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Index of 1962: The War In The Hills
  • Director: Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Cast: Abhay Deol, Mahie Gill, Meiyang Chang, Rohan Gandotra, Akash Thosar , Sumeet Vyas, and Others.
  • Rating: 3/5

We all know since the success of haqeeqat, border, and Tango Charlie that deol family has a strong connection with war movies. Yeah, all these are mega-hits on big screen where Deol family has played a lead role in these movies. Also, they’ve played it extraordinarily well that even today while watching border it won’t fail in giving us same Goosebumps as we experienced when we watched it for first time.

Moreover, after Tango Charlie being a massive hit of 2005; now Abhay Deol played another role as an army officer in a web series named ‘1962: The War in The Hills’. Yeah, here as well he played it remarkably well and we must appreciate his efforts for his acting as Major Suraj Singh.

Now, without further addo let’s talk about ‘1962: The War in The Hills’ in a bit of depth.

‘1962: The War in The Hills’ what’s it all about?

1962: The War In The Hills
1962: The War In The Hills

Well, as the name suggests, it’s a web series based on the war genre. However, it’s not just a scripted and well-imagined story that’s been shown on your screen by serving this show. Yeah, it’s completely based on real-life events that happened back in the year 1962 when Indo-China war emerged.

Moreover, it’s not also about some soldiers in an army uniform showing their patriotism towards the country. Yeah, it’s more of a story of what happens behind the scenes in a soldier’s family’s life when a soldier is serving his life and paying his duty towards his nation. 

Yeah, what if I would say that a girl denied for terminating premarital pregnancy? Well, you might say that it’s common and it might have happened. But, it’s not about the 2020s; yeah, it all happened in the year of 1962 when India and its village culture was too much orthodox type and when premarital pregnancy was considered as a scar on the pride of family. 

Moreover, this web series is not a story of one or two family’s only. Yeah, it’s a story of multiple characters and people who played an essential role in the 1962’s wartime.

Now, if we talk about the main story of war then it’s all about pride and bravery of around 125 fistful soldiers. Yeah, it’s a story of a fistful 125 soldiers who were belonging to battalion C Company which was led by Major Surajsingh (Abhay Deol) in the Indo-China war of 1962. Yeah, these fistful number of soldiers fought proudly well for their nation and invaded a force of more than 3000 Chinese soldiers. You could imagine the amount of planning, strategy & bravery required to do the same. Basically, at that time china wanted to capture Galwan Valley in order to have full control over Ladakh and prime airtrip which was an essential element of war effort.

Most interesting part about the show is; majority of boys in battalion C Company were from a single village named Revari. Yeah, you might have heard or read about this village before as it’s quite famous for their dedication towards the nation.

Also, don’t be surprised if you see Chinese characters speaking English and Hindi in true Indian ascent. Yeah, it’s been used to have a comprehensive bond for storyline and experience.

Moreover, it’s not just a story of Indian soldiers and their families. Yeah, there is a key role of a Tibetan girl named Rimpa who supplies milk to the soldiers. And, while doing this she also helps the Indian army by doing some sort of spying on the Chinese army and its activity.

And, we’d also like to state that every events shown in the show is like a narration of an old aged woman Shagun Singh. Well, now, you might be thinking that how would a woman obtain such classified information battlefield? And, to explore answer to your question, you’ll have to watch the series.

Moreover, we’d also like to state that directors have done a great job in balancing stories of battlefield and story of family’s belonging to the soldiers.

Now, if we talk about the show length and story index then it’s a web series divided in 10 episodes and each episode is on an average 30-35 minutes. 

Index of 1962: The War In The Hills

No of Episode Name of Episode Check on Hotstar
Episode 1 Hindi-Cheeni Bhai Bhai Watch Now
Episode 2 Love and War Watch Now
Episode 3 1 Step Forward, 2 Step Backward Watch Now
Episode 4 Ceasefire Watch Now
Episode 5 Independence Day Watch Now
Episode 6 At War Watch Now
Episode 7 Road to Shaksa La Watch Now
Episode 8 Battle Strategy Watch Now
Episode 9 The Last Land Watch Now
Episode 10 Escape to Victory Watch Now

What’s great about This Web Show?

Firstly, Abhay Deol’s comeback on the screen is a delight for all of his fans. Yeah, especially as a lead role in a war based show. Moreover, his efforts and hard work towards playing this role is fabulous. Yeah, he has played it extra-ordinarily well. And, that’s the first reason we’d like you to watch this show on Hotstar. 

Moreover, other star cast such as Mahie Gill, Sumet Vyas, Akash Thosar etc are given with enough of exposure on the screen. And, they too succeeded in capturing a bond with audience by having enough time to play their stories. 

And yeah, abhay deol too gets enough of support from these supporting star cast throughout his play in the show. We could also say that without hard work of supporting actors, Abhay Deol’s acting might have been dimmed throughout the show.

Also, ‘1962: The War in The Hills’ might be an ordinary war show for few, but it’s not. Yeah, as stated earlier, it’s a well-blended combination of life beyond border, drama, romance, emotions, thrill and patriotism. 

Moreover, if you’re thinking that you don’t want to spend your weekend on an ordinary war show then we’d like to mention that there is enough of comedy also involved in the show which will keep you entertained and which will give you a definite smile on your face.

What Are Few Negatives which we didn’t liked about the show?

