Index of Into the Badlands (All Seasons) – [Plotline, Main Cast & Characters in the Series]

Index of Into the Badlands

TV shows are a great way to escape reality. When you start watching a series or TV show, you get immersed in the world and its characters. More than movies, series have a unique way to create a personal connection with the audience through deep story-telling and realistic characters. If you like martial arts, there are high chances you might have heard of ‘Into the Badlands’. 

Into the Badlands is a TV series made in America, which released its first episode in the year 2015. The series falls into the science fiction genre with martial arts as the main theme throughout the show. There are a total of 3 seasons in this series. The makers of the show were in plan for Season 4, but unfortunately, it got cancelled. 

Set in the post-apocalyptic world, the series is about the story of a young boy & a warrior with amazing supernatural powers. He is searching for enlightenment in the unjust and ruthless post-apocalyptic world, which is now under the control of feudal barons.

What is Into The Badlands all about?

Into the Badlands is a TV series on AMC. This sci-fi martial arts series first premiered on 15th November 2015. It has released a total of three seasons and has 32 episodes, each of which is 44 minutes long.

The story revolves around a young boy and a warrior who journey through dangerous land seeking enlightenment. Unfortunately, the show was called off by AMC after season 3. The season finale was dropped on 6th May 2019.


The story is set 500 years in the future, in a post-apocalyptic world, where everything is in ruins after the war. However, some bits of technology such as ground vehicles and electricity have survived the apocalypse. But society depends on crossbows and weaponry.

In the Badlands territory, a feudal society has risen to fill the power gap left by the war. The land is controlled by Barons, and they exercise a monopoly over commodities like fuel and opium.

Each baron operates a large workforce of slaves. However, there exist numerous groups outside the kingdom of barons with nomads being the most common of them all. Very less is known about the world outside the Badlands.


The story of Into the Badlands is set about 500 years in the future, which is a post-apocalyptic world. The aftermath of a bloody war has destroyed civilizations in the place. Though few things of technology like vehicles and electricity are still functioning in the post-apocalyptic world, the world entirely survives on crossbows and other weapons, shunning firearms.

Badlands is the territory in which numerous states are located. They are in between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. In this place, a feudal society has emerged after the war, which has left a void in the power space. In a land with war ruins, barons took control over the commodities like fuel and traded among themselves for revenue and peace. 

These barons are served by their slaves, who are called Cogs and prostitutes, who are known as Dolls. An army of young women and men called Clippers to serve these Barons. These people are highly skilled and trained to be loyal and dedicated warriors. The rule is that they should not marry or have children. Their entire loyalty should be to serve the barons. A regent is the captain of every Clipper force.

Apart from these barons and clippers, numerous forces and groups exist. To name one, there are nomads, who are homicidal bandits with no laws. They steal from traders to survive, but also live in an organized way. Another group known as River King and his soldiers took control over the water trading in Badlands. They are neutral to the Barons. No enemy, no friend. 

Similarly, there are various groups in Badlands. Totemist is the ascetic religious movement, which exists in the Badlands society. The people of this movement live in an isolated manner in communities and practice idol worship. 

There is something called Azra, a mythical imaginary city known to exist away from Badlands, but many tell it is a legend and not a true city. In such a post-apocalyptic world, a young boy & a warrior with supernatural powers search for enlightenment. 

Main cast and characters in the series

The cast and characters of Into the Badlands are listed here for your reference. While some are main characters, who will appear throughout all the three seasons in pivotal roles, some are recurring side characters.

  • Daniel Wu
  • Orla Brady
  • Sarah Bolger
  • Aramis Knight 
  • Emily Beecham
  • Oliver Stark
  • Madeleine Mantock 
  • Ally Ioannides 
  • Marton Csokas
  • Nick Frost 
  • Babou Ceesay
  • Lorraine Toussaint 
  • Ella-Rae Smith
  • Sherman Augustus
  • Stephen Lang
  • Teressa Liane
  • Mike Seal 

All the above-mentioned characters appear in the three seasons of the series. Into the Badlands has too many cast and characters. So, we have listed only a handful of characters that form the crucial part of the story.

