy in New York

In the second episode, Beck is being manipulated by her professor to have a physical relationship with him. After Beck rejects him, he blackmails her that he would fire her from her assistant teaching job if she didn’t sleep with him. Beck replies to the professor that she will expose his character to the world if he fires her. She also tells him that she will expose his affairs with six other women, who he earlier worked with. 

Peach is Beck’s close friend, who is also very rich. Peach starts to get doubts about Joe’s character. 

  • Episode 3 – Maybe 

The dead body of Benji is starting to decay. So, Joe tries to get rid of the body. Joe gets disappointed when he learns that Beck is sleeping with other men to get over Benji. Joe secretly listens to the conversation that Beck is having with her friends. During the conversation, she tells her friends that she is not very sure about having a relationship with Joe as he is a ‘maybe’ to her. Eventually, when Beck and Joe get intimate and begin to make love, they get interrupted by Peach. She tells Beck that she needs medical attention as she is suffering from a chronic disease. 

Joe takes the dead body of Benji to the forest to burn it. The episode ends with Beck and Joe making love in Beck’s apartment. 

  • Episode 4 – The Captain 

As Joe is having Beck’s phone, he can see all her talking to her friends on social media, as her accounts are still synced in her stolen phone. Joe learns that Beck is disappointed with his lovemaking, which she conveys to her friends through a messaging group. Beck is not telling her friends about someone called ‘The Captain.’ She does not reveal to anyone about this. Joe is curious to find out who the captain is. Joe follows Beck to the Charles Dickens Festival to know who she is going to meet. He learns that the captain is none other than Beck’s father. 

Joe and Beck meet in the Charles Dickens festival and Beck introduces Joe to her dad and her stepmother. During the family dinner, Beck gets angry when her stepmother insults her. Beck reveals to Joe why she was separated from her father for many years. Her father was a drug addict back then, but he was over the addiction recently. Even though, Beck wanted to keep him in a distance. 

The episode ends with Beck and Joe making love. This time Beck is satisfied with his lovemaking.

  • Episode 5 – Living With the Enemy 

Beck’s Rich friend Peach gets very suspicious about Joe. Peach arranges a meeting between Beck and a popular literary personality. During the meeting, Beck gets insulted by the person who also tells her that Peach used to criticize her. After learning this and enduring the insult Beck gets very angry with Peach and stops talking to her. 

To get back again with Beck, Peach fakes her suicide. On stalking Peach’s laptop, Joe comes to know that Peach is having a crush on Beck and that is why she is trying to separate her from Joe. Knowing this, Joe hits Peach using a rock on her head when she is alone in the morning. 

Joe saves his neighbor kid Ron from his stepdad who had drugged him. But, Joe gets beaten up by Ron’s stepdad. He also comes to know that Peach is not dead. 

  • Episode 6 – Amour Fou 

As Peach is unwell, Beck talks back to her again and stays along with her. So, Joe cannot reach her or talk to her. Peach plans for a threesome on a dinner along with an old friend Raj. Beck rejects this plan. On this night Peach kisses Beck. The next day Peach is confronted by Beck about last night’s kiss. 

When Peach finds out that Joe is inside her home, she takes out a gun to shoot him. But, to everyone’s shock Peach is shot by Joe. 

To make it look like a suicide, Joe takes the laptop Peach and writes a suicide note. The case is closed as the police believed that Peach has indeed committed suicide. 

  • Episode 7 – Everything ship 

Joe consults a doctor called Nicky with whom he does not reveal his original name. He tells the doctor that his name is Paul. He tells his whole life story to the doctor but does not reveal the identity of Beck or other persons in his story. He tells the doctor that Beck is behaving quite distant and upset these days. 

When Beck finds out that Joe is following her, she asks him why. Joe accuses her of cheating, so she breaks up with him. 

One day, he hacks his doctor’s computer and sees the pictures of him and Beck together. He learns that they have slept together. He realizes that Beck can live happily without him. So, he lets her go on with her life. 

  • Episode 8 – You got me, Babe

Three months has passéd since Joe broke up with Beck. Now, he is in a happy relationship with a woman called Karen. One day, Beck and Joe meet each other coincidentally. Even after meeting months later, they both realize that they have feelings for each other. They make love. Beck cries and tells Joe that what she did was wrong and she loves him truly. 

Joe breaks up with Karen now and gets together back with his love Beck. But Karen confronts Beck, revealing some unknown things to her. This makes Beck suspicious about Joe. 

