Index Of Friends Series Season 1 To Season 10 [With Cast, Seasons Recap & Much More]

Index Of Friends Series Season 1 To Season 10

Back in 1994, one of the biggest hits in TV shows was aired in American television history. Yeah, it was the first season of Friends that took place in the year of 1994. And, since then it has succeeded in occupying a permanent place in almost every person’s hearts worldwide.

The story of this season is quite relatable and it depicts the life of five friends and their way of living life in the city in the nineties.

Also, looking at its fame and people’s interest to know about this pleasing show, google too has acknowledged it and that’s the reason Google will show some sort of animation when you search for one of the characters of this show on its search bar.

Interest, hype, and frenzy for this show started skyrocketing when it started airing on television, also the most interesting fact about the show is that it is still having same level of fan following, interest, and hype amongst the audience in the current time as well.

Friends is a show of 5 friends, their way of living, their romantic interests, romantic life, and the hurdles that takes place in their romantic life. Well, a bit of comedy is also mixed in it and that’s the reason majority of people like to watch it even today. Yeah, each character’s sarcastic remarks and fabulous comic touch by the directors will make you fall in love with this marvelous show in no time, in case you have not seen it yet.

The story of the show was written by David Crane & others, and it has been awarded with around 62 nominations for Primetime Emmys. And even, it has won Outstanding Comedy Series title in the year 2002. Yeah, with marvelous acting, quite a relatable story, and with a touch of comedy sprinkles on it made it a huge success and has been awarded with tons of titles for the same.

So, in this article, we’ve compiled the whole story of all the 10 seasons of the Friends and had tried our bit to provide you with information regarding its crew, cast, storyline and more. Now, without wasting time, let’s start with the real stuff.

About The Show in A Nutshell

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
  • IMDb Rating: 8.9/10
  • Story Written By: Marta Kauffman, David Crane, Scott Silver, Jeff Greenstein, Alexa Jungee
  • Directed By: Gary Halvorson, James Burrows, Kevin Bright, Michael Lembeck, Ben Weiss
  • Total Seasons: 10 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 236 Episodes
  • Show Length: 121 Hours
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Direct TV

Friends Series – List of Cast & Their Roles

  • Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green
  • Courteney Cox played Monica Geller
  • Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing
  • Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe Buffay
  • Matt LeBlanc played Joey Tribbiani
  • David Schwimmer played Ross Geller
  • James Michael Tyler appears as Gunther
  • Elliot Gould played Jack Geller
  • Christina Pickles played Judy Geller
  • Maggie Wheeler played Janice
  • Paul Rudd played Hannigan
  • Jane Sibbett played Carol
  • Helen Baxendale played Emily Waltham
  • Jessica Hecht played Susan
  • June Gable played Estelle Leonard
  • Tom Selleck played Dr. Richard Burke
  • Aisha Tyler played Charlie Wheeler
  • Giovanni Ribisi played Frank Buffay Jr
  • Lauren Ton played Julie
  • Eddie Cahil played Tag Jones
  • Bonnie Somerville played Mona
  • Cole Sprouse played Ben Geller
  • Jon Favreau played Pete Becker
  • Amanda Carlin played Dr. Long
  • Steven Eckholdt played Mark Robinson
  • Paget Brewster played Kathy

Index Of Friends Series Season 1 To Season 10

Index Of Friends Series

1. Friends Season 1

  • Total Episodes: 24 Episodes
  • Available On: Netflix, Direct TV

Index of Friends: Season 1

  • Episode 1: Monica gets a roommate
  • Episode 2: The Sonogram at the end
  • Episode 3: The thumb
  • Episode 4: George Stephanopoulos
  • Episode 5: The East German laundry detergent
  • Episode 6: The Butt
  • Episode 7: The blackout
  • Episode 8: Nana dies twice
  • Episode 9: Underdog gets away
  • Episode 10: The monkey
  • Episode 11: Mrs. Bing
  • Episode 12: The Dozen Lasagnas
  • Episode 13: The bobbies
  • Episode 14: The Candy Hearts
  • Episode 15: The stoned guy
  • Episode 16: With Two Parts – Part 1
  • Episode 17: With Two Parts – Part 2
  • Episode 18: All the poker
  • Episode 19: The monkey gets away
  • Episode 20: The evil orthodontist
  • Episode 21: The fake Monica
  • Episode 22: The ick factor
  • Episode 23: The Birth
  • Episode 24: Rachel finds out!

