Index of Big Bang Theory – Know all About the Seasons and Episodes

Big Bang Theory

Genius prodigy is hands down one of the most common traits when it comes to web series. And, if there’s one web series that paved the way for that trope, it has to be Big Bang Theory. The series became so popular eventually that the makes had to go down and make a prologue to the show, Young Sheldon.

For those who aren’t aware, Big Bang Theory is a popular romance-comedy TV show that kickstarted back in 2006 and has been a popular show ever since. The show revolves around the life of the protagonist, Dr. Sheldon Cooper but soon discovers how four socially different companions – Sheldon, Howard, Leonard and Raj take on the world. 

The pilot episode of the show was released in 2006 and since then, the show has had 12 seasons since its inception. If you have been meaning to watch this show, you are just in the right place, mainly because we have all the details sorted out for you about the show’s seasons and the amazing range of available links to the show.

The Big Bang Theory – Plot

If you are one of those people who like to read the plot before starting to watch the show, you are just in the right spot. However, if you are one of those people that don’t enjoy getting their plot ruined, you’d want to skip out of this section.

The first season of the show starts with the introduction of Dr. Leonard Hofstadter and Dr. Sheldon Cooper, who make a non-fruitful run down to the high IQ sperm bank. However, after returning to their home, they both discover that Penny, who is a hopeful entertainer, is their new neighbor that lives across the hall.

Right after meeting, Leonard finds himself intrigued by Penny and wants to pursue her further. Sheldon, on the other hand, thinks that as a complete waste of time and that Leonard should not be getting into the same. However, Leonard and Sheldon soon invite Penny over to their house for Indian food. Penny, who has recently moved asks Leonard and Sheldon if she could use their shower since hers isn’t working.

While Penny steps out of the shower, freshly showered and wrapped in a towel, Penny crosses paths with Howard Wolowitz, who is a wannabe womanizer. Howard hits on Penny. She further meets Rajesh Koothrapalli, who is extremely afraid at the sight of women and goes numb and mute at their sight.

However, while Leonard tries to pursue Penny and get to know her better, things take a tumble when they cross paths with Penny’s ex, Kurt. After a bad turn of events, Penny takes out the guys for supper to apologize for the mess that’s created. Their fellowship ensues from there.

Things happen and unfurl with each episode as the season’s progress. In one episode in the show, Sheldon and Leonard drop off a crate of furniture that was delivered for Penny. However, as soon as Sheldon steps into Penny’s condo, he becomes distressed seeing the sight of her condo. While Sheldon leaves out, with a thought of Penny’s condo, he soon returns and sneakily enters inside the condo to clean things out.

However, Penny finds out about Leonard and Sheldon being inside her house and becomes livid and accuses them of saying they shouldn’t be there. In the row that they have with each other, all of them find Raj in the hallway and Penny narrates everything that has happened. However, in a complete turn of events, Penny ends up embracing Raj and Leonard after hearing their side of the story and their reasoning.

The coming seasons of the show, up until Season 12 then unfurl the blossoming friendship among them all and how things progress as their friendship grows and they express newfound ways of being different and being friends.

All the seasons bring out a new theme to the dynamics of the characters and ensure that you get to witness a new edge to the characters and how they grow individual as people and even together as a group.

If you have been meaning to watch the Big Bang Theory, this is the basic plot that you won’t regret binge-watching from the get-go.

Main Cast and Characters

The cast and characters in the Big Bang Theory have been pretty consistent from the very first season, so it isn’t surprising that the fans have gotten attached to not just the fictional characters but also the actors portraying the roles.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the cast and characters that you will find on The Big Bang Theory:

  • Johnny Galecki
  • Jim Parsons
  • Kaley Cuoco
  • Simon Helberg
  • Kunal Nayyar
  • Sara Gilbert
  • Melissa Rauch
  • Mayim Bialik
  • Kevin Sussman
  • Laura Spencer

There are a few other support crew and characters that have made a guest appearance on the show throughout the 12 seasons that the fans have binged watched.

Big Bang Theory Production Details

The show was produced by Chuck Lorre Productions and Warner Bros. Television. In 2009, CBS announced that the show is renewed for a third and fourth season. The same year, the show won the best comedy series TCA award.

