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Supernatural drama series aren’t extremely common in the mainstream media, especially when we are talking about good and worthy ones. If you are into American drama series with supernatural elements, Shadowhunters is hands down one of the most popular shows to binge-watch.

Developed by Ed Decter, the show is based on the popular book named The Mortal Instruments. The show originally aired in 2016 in Freeform in the United States. The show is was shot in Ontario, Canada. It follows the life of Clary Fray, who discovers on her 18th birthday that she is not what everyone thinks she is. She discovers that she is part of a long line of Shadowhunters, human-angel hybrids who are sent on Earth to track down and hunt demons. 

The first season of the show gained mixed responses from the audience, especially because of such a new concept in a television series. However, things soon picked up as the show was renewed for more seasons, leading to more and more audiences coming in to watch the show.

The first season of the show aired in 2016, following which the show got renewed for a new season that was later released in 2017. The last and the third season of the show aired in 2019 bringing an end to the era of the show.

What is the plot of Shadowhunters?

If you aren’t one of those people who want to spoil the show before they watch it, we’d recommend that you skip and move on to the next subheading. The show starts with the character of Clary Fary, who finds out at her 18th birthday that she is likely not who she thought she was all this while. Clary is accepted to the Brooklyn Academy of Arts where she studies and stays with her college friends.

However, on her 18th birthday, while she is out with her friends, she notices a group of suspicious people that nobody else can see. When she follows them, she finds the group in a fight and finds herself with a blade in her hand, thinking that she committed murder, and rushes back to her home.

When she confides in her mother Jocelyn Frary, Clary comes to know that even Jocelyn has similar kinds of markings on her skin as she witnessed on the skin of the group of people she encountered the other night. Fearing her child’s safety, Jocelyn summons Dot, a friend of hers, and asks him to take Clary to Luke, who is like a father figure.

However, when she meets Luke, she believes that Luke has likely betrayed her and decides to return to her apartment. Things take a complete tumble when Clary comes back home only to find her mother missing and a monstrous-looking Dot demanding to know about a Mortal Cup. Trying to save herself, Clary stumbles path with a blonde boy who ends up saving her from Dot.

Clary later joins a group of Shadowhunters to find and save her mother from the possible problems she’s in. In the meantime, Clary is thrown into the world of demon hunting and a whole lot of risks and near-death experiences. In the process of trying to save her mother, Clary gets along on a journey of self-discovery.

Who is cast in Shadowhunters?

Given the kind of popularity that the show garnered, it isn’t surprising that the show has a pretty extensive cast and popular faces that you will love watching along the way. Some of the primary cast in the show include:

  • Katherine McNamara
  • Dominic Sherwood
  • Alberto Rosende
  • Matthew Daddario
  • Emeraude Toubia
  • Isaiah Mustafa
  • Harry Shum Jr.
  • Alisha Wainwright

These are the main casts in the show. There is a range of other recurring casts that are worth looking into as well.

Why did Shadowhunters flop?

Shadowhunters, despite its lacking commercial success, was one of the most popular shows among its dedicated fanbase. However, due to the lack of reception from the diverse range of audience, it isn’t surprising that the show had to be canceled.

When talking to the showrunners, they exclaimed that the primary reason why they had to stop the show was due to poor ratings and the lack of viewership and engagement on the show. They didn’t receive the degree of viewership they expected they would. 

The producers exclaimed that the main reason behind the cancellation was due to “financial reasons.

Why is Shadowhunters so cringe?

This might come off as offensive to some of the viewers and the fans that genuinely enjoyed the show. But, the majority of the viewers that watched the show initially and then stopped watching it reported that the primary reason why the show was regarded as “cringe” was due to the poor acting skills of the actors.

Some of the viewers even reported that the sets, special effects, and the make-up of the stars on the show weren’t good enough. It came out as a drama that a 13-year-old would write and enjoy.

Index of Shadowhunters Season 1, 2 & 3 [All Episodes]

If the premise of the show interests you, we are pretty sure that you are going to want to know about each episode and that is exactly what the index of the show is all about.

There are three seasons of the show. The first season has been released at a time, while the last two seasons were divided into two halves and released at different times for the audience to take in.

Here’s the breakdown of the show:

Season 1

  • Number of episodes – 13

Season 2

  • First half – 10 episodes
  • Second half – 10 episodes

Season 3

  • First half – 10 episodes
  • Second half – 10 episodes

The show finally came to an end with the third season, leaving the audience disappointed and wanting more in the show. 

Was Shadowhunters Banned?

Shadowhunters became a rage among the audience with the first season’s release. However, as the show progressed and the episodes progressed, people realized that things weren’t as inviting as they initially were.

Ideally, the audience was attracted to the unique plotline of the show initially but later realized how unrealistic some of the progression was. It didn’t seem coherent, which was another pain point that the viewers complained about.

Overall, it ended up being a disappointment for the entire fanbase, which is one of the reasons why the creators had to bench the show instead of proceeding with it.


If you are willing to diversify your watching palette, we’d recommend you watch this show without fail. Shadowhunters isn’t your typical supernatural show. It is integrated with elements of horror and thrill that keep you on the edge of the seat all along.

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1. Why were Shadowhunters cancelled?

Although there are rumors about discrepancies between Netflix and the production house of Shadowhunters, there are no reports as to why exactly the show was taken off and cancelled.

2. Is there going to be Season 4 of Shadowhunters?

Unfortunately, following the cancellation of the show after the third season, there are chances that the show won’t be coming back with the fourth season. However, anything is possible at this point.

3. Who is Clary’s Parabatai?

You wouldn’t know until you have watched the show but Clary Fray is the daughter of Shadowhunter Jocelyn Fray and the devil himself, Valentine Morgenstern.

4. What is the summary of Shadowhunters?

If you haven’t watched Shadow Hunters but plan on doing so, let us walk you through a quick summary of the show. It follows the life of Clary Fray, who ends up discovering that she belongs to a lineage of Shadow Hunters, turning her life upside down.

5. How many series of Shadowhunters are there?

Despite the positive reception and the popularity of the show, Shadow Hunters only have three seasons that you can binge-watch from the start to the end. It isn’t enough at all and you will come to understand that when you start watching the show.

6. How can I watch full episodes of Shadowhunters?

The full episodes of Shadow Hunters are available on multiple streaming platforms, including Freeform, Hulu, and On Demand. You can pick the platform that works best for you and go along with it.

7. What age is Shadowhunters for?

According to the general information, Shadow Hunters is suitable for ages 12 and up. So, if you are concerned about whether or not it is okay for teenagers to watch, the show suggests that it is safe to watch. However, it is still ideal to have parental guidance.

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