Little About The Season 1: In the first season of Friends, audience get to know about 6 of the main characters of the show. Yeah, in the very first season they’ve introduced 6 of main characters for giving audience enough time to get bonded with the story and its roles.

In this show Rachel Green arrives in a wedding dress and meets to one of her college friend Monica Geller. Well, she has been portrayed as overly competitive and cleanliness freak.

On the same occasion, she also meets Joey who has been portrayed as a struggling actor with lesser IQ than average. Also, she meets Chandler, who is roommate of Joey. Well, you’re gonna fall in love with Chandler as the show goes on. Yeah, it’s the most famous one because of its funny jokes and sarcastic remarks. Also, profession of chandler is unknown.

Meanwhile, Rachel gets a job as waitress at Central Park and moves in with the Monica as her roommate. In this season, Ross who has strong feelings towards Rachel fails multiple time to confess his feeling throughout the season.

However, towards the end of the first season, Chandler breaks out the truth in its funny way and that’s where Rachel starts to realize that she too has a soft corner in her heart for Ross. And, then she rush outs towards the airport to receive Ross when he returns from China. Overall, its nice season and towards the end it awakens our curiosity and excitement for the second season.

2. Friends Season 2

  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Available On: Netflix, Prime Video, Direct TV

Index of Friends Season 2

  • Episode 1: Ross’s new girlfriend
  • Episode 2: The breast milk
  • Episode 3: Heckles dies
  • Episode 4: Phoebe’s husband
  • Episode 5: Five steaks and an eggplant
  • Episode 6: The baby on the bus
  • Episode 7: Ross finds out
  • Episode 8: The list
  • Episode 9: Phoebe’s dad
  • Episode 10: Russ
  • Episode 11: The lesbian wedding
  • Episode 12: The superbowl – part 1
  • Episode 13: The superbowl – part 2
  • Episode 14: The prom video
  • Episode 15: Ross & Rachel…You know
  • Episode 16: Joey moves out
  • Episode 17: Eddie moves in
  • Episode 18: Dr. Ramoray dies
  • Episode 19: Eddie won’t go
  • Episode 20: Old Yeller dies
  • Episode 21: The bullies
  • Episode 22: Two parties
  • Episode 23: The chicken pox
  • Episode 24: Berry & Mindy’s wedding

Little About The Season 2: In the beginning of this season, Ross disappoints Rachel by coming with his college friend Julie. Yeah, she is his new girlfriends it gives Rachel a heart break in very first show. However, as the show go on, Ross & jullie don’t mingle together much and parts their way by a break up and then Ross & Rachel again gets together. However, during the course of patch up and post patch up relationship, various tensions starts to arise.

Ross finds a way out by deciding to make a list of disadvantages of dating Rachel by comparing her with Julie. Rachel gets to know about this list and she goes through each of the thing mentioned by Ross. Well, afterwards what happens; that we don’t think to mention here.

But, they soon gets back together when Rachel shows the prom video of the days back in high school. Yeah, they patch it up second time.

Basically, apart from this romantic drama between Rachel and Ross in this season, there are many other incidents that gives audience a roller coaster ride like experience. And, to know about each of these incidents you must watch this one.

Yeah, there are many scenes dedicated to Chandler, Eddie, Monica and so on. And each of the scene and episode gives tremendous fun. Especially, ones where Chandler is appearing on the set of the show. His appearance never disappoints.

Second season of Friends is currently available on Netflix, Prime Video and Direct TV and you can enjoy it during your spare time.

