Mr. Robot Season 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Index, Cast, All Seasons & Episodes Recap)

Mr. Robot Season

If you are a lover of thriller and suspense series, you would have watched Mr. Robot. If not, try to watch it right away, as to not miss this spectacle! Mr. Robot is an American TV series with a mind-bending plot and screenplay. We are warning you, you might lose yourself and enter a different realm while trying to make sense of this series plot as it moves. It has thriller, science, and suspense elements to make you get addicted to it. 

The plotline in brief

The story of Mr. Robot revolves around an ethical hacker named Elliot, who is also quite an introvert. He is a cyber-security engineer with anxiety issues. Things take a twist when Elliot starts to work for a cryptic anarchist Mr. Robot, who hires him to destroy the organization that he is paid to protect.

The episodes of Mr. Robot cannot be watched on a casual sleepover with your friends, but will require your dedicated attention and time to binge-watch all its addictive episodes. This series has received a Golden Globe award for Best TV series. 

We have made an index of the four seasons of this series for you to refer to below, along with other details. Take a look. 

Mr. Robot Series Details

Mr. Robot Season

  • Official Release Date: 24 June 2015
  • Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller, Suspense
  • Writer: Sam Esmail, Kyle Bradstreet, Kate Erickson, David Iserson
  • Director: Sam Esmail
  • Total Seasons: 4 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 45 Episodes
  • Running Period: 2015-2019
  • Available in: Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, USA Network, Google Play
  • IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

Main Characters in Mr. Robot

  • Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson

Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson

  • Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss

Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss

  • Carly Chaikin as Darlene Alderson

Carly Chaikin as Darlene Alderson

  • Martin Wallström as Tyrell Wellick

Martin Wallström as Tyrell Wellick

  • Michael Cristofer as Phillip Price

Michael Cristofer as Phillip Price

  • Christian Slater as Mr. Robot

Christian Slater as Mr Robot

  • Grace Gummer as Dominique

Grace Gummer as Dominique

  • Stephanie Corneliussen as Joanna Wellick

Stephanie Corneliussen as Joanna Wellick

  • Bobby Cannavale as Irving

Bobby Cannavale as Irving

  • BD Wong as Whiterose

BD Wong as Whiterose

  • Ashlie Atkinson as Janice

Ashlie Atkinson as Janice

  • Elliot Villar as Fernando Vera

Elliot Villar as Fernando Vera

  • Michel Gill as Gideon Goddard

Michel Gill as Gideon Goddard

  • Gloria Reuben as Krista Gordon

Gloria Reuben as Krista Gordon

  • Aaron Takahashi as Lloyd Chong

Aaron Takahashi as Lloyd Chong

  • Ben Rappaport as Ollie Parker

Ben Rappaport as Ollie Parker

  • Michael Drayer as Francis “Cisco” Shaw

Michael Drayer as Francis “Cisco” Shaw

Mr. Robot – Season 1 – Episodes List

Index Of Mr Robot Season 1

  1. Hello Friend
  2. One And Zer0s
  3. D3 Bug
  4. Da3m0ns
  5. 3xpl0its
  6. Br4ve-Trave1er
  7. V1ew-s0urce
  8. Wh1ter0se
  9. M1rr0r1ng
  10. zer0-daY

Mr. Robot – Season 1 – INDEX

  • Episode 1 

Elliot Anderson is an ethical hacker who works in a cyber-security company called all safe. He is quite an introvert and doesn’t socialize much. He’s someone who hacks his co-workers’ systems, systems of drug dealers, and many other people to get their details. One day, he manages to prevent a DDOS attack on the biggest client of allsafe E-Corp. He receives a file called fsociety00.dat. 

He gets a text file along with that, which states him not to delete the malware that comes along with it. He asks Mr. Robot the head of the society to destroy all the debt records regarding E-Corp. Elliot is first hesitant, but eventually agrees to this and he succeeds in tricking the FBI to make them think that the leader of E Corp is the one, who sent them an encrypted file to attach the file. 