The third season of the sitcom was released in September 2009, and soon became the highest-rated show on the CBS network.

In 2011, it was reported that CBS is extending the show for additional three years. Both the cast and crew members believed that the show has the potential to run for 200+ episodes.

In 2014, the creators of the show confirmed the renewal of the eighth season. Later, they extended the show through its tenth season. The cast members were excited to be a part of the sitcom. They said that they would work in the show as long as it lasts.

In March 2017, the CBS network renewed the show for two more seasons, after the completion of season 10. It was later confirmed that season 12 will be the last and final chapter of the show. This decision came after Jim Parsons quit the show.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular shows on the CBS network.

Index of the Big Bang Theory

If you have been meaning to watch the Big Bang theory, we are pretty sure this is what you have been on the lookout for. Ideally, we’d recommend that you keep up with all the seasons and watch them in chronological order so you don’t miss out on important elements in the show. 

Following is the Index of Big Bang Theory with details about the seasons and the episodes involved:

  • Season 1 – 17 episodes
  • Season 2 – 23 episodes
  • Season 3 – 23 episodes
  • Season 4 – 24 episodes
  • Season 5 – 24 episodes
  • Season 6 – 24 episodes
  • Season 7 – 24 episodes
  • Season 8 – 24 episodes
  • Season 9 – 24 episodes
  • Season 10 – 24 episodes
  • Season 11 – 24 episodes
  • Season 12 – 24 episodes

The Big Bang Theory started in September 2007 and run till September 2018, completing the show with Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his wife, Dr. Amy Cooper winning a Nobel Prize for one of their discoveries.

Is the Big Bang Theory series finished?

Big Bang Theory finally wrapped up after 12 seasons and 279 episodes. When you come to think of it, that’s a lot of episodes for an American sitcom. However, the uniqueness of the plot and the fast-paced nature of the show somehow resonated with the audience and the viewership remained constant and grew with each season.

However, following the 12th season, the creators wanted to end the show and shift their focus to Young Sheldon, which is more like a prequel to Big Bang Theory and takes you through Young Sheldon Cooper’s life and how he came to be.

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1. Is the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon the same?

Young Sheldon explains the life of Dr. Sheldon Cooper when he was a mere child. The show goes back and forth between young Sheldon’s lives, how he has been a genius prodigy from a very young age till his journey to becoming a scientist. The Big Bang Theory is about adult Sheldon and his friends.

2. Where can I watch Big Bang Theory?

Big Bang Theory is available for online streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix where you can stream the show and binge watch without any hassle.

3. Is there a new season of Big Bang Theory coming?

Big Bang Theory ended after 12 seasons in 2018. Ever since then, there have been no further reports about the show renewing for a new season. However, you never know what’s in the card for the future.

4. Where can I watch all seasons of Big Bang theory?

Big Bang Theory is available globally across multiple streaming platforms. However, all the streaming platforms where the show is available are subscription-based, so you need to have an active subscription to be able to watch them. Some of the platforms include HBO Max, Spectrum TV, Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, etc.

5. Is Sheldon Autistic?

The creators of the show have mentioned in multiple interviews that Sheldon is not autistic, despite his amazing abilities. He is just a genius protégé that’s out of every normal functioning human’s understanding.

6. In what episode does Sheldon meet Amy?

If you are wondering in which episode Sheldon meets Amy for the first time, it is The Lunar Excitation, which is the 23rd episode in Season 3. This is the episode where Sheldon’s friends Rajesh and Howard find Amy through an online dating website and set things up with Sheldon.

7. How much IQ does Sheldon have?

According to the show, Sheldon’s character has an IQ of 187, which is considered a genius-level IQ and something quite rare. Reports also say that Leonard’s and Sheldon’s IQ combine up to 360 and since Leonard’s IQ is 173, it is believed Sheldon’s is 187.

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Big Bang Theory is hands down one of the most popular American TV shows to date. If you want to make the most out of your viewing experience, we’d highly recommend you indulge in the same without any further thoughts. Sort out the seasons you want to watch from the Index we have sorted out for you. Each season does have 20+ episodes, so you are most likely in for a treat.