3. Friends Season 3

  • Total Episodes: 25
  • Available On: Netflix, Prime Video, Direct TV

Index of Friends Season 3

  • Episode 1: The princess leia fantasy
  • Episode 2: No one’s ready
  • Episode 3: The jam
  • Episode 4: The metaphorical tunnel
  • Episode 5: With Frank Jr.
  • Episode 6: The Flashback
  • Episode 7: The race car bed
  • Episode 8: The giant pocking device
  • Episode 9: The football
  • Episode 10: Rachel Quits
  • Episode 11: Chandler can’t remember which sister
  • Episode 12: All the jealousy
  • Episode 13: Monica & Richard are just Friends
  • Episode 14: The Phoebe’s Ex partner
  • Episode 15: Ross and Rachel takes a break
  • Episode 16: The morning after
  • Episode 17: Without the ski trip
  • Episode 18: The hypnosis tape
  • Episode 19: The tiny T-shirt
  • Episode 20: The doll house
  • Episode 21: A chick and a duck
  • Episode 22: The screamer
  • Episode 23: Ross’s thing
  • Episode 24: The ultimate fighting champion
  • Episode 25: At the beach

Little About Season 3 of Friends: This is also one that adds a lot of laughter to the overall experience of watching this show. Firstly, in this season Chandler starts date Janice and soon he realizes that she’s still in love with her to-be ex-husband and hence parts away from her. Rachel also gets promotion at her job. Meanwhile, in this season Phoebe discovers the reality about his birth mother.

In this season too, Rachel & Ross’s romance takes place but gets complicated as the show moves on. Yeah, they gets together but as Rachel gets a lot of workload, she fails at handling both; professional life & personal life. Well, this time too, it ends up with a disappointment.

In this season, Joey’s romance also takes place and he starts developing feelings towards his co-actress Kate. Well, she’s already dating her director. Yet, they gets into a surprisingly short love life. Moreover, Monica as well starts dating a millionaire kid but her relationship ends with a disappointment too. Yeah, reason behind her break up was immaturity of her partner & stubbornness from his side.

Meanwhile, Rachel starts getting jealous about Phoebe & Ross. Yeah, as Phoebe helps Ross in setting up with his friend for a relationship. The climax of this season is quite interesting as it ends up with Ross’s dilemma between his new partner Bonnie & Rachel.

Well, to get more about third season of Friends you’ll have to watch it yourself. We bet on the fact that it’s most interesting one and you won’t leave your seat until you don’t finish it from start to end. Yeah, if you want, you could watch Friends season 3 online on Netflix, Amazon prime of Direct TV.

4. Friends Season 4

  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Direct TV

Index of Friends Season 4

  • Episode 1: The jellyfish
  • Episode 2: The cat
  • Episode 3: The ‘Cuffs
  • Episode 4: The ballroom dancing
  • Episode 5: Joey’s new girl friend
  • Episode 6: The dirty girl
  • Episode 7: Where Chandler crosses the Lin
  • Episode 8: Chandler in a box
  • Episode 9: Where they’re going to party!
  • Episode 10: The girls from Poughkeepsie
  • Episode 11: The Phoebe’s uterus
  • Episode 12: The embryos
  • Episode 13: Rachel’s crush
  • Episode 14: Joey’s Dirty day
  • Episode 15: All the rugby
  • Episode 16: The fake party
  • Episode 17: The free porn
  • Episode 18: Rachel’s new dress
  • Episode 19: All the haste
  • Episode 20: All the wedding dresses
  • Episode 21: The invitation
  • Episode 22: The worst best man ever
  • Episode 23: Ross’s Wedding – part 1
  • Episode 24: Ross’s Wedding – part 2

Little About Season 4 of Friends: In this season, things starts getting crazy. Yeah, Ross & Rachel’s relationship is still on a quirky place. And things are becoming a bit rocky in this season. Well, Ross constantly keeps justifying him while sleeping with chloe. And, as the time passes, Rachel starts becoming worried about the relationship and at the end she decides that she’ll end it for once and for all. Unfortunately, they ends up with a bad note.

Phoebe gets fired from his job due to some weird reason and his senseless acts. Meanwhile, Monica gets on board with a team as a food critic for a paper company. With time, Monica gets some good time with her career and it turns out to be a golden period of her career as a chef confronts her for her work and then they hires her as head chef.