  • Episode 2 

In this episode, Mr. Robot reveals to Elliot that he should destroy E-Corp. To do this, they have to destroy the backup facility theirs by hacking the nearby plant and cause an explosion to destroy it. Elliot is afraid of this plan as this will cause risk to many lives. 

In some other place, Cisco, who is an unidentifiable ally of the Dark Army, which is a Chinese hacker group, will hack Ollie’s Home computer. Elliot will share the secret of his father’s ill health with Mr. Robot to pull him out of this plan. 

  • Episode 3 

Elliot will mingle with Shyla at a party and they get to fall in love with each other. He, therefore, plans to quit society. Cisco asks Ollie to hack E-Corp’s computer using the same CD which he used to hack Ollie’s. 

At the party where Elliot and Shyla are there, the society will leak emails which will state how Colby made the toxic waste to spread and cause leukemia to Elliot’s parents. 

  • Episode 4 

In this episode, Elliot will sketch a master plan to demolish the backend services of E-Corp without having to cause an explosion. His plan will have hacking into Steel Mountain’s climate control system and further connect it to Raspberry Pi. This will raise the temperature until it demolishes the Magnetic Tape backups. This plan will require physical access to completely secured and protected information. So, Elliot, Mr. Robot along with two others will go to Steel Mountain. As Elliot is off morphine, he will begin to have so many hallucinations. With Dark Army’s help, Darlene and Trenton will plan another hack attack on E-Corp’s services in China. 

  • Episode 5

Elliot will somehow reach Steel Mountain and even meets Tyrell to manipulate his ego nature to get access to the protected area. He will then plant the Raspberry Pi to keep monitoring the climate system there.

The Dark Society will turn the request of society to hack E Corp’s Chinese services. This will turn everything upside down and create chaos. Angela will succeed in hacking Ollie’s personal computer using the CD to get details and information via allsafe. Fernando Vera will expose that he is planning the kidnap of Shayla by holding Elliot as the one who is responsible for showing him to the Police. 

  • Episode 6

Shyla will be kidnapped by Vera’s brother to make Elliot hack the prison’s security systems. He should also help to rescue Vera and prevent him from being killed inside. After Elliot meets Vera in the jail, he will come to know that the attack was originally sketched by Vera’s brother. After hacking the jail, he brings Vera out of it. When Elliot asks him, where is Shyla he will hand over the keys to him and say she has been with him all this time. Elliot will rush to his car to see the dead body of Shyla on his car trunk, with her throat slit. 

  • Episode 7

Episode 7 is more about Elliot’s flashbacks post-Shayla’s murder. After one month of her death, Elliot will reminisce about her giving him a pet fish after he moved to her neighborhood. She made efforts to become his friend, but as he is an introvert it took him a long time to become friends with her. 

Whenever he thinks of her, his heartbreaks and he finds it extremely hard to accept her death. Elliot will meet his therapist and tell him that he has a strange habit of hacking the systems of his friends and known persons to get their details. He also reveals that he does this to escape from his loneliness.

  • Episode 8

In this episode, we would come to know that Angela and Darlene are friends for a long time. Elliot and fsociety will plan to attack again, but not without the help from the Dark Army. Elliot meets a transgender woman, who tells him that the reason why Dark Army backed out was because of Gideon, who had suspicions over Elliot and thus was the person to hack the server into a Honeypot. Elliot will shut it down with the guidance of Darlene. 

Tyrell will come to know about the honey pot through Gideon and Tyrell will also find fsociety.dat file. He will meet Mr. Robot and blackmail him that he would expose his secrets. Elliot will tell Darlene that their plan was a success and Darlene will tell Elliott that she loves him. Elliot will kiss her and she will pull back immediately and ask him if he has forgotten her again. The biggest twist is that Darlene is none other than Elliott’s sister and Mr. Robot is Elliot’s father. 