Index of Into the Badlands

Like we already mentioned, Into the Badlands has a total of 3 seasons. The first episode of season 1 aired on November 15, 2015, while the last episode of Season 3 aired on May 6, 2019. The series ran over 3.5 years successfully.

Here is a breakdown of the seasons and episodes of Into the Badlands for your reference:  

Season 1

  • Episode 1 – The Fort
  • Episode 2 – Fist like a Bullet
  • Episode 3 – White Stork Spreads Wings
  • Episode 4 – Two Tigers Subdue Dragons
  • Episode 5 – Snake Creeps Down
  • Episode 6 – Hand of Five Poisons

Season 2

  • Episode 1 – Tiger Pushes Mountain
  • Episode 2- Force of Eagle’s Claw
  • Episode 3 – Red Sun, Silver Moon
  • Episode 4 – Palm of the Iron Fox
  • Episode 5 – Monkey Leaps Through Mist
  • Episode 6 – Leopard Stalks in Snow
  • Episode 7 – Black Heart, White Mountain
  • Episode 8 – Sting of the Scorpion’s Tail
  • Episode 9 – Nightingale Sings No More
  • Episode 10 – Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire

Season 3

  • Episode 1- Enter the Phoenix
  • Episode 2 – Moon Rises, Raven Seeks
  • Episode 3- Leopard Snares Rabbit
  • Episode 4 – Blind Cannibal Assassins
  • Episode 5 – Carry Tiger to Mountain
  • Episode 6 – Black Wind Howls
  • Episode 7 – Dragonfly’s Last Dance
  • Episode 8 – Leopard Catches Cloud
  • Episode 9- Chamber of the Scorpion
  • Episode 10- Raven’s Feather, Phoenix Blood
  • Episode 11- The Boar and the Butterfly
  • Episode 12- Cobra Fang, Panther Claw
  • Episode 13- Black Lotus, White Rose
  • Episode 14- Curse of the Red Rain
  • Episode 15- Requiem for the Fallen
  • Episode 16- Seven Strike as One

Why was Into the Badlands banned?

Banned is a pretty harsh terminology to use. Into the Badlands was canceled after three seasons with their final episode titled “Seven Strike as One”. 

Since the show gained a pretty dedicated viewership, it isn’t surprising that some of the fans were pretty disappointed with the sudden cancellation and wanted clear answers as to why the same was happening. , AMC confirmed that the main reason why the show was canceled was due to falling viewership and budget-related issues.

The show, despite its popularity in the first two seasons, couldn’t sustain itself in the last season, so it was eventually canceled.

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1. Where can I watch Into the Badlands series?

Into the Badlands is available both on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, depending upon the country you live in.

2. What is the genre of Into the Badlands?

Into the Badlands is a science-fiction series with martial arts as the theme.

3. How many seasons are there in Into the Badlands?

The series Into the Badlands has a total of 3 seasons. 

4. How many seasons are there in Into the Badlands? 

There are three seasons in Into the Badlands. The first season has six episodes, the second season has 10 episodes and the third has 16 episodes. All the 3 series ran over 3.5 years. The first ever episode was released on the 15th of November 2015 and the last episode was released on the 6th of May 2019. 

5. What is the plot of Into the Badlands? 

The plot revolves around the survival of the fittest as a bloody war has rampaged civilization, the story is set around 500 years from now and the cruelty of post-apocalypse has taken over the world at a very high scale. The power struggle forms the core crux of the series.

6. How many characters are there in Into the Badlands? 

There are a lot of characters in the series. However, there are some of the characters which repeat over 3 Seasons. The storyline of the movie demands core characters who throw a lot of trouble at the people. 

7. Is Into the Badlands available on Netflix? 

The series is available both on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. However, there are a few countries where one can’t watch the show on Prime and in some countries, one can watch it on Netflix. 

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Into the Badlands is one of the top-rated TV series in IMDb with 8/10 ratings. The series is known for its brilliant martial arts action sequences. Fans of martial arts will sure love this show with all their heart. Compared to the first season, the second & third seasons of Into the Badlands received better reviews from the critics.