Joey also starts dating Kathy, with whom Chandler has shared a kiss and whole thing turns into an interesting drama on the set. Meanwhile, Ross dates an English woman and he also decides to tie knots with her by doing engagement. However, marriage don’t take place as he mistakenly takes Rachel’s name at the time of vows and that too results into an emotional drama on the set. Yeah, his marriage breaks up in the mid of the function.

Well, to get to know more about this season and interesting part of Phoebe and other characters you’ll have to watch it fully. Yeah, there’s a lot that could have been added here but that might spoil your fun and hence we’ve decided to keep some major secrets as secrets only. Yeah, you can watch Fourth season of friends online on Netflix, Direct TV or Amazon prime; whichever is most convenient to you.

5. Friends Season 5

  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Available On: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Direct TV

Index of Season 5 of Friends:

  • Episode 1: After Ross says Rachel
  • Episode 2: All the kissing
  • Episode 3: Hundredth
  • Episode 4: Phoebe hates PBS
  • Episode 5: The Kips
  • Episode 6: The Yeti
  • Episode 7: Ross moves in
  • Episode 8: The thanksgiving flashback
  • Episode 9: Ross’s sandwich
  • Episode 10: The inappropriate sister
  • Episode 11: All the resolutions
  • Episode 12: Chandler’s work laugh
  • Episode 13: Joey’s bag
  • Episode 14: Everybody finds out
  • Episode 15: The girl who hates Joey
  • Episode 16: The Cop
  • Episode 17: The Rachel’s inadvertent kiss
  • Episode 18: Rachel smokes
  • Episode 19: Ross can’t flirt
  • Episode 20: The ride along
  • Episode 21: The ball
  • Episode 22: Joey’s big break
  • Episode 23: In Vegas – part 1
  • Episode 24: In Vegas – part 2

Little About Season 5 of Friends: In this season, beginning is awkward as well as funny. Yeah, here Ross tries to convince Emilly for marriage after she flees from the stage. Surprisingly, Emily agrees to marry Ross but she puts a condition on his table that after marriage he won’t ever see Rachel. She asks him to start afresh by leaving the city and by doing a sell off of his all the furniture and stuff. However, on an occasion Rachel & Ross meets and Emilly gets to know about it from Monica and soon Emilly realizes that she can’t trust Ross enough and hence calls it quit. Yeah, this marriage ends up in a break for once and for all.

This whole incident that took place in Ross’s life makes him act weird at his job and it results into him being jobless in no time. Afterwards, he again moves in with Joey & Chandler in an apartment until he don’t find an accommodation for himself.

Meanwhile, Rachel gets a job and soon after getting the job she starts dating his neighbor. Well, that too results into a short lived relationship. Also, Chandler and monica gets together in a relationship but they decides to keep whole relationship secret and agrees on to a promise of never making a big deal out of it. Well, at the end it becomes exclusive and everyone gets to know about it. It results in to a surprisingly emotional and comedy scene.

You can watch this entire season on Netflix, Prime, or Direct TV whichever is most convenient out of these three to you. Yeah, it’s interesting one and you’d not like to skip any of its episode.

6. Friends Season 6

  • Total Episodes: 25
  • Available on: Prime Video, Direct TV, Netflix

Index of Season 6 of Friends:

  • Episode 1: After Vegas
  • Episode 2: Ross hugs Rachel
  • Episode 3: Ross’s Denial
  • Episode 4: Joey losses his insurance
  • Episode 5: Joey’s porsche
  • Episode 6: On the last night
  • Episode 7: Phoebe runs
  • Episode 8: Ross’s teeth
  • Episode 9: Ross got high
  • Episode 10: The routine
  • Episode 11: The apothecary table
  • Episode 12: The Joke
  • Episode 13: Rachel’s sister
  • Episode 14: Chandler can’t cry
  • Episode 15: That could have been – part 1
  • Episode 16: That could have been – part 2
  • Episode 17: Unagi
  • Episode 18: Ross dates a student
  • Episode 19: Joey’s fridge
  • Episode 20: Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E
  • Episode 21: Ross meets Elizabeth’s dad
  • Episode 22: Paul’s a man
  • Episode 23: The ring
  • Episode 24: The proposal – part 1
  • Episode 25: The proposal – part 2

Little About Season 6 of Friends: In this season, Ross & Rachel again gets together. Well, in this season they even end up getting married on a pleasing location of Vegas. But, it was a drunken mistake and as soon as their friends disclose about whole incident, they again decides to end up their marriage and finds separation as one of the best way.