  • Episode 9 

This episode is a flashback episode that shows young Elliot. Young Elliot works with his dad in their computer repair shop called Mr. Robot. Elliott and his father will get nostalgic as they go back and visit his childhood home. Elliot will get angry and push Mr. Robot out through the window. After this, he will take him to his father’s graveyard where Mr. Robot will ask Elliot to tell Darlene and Angela not to throw him as he loves them a lot. It is revealed that Elliot has taken the persona of his father. It’s been long since his father has died and Tyrell will threaten Elliot about the fsociety’s plan, which will make Elliott take Tyrell to the arcade. After they both plan to work together Elliot will find Darlene’s hidden gun. 

  • Episode 10 

This episode shows Elliot waking up in Tyrell’s SUV after like three days post the arcade incident. The fsociety’s plan has become a huge success and the files have also been encrypted to hide all records of them. However, Elliott does not remember anything about this. E-Corp will prepare for an emergency TV forecast. But, Elliot does not remember anything and contacts Mr. Robot to ask him where Tyrell is. He finds Joanna and introduces himself as Ollie. He will open the apartment door and find nobody inside of it. 


Mr. Robot – Season 2 – Episodes List

Index of Mr Robot Season 2

  1. Unm4sk Part – 1 
  2. Unm4sk Part – 2
  3. K3rnel-pan1c
  4. Init_1
  5. Logic-b0mb
  6. M4ster-s1ave
  7. H4ndshake
  8. Succ3ss0r
  9. Init_5
  10. H1dden-pr0ces
  11. Pyth0n Part – 1
  12. Pyth0n Part – 2

Mr. Robot – Season 2 – INDEX

  • Episode 1 

Tyrell has a video record of fsociety before night. Elliot is now living with his mother, but is having a difficult life as Mr. Robot keeps popping up very often but not telling any details about Tyrell. Darlene heads the fsociety now and is on a mission to hack Susan Jacobs, who is the general counsel of E-Corp’s system. 

Elliot will get a video that will inform him that allsafe is in problem and the radar of FBI is having him as the primary target. 

  • Episode 2 

Scott Knowles is compelled by fsociety to wear a mask and burn the amount in public. Angela is promoted and satisfied with her corporate position. A gift is received by Joanna from an unknown person and she finds a phone inside it. There is a missed call on her phone. 

Elliot learns that Mr. Robot is influencing him in his sleep. At the end of the episode, Elliott will wake up to Tyrell, and Gideon is murdered by Brock. 

  • Episode 3 

Elliot aims to get Mr. Robot out of his system while Mobley will find Romero dead at his house. Mobley and Trenton doubt that Elliot and Darlene along with the Dark Army are behind this. While Ray was hunting down a cyber-engineer, he will also make Elliot talk up about Mr. Robot. 

Elliot will relapse and after taking a great amount of Adderall, he will mentally break down. Romero will find a poster that says ‘End of the world party’. 

  • Episode 4 

On Halloween last year, Mr. Robot will come out for the very first time to give his idea about hacking to Darlene. This is also the time when Mr. Robot will ask Elliot to defeat him in a chess game so that he would leave him forever, but it ends in affirmations all three matches. 

Joanna will get bankrupt after paying so much to the guard to keep his mouth closed about Tyrell’s SUV. Scott will not testify against Tyrell and Elliott will agree to help Ray. But, he secretly gets information from the FBI by hacking their system. 

  • Episode 5 

Through Ray’s computer, Elliot will find the hack and Darlene will ask help from Angela to delete all the FBI records. But, Angela refuses to help Darlene. Elliot will ask Ray if he can meet his previous IT specialist called RT. After meeting RT, Elliott will come to know that Ray is running a website for illegal things. 

Elliott will get hit by thugs in the end while Dominique visits China along with a group to investigate the Dark Army Matter. White Rose was the minister of China and so after a short discussion with the minister the next day she will find that fifty percent of her men have been murdered.

  • Episode 6

A retro vision hits Elliot, where he envisions a road trip with the family. He is forced by Mr. Robot to see straight or he would have to end up in a hospital. Elliot thanks Mr. Robot for helping him when the thugs beat him. Elliot gets reminded of the day when his dad fired him as he was sick. The same day he allowed Elliot to name their computer repair shop.

