Index of Joey: Step Into a World of Fun and Nostalgia


Joey Tribbiani is back with a smirk on his face and a beautiful, funny tale to tell. Viewers who have been ardent fans of the famous television series Friends would certainly know the mirthful and jocund Joey Tribbiani. Joey is a spin-off of Friends and attempts to give the watchers a peek into the life of an easygoing person and a wonderful friend Joey as he sets off to pursue his dream of acting. 

Joey is a situational comedy, which tells the story of Joey Tribbiani and the challenges he faces while landing a role in his dream production in Los Angeles. The show is filled with fun and frolic with an earnest script.

Joey was created by Shana Goldberg-Meehan and Scott Silveri and was launched on the National Broadcasting Company in September 2004. The show featured for two seasons with forty-six episodes in total. Each of the episodes lasted for twenty-two minutes on average. The episodes flow around Joey and his dreams and aspirations and how it all affects his equation with others. 

Plotline of Joey

Joey is a feel-good show, which focuses on problems that pipeline Joey Tribbiani’s life and how he deals with them with absolute nonchalance. Viewers should certainly give the show a go if they are ready for genuine comedy.

The plotline of Joey rotates around the life-changing decision of Matt LeBlanc starring Joey Tribbiani when he pledges to go after his dreams to become an actor and arrives in Los Angeles. Here, he sees eye to eye with his long-lost sister Gina Tribbiani and starts living with his young adult nephew Michael who happens to be a rocket scientist. 

The first season begins with Joey trying to make peace with the bad decisions that he has made regarding his acting career and settling down in the new life with his nephew Michael, his sister Gina and his neighbor Alex. The season depicts how Joey gets into trouble due to his forgetful and careless nature. He struggles with his choices and at times takes in more than he can bite. However, the plot with an IMDb rating of six never fails to undermine the jewel of a heart, which Joey possesses and how he reunites with his family and friends.

The second season of Joey reveals more about Joey Tribbiani’s career and the way he manages to keep his dream of being an actor alive in a funny tone. The episodes in the second season also explore the dormant feelings that Alex has for Joey and the final scene in which she is compelled to reconsider them for Joey shows interest in one of his ex-girlfriends. 

Both the seasons of Joey are gripping and make the viewers cry their hearts out with laughter. The last episode of the show leaves the audience wanting more from the sweet tale of Joey.

The Cast of Joey

Joey marks the screen presence of an ensemble cast. Though the television series comes up with all brand new faces, some of the actors are well known from the famous series, Friends. Here are the names of the figures featured in Joey.

  • Matt LeBlanc
  • Drea de Matteo
  • Andrea Anders
  • Jennifer Coolidge
  • Paulo Costanzo
  • Adam Goldberg
  • Simon Helberg
  • Ben Falcone
  • Lucy Liu
  • Miguel A. Nunez Jr.
  • Richard Ruccolo
  • Carmen Electra
  • Christina Ricci
  • John Larroquette
  • Kelly Preston
  • Jenna Dewant

How many seasons are there in Joey?

With the kind of fame that F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the kind of popularity that the character of “Joey Tribbiani” gained among the audience, it isn’t surprising that Joey went on to secure a show of his own. Since Joey had a fun and eclectic personality, the producers thought that the show would go on to become a success and focus on Joey’s life after the sitcom ended.

However, after its release, Joey aired for two seasons, consisting of 35 episodes in total. The show ended abruptly in the middle of the second season. 8 episodes haven’t been aired since then. The producers and the network reported that the lack of viewership was the main reason why the show was canceled.

Who did Joey fall in love with?

While this has got nothing to do with the standalone series, Joey, we had to include it here because it influences Joey’s character significantly.

Joey, who stood out as a playboy and Casanova throughout Friends, ended up falling in love with Rachel, only to get his heart broken in the process. They did end up staying amazing friends until the end but the shift in Joey’s personality when he fell in love was worth looking up to.

Index of Joey Season 1 and 2 [All Episodes]

The situational comedy had been aired for just two seasons. All the episodes can be streamed from Amazon Prime Video. There are forty-six episodes altogether divided between the two seasons of the show. Here is a list of all the episodes that will give you an overview of the television series. 

Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: Joey and the Student

Episode 3: Joey and the Party

Episode 4: Joey and the Book Club

Episode 5: Joey and the Perfect Storm

Episode 6: Joey and the Nemesis

Episode 7: Joey and the Husband

Episode 8: Joey and the Dream Girl Part 1

Episode 9: Joey and the Dream Girl Part 2

Episode 10: Joey and the Big Audition

Episode 11: Joey and the Road trip

Episode 12: Joey and the Plot Twist

Episode 13: Joey and the Taste Test

Episode 14: Joey and the Premiere

Episode 15: Joey and the Assistant

Episode 16: Joey and the Tonight Show

Episode 17: Joey and the Valentine’s Date

Episode 18: Joey and the Wrong Name

Episode 19: Joey and the Fancy Sister

Episode 20: Joey and the Neighbor

Episode 21: Joey and the Spying

Episode 22: Joey and the Temptation

Episode 23: Joey and the Break-Up

Episode 24: Joey and the Moving In

Season 2

Episode 1: Joey and the Big Break

Episode 2: Joey and the Big Break

Episode 3: Joey and the Spanking

Episode 4: Joey and the Stuntman

Episode 5: Joey and the House

Episode 6: Joey and the ESL

Episode 7: Joey and the Poker

Episode 8: Joey and the Sex Tape

Episode 9: Joey and the Musical

Episode 10: Joey and the Bachelor Thanksgiving

Episode 11: Joey and the High School Friend

Episode 12: Joey and the Tijuana Trip

Episode 13: Joey and the Christmas Party 

Episode 14: Joey and the Snowball Fight

Episode 15: Joey and the Dad

Episode 16: Joey and the Party for Alex

Episode 17: Joey and the Big Move

Episode 18: Joey and the Beard

Episode 19: Joey and the Critic

Episode 20: Joey and the Actor’s Studio

Episode 21: Joey and the Holding Hands

Episode 22: Joey and the Wedding

Why did Joey flop?

If you are a FRIENDS fan, chances are that you loved watching Joey’s character on the show. That’s one of the reasons why the show gained so much popularity and traction in the first place. However, after the release of the first season, the creators realized that Joey’s character as a standalone wasn’t a success.

They wanted to focus on Joey’s life after FRIENDS’ end but somehow the audience couldn’t connect with the show’s plot and Joey’s character by himself.

Although the show was renewed for a second season, it had to be canceled mid-way because the response wasn’t what the creators expected.


Joey gives you a peek into the life of one of the most loved characters in the history of American television shows, Joey Tribbiani. The episodes pivot around Joey and his venture into Hollywood to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming an actor. Matt LeBlanc yet again stands out with his happy-go-lucky yet amicable character. Moreover, the script of Joey is downright funny mixed with a pinch of nostalgia from its spin-off, Friends.

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1. Where was Joey filmed?

Joey was filmed in Warner Brothers Burbank Studios in California, USA.

2. Is Joey a sequel of Friends?

No, Joey is a spin-off of the famous television show Friends.

3. Does David Schwimmer direct Joey?

Yes, David Schwimmer who played Ross Geller in Friends directed season 1 episode 5 and 13 of Joey.

4. Why Joey was canceled?

Joey premiered in 2004, garnering a lot of initial excitement from the audience, where people thought it would be an extrapolation of the FRIENDS world. However, the show was put on a hiatus in 2006 and later aired in 2007, following which it was discontinued due to poor reception from the audience.

5. Where is the Joey series available?

The complete episodes of Joey are available on Amazon Prime Video if you are planning to stream them. We’d recommend that you have a subscription to the streaming platform to be able to watch the show.

6. How many episodes of Joey are there?

Even though Joey was canceled mid-way through the series, it still has 46 episodes that you can binge-watch. It is most definitely worth the time, especially if you are looking to watch something fun and exciting after finishing FRIENDS.

7. Was the Joey series a flop?

Joey didn’t complete two full seasons, before which it was canceled due to poor audience reception. So, it is safe to safe that the show didn’t garner a lot popularity like people thought it would. If you are still planning to watch it, we’d recommend you give it a go. It is a fairly decent watch.

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