After three failed marriages, Ross fails to give annulment to Rachel. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica decides to move in together and their decision results in to Rachel move in with Phoebe.

Also, Joey gets a new roommate and gets into a brief relationship with her. But, soon after his partner start disliking Chandler and Monica, he decides to quit his own relationship. Yeah, friend’s sacrifice for friends.

Ross gets a teaching job as professor, and meanwhile he starts dating one of his student named Elizabeth. Surprisingly, Rachel starts dating Elizabeth’s dad, and soon Rachel starts realizes that he has a lot of emotional side to Rachel so she decides to quit it. On the other hand, Ross to finds it out that their relationship is not doing well because Elizabeth is too young for him and she is still immature for the love life.

Moreover, in this season, Chandler finally proposes Monica and surprisingly she accepts the proposal. Well, whole incident takes place at museum when they visits the same and she puts down her name.

As stated earlier, all the seasons of Friends are awesome and one must watch it out, this one is also none the less. Yeah, you’ll get a lot of relatable experiences out of it. And to awaken your forgotten memories of old days we’d suggest you to watch it out once. Well, you can watch all the seasons of friends online on Prime video or Netflix.

7. Friends Season 7

  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Available On: Netflix, Direct TV, Amazon Prime

Index of Season 7 of Friends

  • Episode 1: Monica’s thunder
  • Episode 2: Rachel’s book
  • Episode 3: Phoebe’s cookies
  • Episode 4: Rachel’s assistant
  • Episode 5: The engagement picture
  • Episode 6: The nap partners
  • Episode 7: Ross’s library book
  • Episode 8: Chandler doesn’t like dogs
  • Episode 9: All the candy
  • Episode 10: The holiday armadillo
  • Episode 11: All the cheesecakes
  • Episode 12: They’re up all night
  • Episode 13: Rosita dies
  • Episode 14: They all turn thirty
  • Episode 15: Joey’s new brain
  • Episode 16: The truth about London
  • Episode 17: The cheap wedding dress
  • Episode 18: Joey’s award
  • Episode 19: Ross and Monica’s cousins
  • Episode 20: Rachel’s big kiss
  • Episode 21: The Vows
  • Episode 22: Chandler’s dad
  • Episode 23: Chandler & Monica’s wedding – part 1
  • Episode 24: Chandler & Monica’s wedding – part 2

Little About Season 7 of Friends: In the beginning of this season, Phoebe’s apartment goes through a reconstruction work. And, because of this repairing and reconstruction work, Rachel is not left with any other option but to move in with Joey. Rachel hires a handsome assistant and starts to develop feelings towards him, resulting in to dates and a relationship. However, it don’t work out well as with him too, Rachel realizes that he’s too immature to marry with and hence breaks it up for once and all.

This season majority of episodes are dedicated to the problems that arises during Monica & Chandler’s wedding occasion. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Rachel finds out a positively resulted pregnancy test and they doubts on Monica. Well, chandler was listening to their conversation and he gets panicked for the thought of fatherhood. But, soon he starts to embrace the pride of being a father and gets ready for getting in to marriage. However, there’s a suspense regarding pregnancy test and we won’t reveal it. Well, we’d just like to mention that it wasn’t Monica whose pregnancy test was positive. Yeah, it was someone else, and who was she? That you’ll encounter in season finale.