  • Episode 9 – Candace 

Candace is a woman with whom Joe was in a relationship couple of years ago Joe tells Beck that Candace cheated on him with some other guy called Elijah. But he did not reveal more about Candace, he was quite hesitant. This made Beck search for some answers. She wondered why there is no information or whereabouts about Candace after she left Joe. 

Joe takes Beck to meet his fatherly figure Mooney. Mooney was the original owner of the book shop that Joe works now. Paco will tell something to Beck, which will make her go to Joe’s place and eventually find her old possessions. 

She finds out Nicky’s laptop, Peach’s laptop, and her old lost phone in Joe’s Place. She was startled to see all this stuff. Joe comes to know that Beck has found all this. Therefore, he locks her inside the book vault in which he earlier locked Benji. 

  • Episode 10 – Bluebeard’s Castle 

The family of Peach has assigned an investigator to find out how Peach died. To escape from the book vault, Beck tells Joe to use Dr. Nicky as a scapegoat. She also writes about her life story and events which led to misfortunes. She convinces Joe that she is happy that she has got him and she will place her complete faith in him. She does all this to make him open the book vault to free her. So many things happen and finally, Joe kills Beck. 

Now, 4 months have passed since Beck’s death. Joe has penned a book in which he has named Nicky as the murderer for his murders. At The season’s end, Candace is shown coming back to Joe to finish some unfinished business.


Index Of ‘You’ Season 2 – Episodes List

Index Of ‘You’ Season 2

  Name of The Episode Availability
Episode 1 A Fresh Start Check Now
Episode 2 Just the Tip Check Now
Episode 3 What Are Friends For? Check Now
Episode 4 The Good, the Bad, & the Hendy Check Now
Episode 5 Have a Good Wellkend, Joe! Check Now
Episode 6 Farewell, My Bunny Check Now
Episode 7 Ex-istential Crisis Check Now
Episode 8 Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills Check Now
Episode 9 P.I. Joe Check Now
Episode 10 Love, Actually Check Now


Index of ‘You’ – Season 2 

  • Episode 1 – A fresh start 

After Candace suddenly appeared in front of Joe, Joe left his book store with his friend and ran away to Los Angeles. He starts a living there in the name of Will. It clearly shows he is hiding something. Los Angeles is so different from his previous home town in New York. Joe works in a book cafe in Los Angeles. 

In the cafe, he meets a Woman Called ‘Love’. Yes, you heard that right! Her name is Love. Officially, love is back in Joe’s life again. Love is a happy and bubbly girl. Ellie Alves is Joe’s 15-year-old neighbor. She teaches Joe to make his social media appealing. 

Joe and Love start to get to know each other and eventually both become attracted to each other. Now the scene shift backs to Joe meeting Will, who is locked in plexiglass. This is the original Will whose name Joe has stolen. 

He narrates why he fetched a job in the cafe. Before getting the job, he has seen Love and got immediately attracted to her. He followed her and learned that she works in a cafe. Therefore, he got himself a job there to earn her love. 

  • Episode 2 – Just the tip 

The episode starts with a flashback scene that shows how Joe came to Los Angeles. The original will owes 50,000 dollars to a person called Jasper. As Joe has stolen Will’s identity, he is the one who should pay back Jasper now. 

Just like how he stalked Beck, he starts to stalk Love and her friends. Love’s friends are Lucy and Gabe. Lucy is a Hollywood agent while Gabe is a pansexual best friend of Love. 

Joe and Love get into an argument and Joe admits to her that he wanted both of them to be good friends as he was afraid of love as love would hurt her eventually. 

Joe is shown crumbling Jasper’s body in the meat grinder of his kitchen. He also reattaches his finger joint that was cut by Jasper. Ellie has an older sister named Delilah. Delilah opens up to Joe that she was raped at the age of 17. 

  • Episode 3 – What Are Friends For? 

In this episode, Joe comes to know that Love has a twin brother named Forty, who aspires to be a director, producer, and writer. Forty is a self-obsessed person who has so much attachment with his sister 

Joe’s sees Henderson hanging out with Ellie. He promises to himself that he would protect Ellie from him. One day when Forty gets drunk at a party and is almost unconscious, Joe gets him back home safely and calls Love to inform her. 

Love and Joe get back together and make love. Joe learns now that there is a whole new side to love. Joe also tells Will that he would let him free if he will promise Joe that he would keep his mouth shut after going out. 