After getting saved from firing, Dominique aims to go much deep into the case of the Dark Army. Darlene and Mobley will train Angela for hacking, while Dominique arrives in time.

  • Episode 7

Dominique will get more suspicion on Angela after hearing about her past. Darlene is asked by Angela about the creation of fsociety and also recognizes that the masks they wear are very identical to the ones they used to wear during their childhood. Mr. Robot will reveal that he and Elliot killed Tyrell. 

After fixing Ray’s computer, Elliot will also let the FBI know about his illegal business on the dark web. 

  • Episode 8 

fsociety will find out about Project Berenstain. This project is nothing but stealing the personal details of about 3 million people. Susan Jacobs will be tied up and Darlene will start thinking about the past of Susan’s evil laugh when E-corp moved out of the blame of the toxic leak, which killed Elliott’s dad. Susan will die and Dominique will start suspecting Mobley when searching for Darlene’s stolen gun. 

Darlene will hit Cisco with a baseball bat after she finds out that Cisco was working behind her back to the Dark Army. 

  • Episode 9 

Elliot goes to jail but comes out soon because of cost control measures. Darlene informs Elliot that Mobley and Trenton are missing. Darlene and Elliott will hack the FBI’s phone and systems to read conversations on stage 2. When Darlene leaves a tape for Susan, Cisco will hear it instead of her. Someone will knock on Elliot’s door. When Elliott opens the door, he will find Joanna. 

  • Episode 10 

According to the witness, Cisco was the one leaving Susan’s apartment. This will create suspicion on him. A picture of Cisco is released and it is doubted that he might be the five / Nine suspect. Elliot is asked by Joanna to track down the phone which she thought was of Tyrell’s. Angela will advise Elliott that he is having memory gaps; therefore he should not believe Mr. Robot, henceforth. 

  • Episode 11 

Angela lands in a house where she meets encounter a young girl. The young girl was tortured. And so Angela evaluates her psych. She will tell her that she should have died long back and her mother and father died for better. Elliott will have a dream where Mr. Robot appears and hacks an apartment. Elliot will get control when he goes back on a cab and sees Tyrell. The driver cannot see Tyrell and kicks out Elliot for creating a panic situation. 

Tyrell reveals to Elliot that stage 2 has started and he is pleased with it. 

  • Episode 12 

Tyrell takes Elliot to a location where the stage two plans are revealed. The plan involves hacking of E-Corp’s backup facility and causing an explosion to demolish everything. Elliot will try to undo the hack when he thinks that Tyrell is unreal. But unexpectedly Tyrell will shoot Elliot and calls Darlene to say he will be there along with him while he wakes up. The FBI arrests Darlene and Dominique will interrogate her. 

Mobley and Trenton who went missing are hiding on the west coast. Mobley is told by Trenton that she has an answer to undo the hack. 


Mr. Robot – Season 3 – Episodes List

Index of Mr Robot Season 3

  1. Power-Saver-Mode
  2. Undo
  3. Legacy
  4. Metadata
  5. Runtime-error
  6. Kill-process
  7. Fredrick+tanya
  8. Don’t-delete-me
  9. Stage3
  10. Shutdown –r

Mr. Robot – Season 3 – INDEX

  • Episode 1 

After two weeks, Elliot wakes up with Angela on his side and he will ask her to offer him a job at E-Corp. Angela decides to mess with this mind like Mr. Robot so Stage 2 can be advanced. Angela aims to bring out negative track records from the history of e Corp and Construct a brand new world. 

  • Episode 2 

Elliot reaches upper positions in e-corp and he asks a middle manager to digitize the records. The FBI is still investigating Darlene and Darlene is staying with Elliot for a night. Mr. Robot will come out and scare her now. The Whiterose influences Angela and wants the stage to be executed on the day of the vote. 