You can watch all the seasons of friends online with even less data, by streaming it on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

8. Friends Season 8

  • Total Episodes: 24
  • Available On: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Direct TV

Index of Season 8 of Friends

  • Episode 1: After “I do”
  • Episode 2: The red sweater
  • Episode 3: Rachel tells Ross
  • Episode 4: The videotape
  • Episode 5: Rachel’s date
  • Episode 6: The Halloween party
  • Episode 7: The stain
  • Episode 8: The stripper
  • Episode 9: The rumor
  • Episode 10: Monica’s boots
  • Episode 11: Ross’s step forward
  • Episode 12: Joey dates Rachel
  • Episode 13: Chandler takes a bath
  • Episode 14: The secret closet
  • Episode 15: The birthing video
  • Episode 16: Joey tells Rachel
  • Episode 17: The tea leaves
  • Episode 18: In Massapequa
  • Episode 19: Joey’s interview
  • Episode 20: The baby shower
  • Episode 21: The cooking class
  • Episode 22: Rachel is late
  • Episode 23: Rachel has a baby – part 1
  • Episode 24: Rachel has a baby – part 2

Little About Season 8 of Friends: In the beginning of this season, majorly story revolves around pregnancy test only. And, Phoebe, Monica & Rachel were seen talking about the same for majority of time in initial episodes.

Here, it becomes to narrates other part of the story and hence we’ll have to uncover the suspense that it was Rachel whose pregnancy test was positive. Well, it takes a lot of drama on the show and for that you must watch it.

After pregnancy test, Rachel asks Ross to co-parent the child without having a romantic relationship together. Joey tries to take advantage of Rachel’s fear for motherhood and confess his feelings to her. But, it results in to a denial from Rachel’s end and she says that she’d only like to stay friends with each other and she don’t want any love life in her life anymore.

Meanwhile, Rachel gives birth to a baby Emma. Soon, Judy gives her ancestral ring to Ross and convince him to propose Rachel. Unfortunately, Ross didn’t proposed on face and left the ring in Rachel’s room. While, Rachel sees Joey holding the ring when she enters in, and quickly she accepts it as a proposal from Joey. Yeah, it leaves joey’s surprised for everything that happened as he didn’t mean to propose Rachel this time.

Soon after seeing Rachel with a baby, Monica and Chandler to embrace to get in to parenthood. Well, they finally decides to give it a go and this whole scene takes place with hospital in the background.

To experience the fun, romance and drama that takes place in this season, we’ll recommend you to watch season 8 of Friends online on any of your convenient platform.

9. Friends Season 9

  • Total Episodes: 23
  • Available On: Netflix, Prime Video Amazon, Direct TV

Index of Friends Season 9

  • Episode 1: No one proposes
  • Episode 2: Emma cries
  • Episode 3: The pediatrician
  • Episode 4: The sharks
  • Episode 5: Phoebe’s birthday dinner
  • Episode 6: The male nanny
  • Episode 7: Ross’s inappropriate song
  • Episode 8: Rachel’s other sister
  • Episode 9: Rachel’s phone number
  • Episode 10: Christmas in Tulsa
  • Episode 11: Rachel goes back to work
  • Episode 12: Phoebe’s rats
  • Episode 13: Monica sings
  • Episode 14: The blind dates
  • Episode 15: The mugging
  • Episode 16: The boob job
  • Episode 17: The memorial service
  • Episode 18: The lottery
  • Episode 19: Rachel’s dream
  • Episode 20: Soap Opera party
  • Episode 21: The fertility test
  • Episode 22: The donor
  • Episode 23: In Barbados Part 1 & 2

Little About Season 9 of Friends: In this season, Joey clears the misunderstanding that took place with regards to the engagement ring with Rachel. Also, in this season, Rachel gets into paranoid as it was first time for her to be a mother.

Meanwhile, Chandler gets a new job in Tulsa and Monica too gets promotion at her work. But, as both were far from each other their relationship goes on in the long distance as well. Also, on the occasion of Christmas Chandler don’t get a holiday at work and he wants to meet his partner so he decides to resign. After return, he gets an unpaid internship at an ad company and soon he is hired by the firm as a copywriter.

Monica & Chandler tries continuously to get in to parenthood but soon they realizes that they’re not compatible physically for conceiving. And hence, after multiple false tries, they decides to adopt a child.