  • Episode 4 – The Good, the Bad and the Hendy 

Joe becomes good friends with Love’s friends. Will is seen helping Joe to get into Henderson’s house while he is still in the vault. Joe goes to one of Henderson’s rooms to find out so many Polaroid pictures of women being unconscious. Delilah’s picture was one among them. 

Joe takes all the pictures with him and leaves the photo of Delilah at her doorstep so she can take legal action against Henderson. Ellie goes to Henderson’s apartment by tricking Joe. 

Joe sees Henderson mixing something in Ellie’s drink to take advantage of her when she becomes unconscious. Joe knocks Henderson down and kills him 

Love and Forty are in a film festival and Forty meets a sexy woman named Amy, who is Candace disguised as Amy. Will is let go by Joe as he promised that he would keep his mouth shut. 

  • Episode 5 – Have a good weekend Joe 

When Joe goes along with Love to visit her family, he sees Candace along with Love’s twin brother Forty. Candace found Joe in Los Angeles after she saw a video online posted by Forty with Joe. In the past, Joe had buried Candice to kill her, but she has fortunately escaped and survived. Love’s family is dysfunctional and so uncomfortable to deal with. Along with this, Joe is also facing issues from Candace. 

Finally, Joe reveals to Love during a situation that he is in love with her. The police are now suspecting that Henderson’s death was not a suicide. 

Candace has convinced Forty to take Joe’s book into a play. 

  • Episode 6 – Farewell My Bunny 

When everyone attends the funeral of Henderson, Love gets reminded of her ex-husband. Love gets suspicious about Candace’s behavior and hires an investigator to stalk her and find more about her. 

One day Candace breaks into the apartment of Joe where she finds Love already waiting for Joe. They both reveal things to each other and Candace tells everything about her past with Joe to Love. Love confronts Joe about this matter; Joe smartly convinces her. But love breaks up with Joe. When Joe tries to leave his job at the Café, Forty advises him to keep the job. 

That night Joe was having a conversation with Delilah, making her feel good. Eventually, they both make love. 

  • Episode 7 – Existential crisis 

Love is seen using her husband’s best friend Milo. Joe installs dating apps on his phone to meet new people. But nothing happens. Love’s friend Gabe takes him to a spiritual treatment to get over Love. Delilah is seen thanking Joe for making her feel good and they both make love again in the middle of the street while being drunk. Eventually, they get arrested by the police. Forty helps Joe to get out of jail. 

Milo wants to take his relationship with Love to the next stage. But, she is not completely interested in him. 

When the police suspect Joe for Henderson’s murder, Delilah reaches the vault and finds about Joe’s secrets. Joe finds her inside the vault and locks her in. He promises her that he will let her go after he escapes from this town. 

  • Episode 8 – Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills

Joe helps Forty to help him finish his script. Ellie is also along with them for guidance. But, it is time for Joe to leave the city now to avoid getting caught for the murder of Henderson. So, Joe should make him complete work soon. 

Ellie tells them to restart the script again, which makes Forty irritated so he leaves to a bar. Forty mixes something in Joe’s drink to improve his creativity to write the script. Joe tries to escape, but because of this he becomes unstable and his brain function is altered. 

Love convinces Joe to stay in Los Angeles after she finds his farewell letter. Forty reveals to Joe that when he was young, he has killed his lover. The next morning when Joe’s ready to free Delilah, he finds her dead inside the vault. 

  • Episode 9 – PI Joe 

Joe, for sure knew that he did not murder Delilah nor he wanted to. He does not remember completely what happened before night. Now, Candace arrives at the vault and locks Joe inside the vault. She phones Love and calls her here to show her who Joe is. 

After Love reaches the vault Joe tells her everything and apologizes even to Candace. But, to everyone’s disbelief, Love Kills Candace. 

Love proclaims her love For Joe. 

  • Episode 10 – Love, Actually 

After Love proclaims her love to Joe, she reveals her master plan to him. She says that she studied Joe’s past intricately and made him love her. She says to him that they could plan to frame Ellie as the murderer in Henderson’s case and also make Quinn’s family quit their case. 

It would also make Delilah look like she had committed suicide. After all this she, Forty, and Joe could escape from this place. 

Joe wants to kill Love now, but he could not do it when he learns that she is pregnant with his child. Forty learns that Joe is the one who killed Beck. He makes Love understand this. 