  • Episode 3 

Mr. Robot is told by Tyrell that he will need him for stage 2. Dark Army will start to suspect Tyrell as he is involved in the honey pot. The Dark Army kills Tyrell’s enemies and people who know where he is because they do not want anybody to know Tyrell is alive. In a psych evaluation, Tyrell opens up that he will be loyal to Elliot. This will compel Zhang to keep an eye on Elliot and Tyrell. 

  • Episode 4 

Darlene tries to follow Mr. Robot but loses her mind when she witnesses herself with Angela. Tyrell has no trust in Elliot now after seeing the delayed shipping records. There are only 3 days for stage 2. This will make Angela hurry and help shift records back. 

When Elliot sees her and Tyrell together, she will hit him with a tranquilizer. 

  • Episode 5 

Elliot will forget what happened in the past four days. Suddenly, he will realize that it is the date of the UN vote and stage 2; he also realizes he has been fired. When he tries to talk with the security he is kicked out. He calls for a bomb threat leading to the evacuation of the building. 

E-Corp group will gather around and Darlene will appear to reveal she was working with the FBI so far and helping Elliott to remember everything he has ever forgotten. There is chaos all over and Angela is confronted by Elliot. 

  • Episode 6 

When Elliot tries to stop the explosion from happening, he gets delayed by Mr. Robot. When he learns that the paper records are not there in the same building he will somehow convince him to help him. Tyrell will get arrested in public. 

The explosion will not happen, making Elliot imagine that he has successfully halted the attack. But he will see the report that 71 e-corp facilities have exploded. He will now realize that he has contributed much to the explosion’s magnitude. 

  • Episode 7 

Mr. Robot will tell Krista that Elliott had a major contribution to the explosion. Zhang will ruin Price for unable to being unable to control Angela and will also plan to shift Washington Township to Congo. 

Tyrell will come to know that another attack is being sketched by the Dark Army in 24 hours. Mobley’s friend is killed by Leon and Leon will get help from Mobley and Trenton to bury the dead body. 

  • Episode 8 

Elliot realizes that it was his fault to unable to keep Mr. Robot away. When he plans to commit suicide after taking morphine; he is stopped by Mohammed, younger brother of Trenton. 

Elliot will visit Angela and play a wishing game with her. This was the game that they played during their childhood. This will make his feelings better and give him the hope to live. When he installs his computer, he reads an email sent by Trenton, which states that there is a way to undo the hacking. 

  • Episode 9 

The message sent by Trenton has the keys that Romero had which could undo the 5/9 happenings. Angela still believes Whiterose has noble intentions. Therefore she doesn’t believe Elliot. Elliott talks with Zhang’s assistant and plans to fake stage 3. 

Darlene will tell the FBI that she knows that they are under the control of the Dark Army. Whiterose gets angry when he comes to know that shifting the plat would take a month-long. 

  • Episode 10 

Santiago kidnaps Dominique and Darlene after finding of his double-agent status. Elliot is also there. When Whiterose says to Grant that they don’t need him anymore, he kills himself. 

At the end of the episode, Elliot will hack the FBI and realizes that it was Mr. Robot who was encrypting the files and not Romero. Everyone was saved by Mr. Robot as that’s what Elliot wished for. 


Mr. Robot – Season 4 – Episodes List

Index Of Mr Robot Season 4

  1. 401 Unauthorized
  2. 402 Payment Required
  3. 403 Forbidden
  4. 404 Not Found
  5. 405 Method Not Allowed
  6. 406 Not Acceptable
  7. 407 Proxy Authentication Required
  8. 408 Request Timeout
  9. 409 Conflict
  10. 410 Gone
  11. eXit
  12. Whoami
  13. Hello, Elliot

Mr. Robot – Season 4 – INDEX

  • Episode 1 

Angela is in the mood for revenge from Whiterose, but she gets killed later. Elliot gets the picture of the dead body from Whiterose, and he is also warned that he has time only till December. Mr. Robot and Elliot do some research to find that white rose has contacts with Cyprus National Bank. 