Meanwhile, Phoebe dates a guy but as he was not ready for marriage, she calls it off. She soon reconciles with his ex; but, soon Mike realizes his feelings towards Phoebe and proposes her before David do it.

Also, a lot of romantic drama is filled in this season from Rachel, Ross, and other character’s end as well. And, as usual, Chandler’s quirky remarks and sarcastic dialogues should never be missed.

Well, that’s the reason we’d recommend you to watch it yourself to gain all the fun it has to garnish on your memories. Yeah, you could watch all the seasons of Friends online on Netflix or prime video amazon.

10. Friends Season 10

  • Total Episodes: 17
  • Available On: Netflix, Direct TV, Amazon Prime

Index of Friends Season 10

  • Episode 1: After Joey & Rachel kiss
  • Episode 2: Ross is fine
  • Episode 3: Ross’s Tan
  • Episode 4: The Cake
  • Episode 5: Rachel’s Sister babysits
  • Episode 6: Ross’s grant
  • Episode 7: The home study
  • Episode 8: The late thanksgiving
  • Episode 9: The birth mother
  • Episode 10: Chandler gets caught
  • Episode 11: The Stripper cries
  • Episode 12: Phoebe’s wedding
  • Episode 13: Joey Speaks French
  • Episode 14: Princess Consuela
  • Episode 15: Estella dies
  • Episode 16: Rachel’s going away from party
  • Episode 17: The Last One (Part 1 & 2)

Little About Season 10 of Friends: It’s the season finale. Yeah, it’s the last season of the show. And, it runs all the co-running plots together in single season.

A lot of drama, emotion, romance and comedy is filled in this season as all the remaining plots of the stories takes place here.

Yeah, Chandler & Monica’s relationship gets stronger and they decides to start afresh by moving outside the city. Well, they buys a brand new apartment in suburbs and moves in it. Also, their decision saddens everyone. Joey is the one who gets a heart break after listening to their decision as it was going to get a lot tougher for him to cope up with all the changes.

Rachel too gets fired from her work, and on return she stumbles upon his part co-worker who helps her to land a new job.

Soon, Rachel decides to go to paris and it leaves everyone in a dismay.

For her farewell, friends throws a party. During the party, Rachels cries the heart out to everyone and bids a bye to everyone except Ross. It leaves Ross disappointed and soon he confronts Rachel for the same. Meanwhile, they both sleep together and at the time of leaving, Ross starts to realize his feelings towards the Rachel and hence he runs behind her till the airport but Rachel says that she has to leave.

On climax, she decides to get together with Ross and hence don’t board the flight at last minute.

Yeah, finally their relationship gets in to hard tied bond and they gets together.

For further experience and suspense that we’ve not uncovered in this article, you’ll have to watch the show from start to end. Yeah, you could watch it online on Netflix, Amazon prime video or Direct TV whatever you like.

Why is Friends rated R?

At first glance, you might be surprised as to why Friends is rated R since it’s a light-hearted American sitcom. However, as we progress through the individual episodes and the channels, you will realize that Friends is rated R for a reason.

There are several episodes in the different seasons of the show depicting elements of sex, romance, and nudity, something that we’d hope that children aren’t actively watching. It is mostly targeted towards a mature audience, which is one of the reasons why it is rated R and ideal for 18+ viewers.

Why was Friends canceled?

Friends ran for ten successful seasons and while the end of the show was quite a disappointment for the fans, it was a much-needed wake-up call for the cast members, who were struggling in their personal lives.

Lisa Kudrow, who plays the role of Phoebe on the show exclaimed in an interview that, “some people needed to move on and be done.” So, while the ending of the show was sad, it was inevitable. The good thing was that the show ended on a good note with every character getting a happy ending and closure they needed.

Who is the most loved character in Friends?

To narrow down the most loved character on the show would be difficult. Every Friends fan has their favorite, which makes sense because each character on the show is unique. That said, when it comes to the most likable character on the show, it has to be Chandler Bing.

