Index of Suits: When Both Worlds Meet

Index of Suits

A story about unfulfilled aspirations, brilliance that seeks attention, and a historical move in the name of genius and justice that is Suits, a one-of-a-kind American television series that blends corporate law, drama, and a broken society. The television series is a courtroom drama and is the brainchild of Aaron Korsh. Universal Cable Productions first launched it in June 2011 on the USA Network.

There have been numerous courtroom dramas launched by the American television industry but none of them has been able to become so much popular or receive critical acclaim from the show buffs all over the world. The television series not only throws light upon the world of corporate law and its loopholes but also highlights the absurdity of the life in which we live. It focuses on a coincident which makes a brilliant thief meet with the town’s most successful attorney who is looking for an associate. The two completely contradicting yet dependent worlds meet each other only to start an epic journey of Suits. 

The sheer style with which Gabriel Macht pulls out the character of Harvey Specter makes the audience wonder whether he had acted out the role or just played himself on screen. The show has richness to it and protrudes an aspect of comedy majorly coming from Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross. The duo shares electrifying chemistry, which makes all the difference. Viewers who have not watched this irradiant beauty yet must do watch it now, in the name of the law.

The Plot of Suits

The television series comprises a dramatic plot that revolves around the lives of the leading characters Harvey and Mike as they go on closing legal situations in the city. The hard truths that the characters are compelled to face and the contemplations that they go through have been beautifully directed.

Initially, Suits was aired for seven seasons. However, the popularity of the show and audience demand led the makers to add two more seasons to this legal drama. Actors like Gina Torres took the show to a different level by delivering remarkable performances. So without much further ado, let us go through the seasons of the show.

The show had nine brooding seasons and one hundred thirty-four total episodes. Harvey Specter, the renowned attorney, and the quickest closer works in the legal firm, Pearson Hardman. He loves his work and does it with style. Harvey is an all-work and no-nonsense person. The story begins with Harvey taking up rounds of interviews for fresh recruitment. He wants an associate but no candidate seems to take off. This is the part where Mike Ross enters. He is a brilliant law student but does not have a formal degree. He needs money for his grandmother’s treatment, which makes him sit for the law test on behalf of others in return for money. Mike finds himself in trouble while doing his best friend an illegal favor. This is the part where fate plays its role and Mike drops in one of Harvey’s recruitment drives. He cracks the interview with sheer wit, intelligence, and eidetic memory. 

The plot takes a twist when Harvey decides to keep the real identity of his newly appointed associate, a secret. The duo together goes through highs and lows, unraveling cases and closing them. Season one of the show explores the chemistry between Harvey and Mike. The phlegmatic outlook of Harvey is met with an emotional and empathetic Mike, which makes successful Harvey reconnect with his passion. 

The following seasons depict how the life of these law professionals unfold with changing circumstances. One of the most beautiful things that the story portrays is despite the misunderstandings and reefs, the friendship of Mike and Harvey survives the test of time and emerges victorious. By the end of season nine, the legal drama almost becomes an old tale of love and friendship, which cannot be loved more by the audience worldwide.

So, it does not matter if you have watched Suits already, you are not Mike Ross who has a photographic memory. Suits are and will be one of the shows on the best things to watch list forever. 

What is the best season of Suits?

If you are considering binge-watching Suits, we’d recommend that you start with the first season. There’s no point jumping through the seasons because they are interconnected.

That said, among all the available seasons, the second season is the most celebrated one of the lot. The combination of drama, heart, and comedic moments in the show is worth exploring. Also, while you are reading this, we have some spoilers ahead.

The second season unfolds Jessica Pearson and how she knows about Mike’s secret. So, you do get to witness a villainous side unfold in the second season.

Is there a better series than Suits?

If you are done watching Suits and have been looking for a similar web series, White Collar is worth exploring.

What makes the storyline of this series is the unconventional plot, which draws you in right away. While there are no chances of business escaping, the show does take you through a roller coaster ride with twists and climaxes that are nothing but unexpected, to begin with.

Like Suits, even the cast of White Collar has outperformed, making this a gripping show to binge-watch from the start till the end.

The Cast of Suits

The series ran for complete nine seasons with a tightly knit and spectacular cast. All the names who starred in Suits became famous with the legacy. The American television series had an ensemble cast and the names have been listed down as follows.

  • Gabriel Macht
  • Patrick J. Adams
  • Rick Hoffman
  • Meghan Markle
  • Sarah Rafferty
  • Gina Torres
  • Amanda Schull
  • Dule Hill
  • Katherine Heigl

Index of Suits Season 1 To 9 [All Episodes]

Index of Suits

The show previously had been planned for seven seasons but Suits lovers from all over the world wanted more, which resulted in two more seasons. The plot flows with ease through the seasons with a lucid narrative. Although the seasons are connected, the plot does not appear to be redundant and each season narrates a new development, which comes with a brand new surprise. A list of episodes is given below so that the viewer better understands the content. 

Season 1: 12 episodes

Season 2: 16 episodes

Season 3: 16 episodes

Season 4: 16 episodes

Season 5: 16 episodes

Season 6: 16 episodes

Season 7: 16 episodes

Season 8: 16 episodes

Season 9: 10 episodes

Why did Suits end so abruptly?

Suits, which was considered one of the best law-related shows online, had to be canceled abruptly after the seventh season.

When the creators were asked why they decided to end things so suddenly, they mentioned that Meghan Markle’s sudden departure due to her marriage with Prince Harry was the reason. Following that, even Patrick didn’t want to return to the show.

With two of their primary cast out of the show, there was no point in re-negotiating the other casts’ contracts and they thought that it would be better to simply cancel the show and wrap things up instead of going forward.


With an IMDb rating of 8.4, Suits does not require any more affirmations for deserving a watch. A tale of friendship, empathy, success, and failure blended with romance and love, Suits seem to show it all. The play of fate and irony in the lives of these characters dwelling in a fictional city of New York has the potential to grab the attention of the audience till the final season. All the seasons of Suits can be streamed on Netflix. 

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1. Where was Suits filmed?

The series was filmed in Downsview Park Studios, Toronto.

2. Does the show have a spin-off?

Yes, the show has a spin-off named Pearson.

3. Is Meghan Markle cast in the show?

Yes, Meghan Markle played the role of Rachel Zane.

4. Is Suits Based on a true story?

Although Suits is promoted as a fictional story, there seems to be a lot more to it than what meets the eye. It is believed that the majority of the show’s plotline is inspired by showrunner Aaron Korsh’s life. So, don’t be surprised if you get a glimpse into a lot of unwritten truth via the show.

5. What season does Mike leave Suits?

Patrick J Adams, who played the character of Mike Ross in Suits played for 100 episodes in the show, following which he finally decided to leave in the seventh season. His character exited the show following getting married to Rachel Zane, the character played by Meghan Markle.

6. Why did Suits get canceled?

There are no confirmed insights as to why Suits was canceled officially. However, most of the viewer’s believe it has something to do with the contracts and the lack of good production. However, we’d never know for sure.

7. Is Suits worth the hype?

If you haven’t watched Suits yet, we’d recommend you go ahead and watch it. The show, despite being so hyped is worth the watch. The characters and the plotline are very immersive and will keep you hooked from the start till the end.

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