But it was a trap and after investigating further they get injected by three men and taken to some strange location. After waking suddenly, Elliot will find him in front of Price. Darlene will relapse into drugs when she believes that she was the reason for the Disappearance of Angela. 

  • Episode 2 

Darlene will call to tell that her mother has died and her safety deposit was disposed of by the bank after her death. Darlene will confess to Elliot that she has been getting worse and worse after Angela and she will join him to act against white rose. Mr. Robot and Elliot will have a confrontation to know about the whereabouts of Vera. Zhang’s Deus group details are known.

  • Episode 3 

When Elliot and Krista meet, Krista will ignore him. Elliot contacts Olivia Cortés to hack e-corp. Mr. Robot will take Olivia to a bar and drinks with her and kisses her after which she will take him home. After going to Olivia’s home, he will get her passcode and forward this to Darlene. When they are going back, Elliot and Mr. Robot will get a feeling of them being followed by the Dark Army. 

After reaching home, he will realize that Tyrell has broken into the apartment. Before Elliot could tell Tyrell that Dark Army might be eavesdropping on their conversation, Tyrell will confess to Elliot that he is now the CEO of e-corp. 

  • Episode 4 

Tyrell and Elliot will get stuck inside a forest. They will talk about something during which Elliot will tell him that he doesn’t care about him. This will upset Tyrell. Darlene realizes that the passcode will not suffice and a direct hack is necessary. When Darlene learns that Elliot’s apartment has been broken into, she fears that someone would kill her brother. 

Tyrell is killed by the Dark Army and Tyrell will ask Elliot to complete their business with Whiterose. 

  • Episode 5 

After burning the van, Elliot will meet Darlene through virtual reality. They both see the services of the Cyprus National Bank. A firmware is set up by them, which will help them get information in less than one hour. The security guard gets to learn about them and calls the police. 

Elliot and Darlene are chased by the police while Price receives a message from Elliot that Tyrell cannot come to the meeting. The price will reply that the meeting will happen despite Tyrell not coming. 

  • Episode 6 

Krista is interrogated by Vera regarding Elliott’s whereabouts. Darlene is knocked out by Dominique to get access to her phone. Elliot gets a warning from Krista that Vera is on a mission to reach him. Elliot will get kidnapped by Vera’s men. 

  • Episode 7 

Elliot is made to attend a therapy session and he finds out that his father had molested him. But Mr. Robot will try to manipulate him to make him believe that he was a good father. 

Elliot is consoled by Vera. Vera reveals him about his childhood incidents of physical abuse. While this is happening, Krista will stab Vera from the back. 

  • Episode 8 

Elliott will follow his younger version and tries to get access to his bedroom, where Mr. Robot will come face-to-face. There Elliot will agree that he created Mr. Robot to have a father, which he didn’t have in reality. Mr. Robot will convince and comfort him and also apologize to him. 

  • Episode 9 

Darlene will release the Deus group video in the public which will get robbed eventually. Price is short by Zhang and Zhang realizes Price was the person behind all this. He also sees Elliott escaping. The Whiterose Mansion is surrounded by the FBI and the firing of guns begins. 

  • Episode 10 

The identity of Zhang is exposed to the world as Whiterose. Dominique is offered by Darlene to run with her and her brother Elliot, but at the airport, Dominique will get inside the plane and Darlene will miss it. She is relieved that she can begin her life fresh. 

  • Episode 11 

Elliot tries to halt the machine from exploding. But as Whiterose has already activated it, she will convince Elliot that this is a better option for the world. Elliott disagrees with this and the Machine will explode. Elliot and Mr. Robot will confess their final goodbyes. 

  • Episode 12 

Elliott will wake up in a new different world where his mom and dad are alive. In this world, he is now supposed to marry Angela. He goes to his apartment and sees an iMac, in which there are sketches of him penned by alternate Elliot. 

When he sees the alternate Elliot, he kills him as he realizes that he can have a much better life without him. After finding the alternate Elliot’s body, Dominique will arrest the original Elliot. 