Following him in a close second would be Joey Tribbiani. The duo of Chandler and Joey is a treat to watch on the show. The character development is amazing, their bonding is exquisite and the comedy timing is hilarious and perfectly on point. It feels natural with these characters.

FAQs – Friends Season 1 to 10

1. What’s it all about in Friends?

Friends is quite relatable show for youth as it is filled with a lot of romantic drama, comedy and emotional scenes that usually takes place in our college days.

2. Will there be Friends Season 11?

Yes. Production of this season had already taken place in 2020. But, due to Covid-19 it was on hault and hence within short near time we might heard about the good news.

3. Is Friends Series Worth A Go?

Yeah, definitely! If you like romantic comedy masala then you must not miss Friends. Yeah, there’s a lot of quiet a good experience in this show that’s quite relatable for majority of us and hence you’d like to watch it.

4. Is it possible to download all seasons of Friends?

Well, you can download it on Netflix app, but won’t be shareable. After download you’ll be able to watch it without an active internet connection.

5. Do the Friends cast still get paid?

Yes, the Friends cast get paid for the dividends that the production earns in profits. Initial reports suggested that Warner Bros earns around $1 billion a year from Friends. Out of that, 20% of the profits are given to each of the cast members every year.

6. When is the Friends Reunion movie coming out?

If you are yet to know, the Friends show cast is going to make a return together and it is being made into a movie instead of a series. The movie is going to air on HBO Max. The Friends Reunion movie is set to come out on May 27, 2021. 

7. Is Friends web series available on Amazon Prime?

Yes, the show is available on Amazon Prime as well as Netflix for you to binge-watch. You can find all the ten seasons of the show there, making it worth a crazy rerun one after the other.

8. Where can I watch all seasons of Friends in India?

If you are streaming from India, all the seasons of Friends are available on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+ Hotstar for you to stream to your heart’s desire.

9. What is the Friends web series about?

Friends is a popular American sitcom that featured the lives of 6 friends and how they get through their lives in New York.

10. What is the summary of the Friends series?

If you haven’t watched Friends yet but want to get a complete rundown of what the show is all about, it follows the lives of six friends, who go through different challenges and aspects in their lives, including love, heartbreak, personal tragedies, life, career issues, etc. while navigating through it all together.

11. Is Friends season 10 good?

If you are expecting anything monumental or life-changing in Friends, you are asking for too much. The show is a feel-good source of entertainment that you can binge-watch. It features light-hearted comedy and wholesome moments. The last season of the show is very touching and brings closure to the audience that they need.

12. Which Friends episode is most watched?

The episode titled “The One after the Superbowl” is the most watched Friends episode in history and across all the streaming platforms you can potentially imagine. It has over 53 million views.

13. Does Friends have a sad ending?

Friends have a very hard and conclusive ending where Ross and Rachel find their happily ever after, Monica and Chandler shift to their forever home with their twins, Phoebe and Matt are all happy with their married life and Joey is all settled in his career.

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The series ends and climax of the series is quiet pleasing. Yeah, it feels like each of the character got a well-deserved place in their life and it’s good to see them in their respective life progress.

There are a lot of emotional scenes in the show, such as Chandler’s proposal to Monica, Rachel’s final decision to don’t go to Paris and to live with Ross, and so on. And, on some occasion don’t be surprised if you find yourself in tears.

Moreover, there are a lot of lessons to learn from life’s perspective too. Yeah, one such is, Monica’s way of living life, she teaches us that it’s all good to come out of your comfort zone in order to live your life to fullest. Same way, there are many others from almost all the characters.

Yeah, watching friends is a quite a life changing experience and it reminds us of our most of close friends and about the time we spent together back in our time.

It’d be a pleasure to you too to watch it first time if you’ve not yet watched it. Yeah, go get a plan and put it in your binge watch list. Don’t miss this one my friend, it’s one of the best show ever aired on the TV.

Well, if you’re still confused regarding its availability then this show’s all ten seasons are currently available on Netflix, Amazon prime video and Direct TV. So, you can experience the fun on either of these three and also at your most convenient time. And yeah, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below, once you finish all the seasons.

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