Index of Dark Season 1 To 3 (Plot, Cast, Reviews & All Episodes)

Index of Dark
Index of Dark

The past few years have seen a rampant rise in the levels of science fiction thrillers across the world. From premium quality plotline to twisted endings, these TV series have introduced a whole lot of dimension in the entertainment phase that wasn’t there before.

Netflix’s Dark is one of those series that has managed to catch the attention of the users and keep them hooked. The only issue? People aren’t sure whether they understand the plot of the show yet. This science supernatural web series has managed to mould the audience’s attention, leaving them scratching their heads, trying to figure out what the next plot of the show will unravel.

Dark debuted on Netflix in 2017 and since then, the show has 3 successful seasons and a total of 26 episodes, each one a little more complicated than the previous one. The final season of the show was released on June 27, 2020.

Ever since its release, the show has acclaimed a lot of praise and critical acclamation from the audience across the globe. If you have been planning to watch the show, we’d recommend scrolling through to get an idea about the show.

What is the plot of Dark?

Let us begin by saying that you are going to time travel with this web series because that is what entails the main premise of the show.

However, the plot of the web series follows the sudden disappearance of children from the German town of Winden. As things start to unravel, broken relationships, double lives, and dark pasts of four families in the town are brought to the foreground. The entire story is spaced across four generations in these four families in the town.

The first season of the show starts in the year 2019 but soon finds itself time travelling back to 1986 and 1953. And, one of the other characters from the centrally focused families in the show is the one who times travel through the wormhole that they find inside a cave in Winden. The first season sets a premise for the complications that surround the four families – Kahnwald, Nielsen, Doppler, and Tiedemann.

The second season of the show is where things start to dig a little deeper. The second season takes the audience to the years of 1987 and 1954 where a few of the family members reunite but not in ways people would expect them to. There are also a few parts of the plot that unravel way back in 1921 and then in the future years of 2053. The second season is where things head towards an apocalypse.

The third and the grand finale season of the show is where the audience gets all the answers. The plot in the third season follows four different years – 1954, 1987, 2020, and 2053 and introduces a parallel world that is associated with the very first season. The last season is where the audience gets all their answers, finds hidden loopholes in the plotlines, and finally makes connections that they didn’t expect in the first place.

Who is cast in Dark?

Since Dark is a German TV series, the show has a heavy indulgence of the popular German actors. You might know a few faces and some might be completely new for you. Some of the primary cast in the show include:

  • Jonas Gerzabek
  • Loui Hofmann
  • Andreas Pietschmann
  • Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
  • Ella Lee
  • Maja Schone
  • Lena Urzendowsky
  • Anne Ratte-Polle
  • Angela Winkler
  • Florian Panzner
  • Luna Arwen Krüger
  • Lisa Vicari
  • Nina Kronjäger
  • Barbara Nüsse
  • Moritz Jahn
  • Wolfram Koch
  • Daan Lennard Liebrenz
  • Sebastian Rudolph
  • Ludger Bökelmann
  • Oliver Masucci

These are just some of the primary casts in the show. The list is pretty long and includes others too.

Is Dark appropriate for a 13-year-old?

For those who have yet to watch Dark and have been wondering if the mystery-thriller plot of the show is suitable for a 13-year-old or not, the answer is no. As twisted as the plot of the show is, it is primarily intended for a mature audience, which means that it isn’t suitable for 13-year-olds, irrespective of how mature they are.

One of the main reasons why it is not suitable for younger teens is due to the plotline. It involves themes surrounding kidnapping and murder, which might be triggering for children that don’t have any idea how to handle such topics. Some scenes delve into torture as well, which isn’t intended for children.

Is Dark worth watching on Netflix?

When you Google, “Is Dark worth watching,” you are bound to be hit with mixed reviews. Things are a lot complicated to understand in the show. 

And, given that each of the three seasons is interconnected, you’d need to spend a good amount of your time watching the individual episodes before you go ahead and understand the intent behind the show. Things can get pretty confusing pretty fast, so you’d need to watch every episode, every move in the show carefully.

Is it worth the watch? We’d say a 100% yes.

Index of Dark Season 1 To 3

Index of Dark
Index of Dark

With the basic cast and the plot out of the way, this is the part where we discuss the available episodes on the show. Let us break them down with ease season.

Season 1

Episode 1 – Secrets

Episode 2 – Lies

Episode 3 – Past and Present

Episode 4 – Double Lives

Episode 5 – Truths

Episode 6 – Sic Mundus Creatus Est

Episode 7 – Crossroads

Episode 8 – As You Sow, so You Shall Reap

Episode 9 – Everything Is Now

Episode 10 – Alpha and Omega

Season 2

Episode 1 – Beginnings and Endings

Episode 2 – Dark Matter

Episode 3 – Ghosts

Episode 4 – The Travelers

Episode 5 – Lost and Found

Episode 6 – An Endless Cycle

Episode 7 – The White Devil

Episode 8 – Endings and Beginnings

Season 3

Episode 1 – Deja-Vu

Episode 2 – The Survivors

Episode 3 – Adam and Eve

Episode 4 – The Origin

Episode 5 – Life and Death

Episode 6 – Light and Shadow

Episode 7 – In Between Time

Episode 8 – Paradise

Is the Dark series difficult to understand?

Most of the viewers that have watched Dark from the first till the end have said that it’s not as complicated of a series as many make it out to be. But, there is a catch. You have to binge it from start to finish in a short period.

If you start one season and then forget about it and watch the second season a month later, you are bound to forget certain elements and get confused.

Some parts of the show don’t unveil until you reach the later episodes, so if something isn’t making sense now, be assured that it will start to make sense eventually the more you watch the series.


If you are willing to sit back and have your brain’s wiring twisted and pulled with an invigorate plot, we’d recommend giving this a go. The show does demand constant attention because the moment you don’t pay attention is when you lose the plot. With so many different types of twists and turns along the way, it isn’t surprising that the show has managed to bring around a lot of twists along the way.

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1. Is Dark based on a true story?

Unfortunately, no. The plot of the show is completely fictional, which goes to show that you can expect a lot of interesting twists in life if time travel existed (or does?)

2. Is Dark scary?

One thing that the directors of Dark have managed to achieve is making the show a balance of everything. You have thrilling elements and then you have moments of horror and darkness. So, yes, there are times where you will be left recoiled in the corner of your room while watching the show.

3. Does Dark get less confusing?

One common misconception that people have about Dark is thinking that the show is complicated. While it’s true that it brings in elements of complexities, the show isn’t as confusing as it seems. You just have to be vigilant and careful remembering the plot throughout the seasons.

4. Is Dark season 4 coming?

Many of the viewers believe that Dark ends with the third season. However, since there is no official confirmation about the show’s cancellation yet, the audience is still on the lookout for more, if something happens down the road.

5. Are there 3 worlds in Dark?

If you are confused about watching Dark, let us confirm that there are three worlds in the show. You have Jonah’s world, Martha’s world, and the last is Genesis’s world. You do have to watch every episode in chronological order to grasp the concept and understand what’s happening.

6. Was Dark supposed to be 3 seasons?

Dark released its first season in 2017. It is a German web series, available on Netflix for global streaming. The show, albeit with an unconventional storyline, gained a lot of popularity and ended up getting renewed for the next two seasons. The show went on until 2020 when the third season was released.

7. Are all seasons of Dark connected?

The seasons of Dark are connected by the unique 33-year cycle. There is a lot that you need to unfold in the show and it is quite complicated to unfold, so we’d recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for even the slightest shifts.

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