As typical indian war films, in this web show as well they’ve tried to sketch enemies in too much dark light. Yeah, it would have been great if they’d have shown enemy soldier’s roles as an ordinary soldier who was doing his duty towards his nation.

Moreover, some dialogues and sequences are completely predictable before it happens. And, while watching the show you’ll get what we mean by this.

Also, from technical aspect this show would have been improved a lot. Yeah, editing and background score is pretty much shoddy and we don’t feel the charm of a scene when watching this overly done edited sequences.

Apart from that, some of the props and fashion involved in the show also uncovers that it’s made in 2021 and at that time it seems like it’s not a story of 1962. Yeah, we mean in 1962 Royal Enfield Motorbike? And, that too of today’s model? Moreover, monkey cap wore by refugee boy in Ladakh clearly displays its latest brand name and logo. Well, it doesn’t matter but we just stated as we observed these things in show as some sort of mistakes.

Why We Didn’t Narrated Each Character And Its Role?

Well, to keep charm of each character and in order to not disclose some of suspence regarding the show we avoided to narrate each character in this article. Yeah, it won’t make sence if you’re already knowing story of each one of them and then you watch the web show. So, to keep thrill and suspense alive we’ve done our job in as best way as possible.

Why Should You Watch This Show?

There are multiple reasons, but we’d like to state a few. Yeah, firstly you shouldn’t miss comeback of abhay deol on the screen and that too as an army officer. Secondly, to know about the life of a soldier and sacrifice of his family while they pay their duty towards the nation we’d like you to watch this show. And lastly, there might be some mistakes from technical aspect but still story narration and whole event sequence is perfectly played on the screen and hence one shouldn’t miss it.

Will there be a Season 2 of 1962: The War in The Hills?

The first season of 1962: The War in the Hills was released in 2021 and since then, has gained a lot of popularity and viewership. If you have yet to watch the show, which is available on Hotstar, it follows the true incident about the battles that were valiantly fought by the Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley.

The show gained a lot of critical acclaim, thanks to the true depiction of the events that took place. Now, coming to a potential second season, it is not happening. This was released as a mini-series and is a complete show by itself.

Where do I watch 1962: The War in the Hills?

Pushing aside the disappointment of not getting a second season, the next common question that irks people’s minds is the platform where the show is available.

The first season of this nail-biting and thrilling adventure series is available for streaming on Hotstar. You’d need to have a subscription to the platform to be able to watch the series though since it isn’t available for free. So, if you haven’t yet bought the subscription, do so now.

Is the 1962 series a real story?

If you have finished watching the 1962 series and have been wondering if it is inspired by real events, the answer is yes.

Although there are inspirations for the overall plot, the actual frame-by-frame event that takes place in the series is entirely fictional as suggested by the producers. The series tells the story of the Indian soldiers who fought in the 1962 Sino-Indian War.

The creators have exclaimed that they have taken some sort of creative liberties while creating the series, so nothing is as accurate as it happened during the actual war that took place in 1962.

Index of 1962: The War In The Hills FAQs

1. Is Index of 1962: The War In The Hills based on a real story?

Yes, the show is based on true events but is a fictional take on the actual events that happened during that time. The show is based on the war that took behind 124 Indian soldiers from the C Company who fought against 3000 Chinese to their last bullet. Their sacrifice and the tragedy are what shape the plot of this series.

2. Is Index of 1962: The War In The Hills worth watching?

Yes, definitely. Not only do you get to learn about an important piece of Indian history and the sacrifices of the Indian army that went into protecting the borders, but the show also includes an immaculate cast and their acting is beyond good for you to miss out on. 

3. Who is Major Suraj Singh?

Often titled the Hero of Rezang La, Major Suraj Singh was one of the leading officers that commanded the Indian army during the dreadful war against the Chinese armed forces that took place in 1962. He was born in 1924 to a military family and served his country till his last dying breath.

4. Is the 1962 War in the Hills a real story?

If you are watching the episodes of 1962: The War In The Hills and wondering whether or not it is a real story, the answer is yes. The entire web series is inspired by real-life events from one of the more fierce wars that took place in the year 1962, claiming multiple lives and destruction of the surroundings.

5. Who is the actress in the 1962 web series?

Several characters portrayed their roles amazingly in the 1962 web series. However, if you are inquisitive about the actress, who did an immaculate job, it is Mahie Gill. The show is available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

6. How much land did India lose to China in the 1962 war?

If you aren’t aware of the real-life outcome of the 1962 Indo-China war, India lost around 38,000 of land to China during the war. The land they lost was a territory of Aksai Chin. The same has been depicted quite well in the show.

7. Is the 1962 War web series worth it?

If you aren’t triggered by war and the wrath of the war and want to know more about the history of the Indo-China war, we’d recommend you go ahead and stream the entire series.

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Now, to conclude, we’d like to say that while team behind the ‘1962: The War In The Hills’ tried to showcase some good parts they’ve also done some terrible and bad from technical and story writing aspect.

Moreover, while there are some reasons to watch this show, there are some for avoiding it too. Yeah, and that’s the reason we’ve given 3/5 rating for easy understanding about the quality and experience of this web series.

So all in all, if you want to experience comeback of abhay deol on screen and want some nice experience of stories from battlefield then you should go for it. And, if you’re interested in a highly authentic and modern storyline involving romance, too much of comedy, perfectly done editing then this one is not for you.

Yeah, that’s all we wanted to tell you as our last words and now, if you’ve decided to watch this show then don’t forget to share your experience regarding the same in comment section below.

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