  • Episode 13 

When Elliot wakes up Krista will reveal to him that it was not the original Elliot that went through all this, but it was one of his personas called ‘The Mastermind.’ 

After trapping the original Elliot, The Mastermind did not give back the control to the real Elliot. 

Elliot will wake in a hospital and Darlene will confess to him that the machine is now demolished and all is safe and well. She also tells him that she knows he is The Mastermind. The Mastermind will understand all this and hands over control to real Elliot. The real Elliot will now wake up and Darlene will wish him. 

Why is Mr. Robot so good?

For the kind of unique plot that the show has, the one thing that makes the plot of the show stand out is its amazing acting. The protagonist, who is portrayed by Rami Malek, is an extensive character and Rami have done quite well on the show.

Not only that, but what’s also pretty great about this show is how fast-paced the plot is. It doesn’t feel like the show is being dragged out, which explains why so many fans are attuned to the plot and are interested in the characters and how they progress through each season. Overall, it is a worthy watch.


Final Words

Mr. Robot is known for its mind-bending plot and screenplay. Sometimes, the audience gets confused about what is happening and lose them in trying to sort out the story. If you haven’t watched this series it is time you watch it online on the available platforms.  


Why was Mr. Robot removed from Netflix?

If you have been streaming Mr. Robot on Netflix until now and can’t seem to find the show on Netflix anymore, it’s justified that you are disappointed. The American series, which has four successful seasons, was suddenly taken off Netflix.

Now, before you get furious, there is a valid explanation for it. The streaming rights to Mr. Robot are now exclusively available with Amazon Prime, which is why it is no longer available on Netflix.

So, if you wish to binge-watch the series and watch all the episodes spanning the four seasons, you’d need to switch to Amazon Prime Video for that.

Is Mr. Robot based on a true story?

Not many viewers know this but Mr. Robot draws its inspiration from several personal stories and experiences. The creators and writers have clarified that the show is inspired by real-life socio-political revolutions.

The show’s creator, Sam Esmail has mentioned that Elliot’s journey on the show is heavily inspired by his personal life experiences, so it’s safe to assume that the show consists of a lot of raw emotions depicted in the show that are inspired by people’s personal experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mr. Robot Web Series

Where is Mr. Robot streaming online?

Mr. Robot is streamed on platforms like Amazon Prime, Google Play, USA Network, iTunes, and Vudu. 

When was it released first?

It was first released in June 2015. 

What is the genre of this series? 

Mr. Robot is a crime thriller and drama involving some science fiction elements. 

How many episodes and seasons are there in this series? 

There are a total of Four Seasons with 45 episodes in Mr. Robot.

Is Mr. Robot a worthy series?

If you haven’t watched Mr. Robot and you have been meaning to watch it, we’d highly recommend that you watch the show without any fail. This is an underappreciated masterpiece that even won a Golden Globe award for being the best series. It is not like the usual shows that you come across but a lot different than you’d witness on the television

Is Mr. Robot available on Netflix?

No, as of February 2018, Mr. Robot is no more available on Netflix for you to stream along; however, the show was cancelled inevitably, leaving the audience disheartened. However, Mr. Robot is available on Amazon Prime Video for you to stream to your full desire. Also, it is available on DVD for you to stream.

Which season of Mr. Robot is the best?

Although the answer to this is pretty subjective and depends on what people like watching, we can pretty much say that the show’s fourth and final season is the one that everyone has been raving about, thanks to Elliot’s progress and the contribution to the last episode of the third season.

Is Mr. Robot ideal for kids?

Despite the unique and murky title of the show, Mr. Robot is not necessarily the best show for kids to watch, especially because of the use of uncensored language, illegal drug use, and the range of messages that have been showcased along in the show. Although it does primarily appeal to the adult audience, the show is suited for teens too.

What mental disorder does Mr. Robot have?

Mr. Robot has a dissociative personality disorder, which was previously termed as multiple personality disorder. So, parts of him are fragmented into different personalities that he thinks are different people but reside within him only. You can only understand it when you watch it.

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