Before Ellie is caught by the police for the crime that she had never committed, Joe gives her some cash and tells her to escape from this place. Forty tries to kill Joe but he is killed by Fincher. Love uses her connections to name her brother for the murders of Henderson and Candace. 

Now, as everything is sorted out, Joe and Love begin to start their new life in a new home. 

But, a twist comes now as Joe sees a beautiful neighbor and becomes obsessed with her. 

Everything starts from the beginning again.


Is there a 4th season for You?

There is, in fact, a fourth season of You that is available for global streaming on Netflix. The creators and even the protagonist of the show have exclaimed that the fourth season takes the viewers along a ride, one that will leave them on the edge of their seats wondering what happens next.

Penn Badgley, who plays the character of Joe Goldberg, exclaimed that the ending of the fourth season gives the audience a clear idea of the fact that Joe isn’t a positive character on the show.

With Season 4 out and streaming, the audience is now left wondering whether the show will be renewed with a fifth season shortly.

Is ‘You’ Season 5 confirmed?

“You” has already been renewed and confirmed for its fifth season. However, we have some disappointing news for the fans. The fifth season is the final one of the show.

So, if you have been badly awaiting the last season and wondering what happens next, we’d suggest you hold onto your horses and remain patient because the production is underway and we are most likely getting further news about the official release sometime soon.

Until then, bookmark this webpage and wait for some time because we’ll update you with all the latest information.

Is Joe Goldberg a psychopath?

If this is your first time watching You and you are sitting there wondering what is Joe’s problem, well it looks like there is a clear representation of a mental illness in the show.

Psychologists who have watched the show have reported that Joe Goldberg shows typical signs of antisocial personality disorder. Whether or not that’s the kind of diagnosis the creators of the show were going for remains a mystery.

Some of the viewers even believe that Joe might showcase signs of narcissistic personality disorder, so that’s another thing we’d have to pay close attention to.


‘You’ was unanimously received well for its unique story and characters. The second season of the series concluded with a major storyline, in which Joe Goldberg was seen obsessing over his neighbor, despite ‘Love’ pregnant with his child. Fans of ‘You’ can’t wait for the series’ third season and it’s major twists. Fingers are crossed!



1. Where is the ‘You’ series streamed online?

Your series is streamed on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

2. How many seasons are there in ‘You’?

‘You’ has a total of two seasons. Season three is expected to arrive by the upcoming year. 

3. How many episodes are there in each season?

Both seasons have 10 episodes each. Each episode is 40-50 minutes lengthy.

4. When was ‘You’ released?

‘You’ series was released in September in the year 2018.

5. Is there going to be a Season 3 of You?

Following the release of two consecutive successful seasons of you, the third season of the show is finally going to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021. However, there is no confirmation as to the actual date of release.

6. Is You based on a true story?

No, sorry to disappoint but the show is completely fictional and doesn’t draw any kind of inspiration from the real story. The story of the book is based on a popular novel written by Caroline Kepnes.

7. Who is the girl in You Season 3?

The cast of You is going to be pretty consistent from the first two seasons. The character of Love is going to be portrayed by Victoria Pedretti while Badgley is going to be showcasing the role of Joe.

8. What kind of disorders does Joe from You have?

If you have watched You and you are confused about what kind of personality disorders Joe has, he likely suffers from an antisocial personality disorder, narcissism and co-dependency.

9. Does Joe get caught in You?

While the first season of the show dabbles through, it is the second season where Joe gets arrested and ends up in jail.

10. How many episodes series 1 of You?

There are currently 10 episodes in the first season of You. If you are considering starting this show, we’d recommend you keep an eye on the trigger warnings and be safe when streaming the show. Each episode in the show is around 45-50 minutes, so you know you won’t be bored.

11. Is You season 1 worth watching?

If you are looking for an exciting thriller to binge-watch, we’d recommend you go ahead and binge-watch this show. There are certain disturbing elements in the show but overall, it is well worth the time. Also, you can’t skip through the seasons since it follows a chronology.

12. Is season 2 of You as good as season 1?

Season 2 of You is just as addicting and thrilling as Season 1, if not more. If you watched the first season and liked it, we are pretty sure that you will find the second season just as enticing.

13. What is the story of You Season 1?

For those who aren’t sure, You follows the life of Joe Goldberg, who is a bookstore manager and a serial killer. He soon meets someone and falls in love with them but in a creepy and obsessive kind.

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