Index of Pretty Little Liars: A Dark World of Hidden Lies and Vengeance

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is an American teen drama that intends to tell the story of five friends who go through some unforeseen events that impel them to think about their past and the dark little secrets that they hold. The producers of Gossip Girl have yet again done their magic on the screen with a story that resembles the plot of the former series but with more thrill, mystery, and truth to unravel. The television series involves the dark world of crime with a soul-stirring plot and a thrilling mystery stalker. 

The series is a brainchild of I. Marlene King and was launched on ABC Family in June 2010. The series is the first of the Pretty Little Liars franchise. It falls under the genre of teenage drama with the setting of a crime thriller. The series has an all-around appeal as it poses a perfect blend of friendship, love, romance, crime, and mystery. 

Pretty Little Liars sets the tone for the series by beginning with the sermon that one should not believe pretty faces that hold dark secrets. The television show tells the story of five teenage girls who share a bond of friendship along with dark secrets. The series explores the illusions of life and relationships that confound us. Moreover, the secrets that we hide from our loved ones to gain their trust and the lies that lead to tragic outcomes are what essentially the show narrates. 

The show entails the lives of five teenagers and the way they see the world. Their little clubhouse meetings about every random thing happening around them let the viewer connect immediately with their teenage days. Their obsession with the opposite gender and casual intimacies run throughout the seasons adding to its juice. Unlike other crime thrillers, the series has a romantic angle too. One should certainly watch Pretty Little Liars because the art of lying with such pretty faces deserves to applaud. 

The Plot of Pretty Little Liars

The plot of the series turns out to be the hero of the show. Undoubtedly, the cast does a remarkable job in making all the characters come to life. However, without the stimulating plot that the show has, it would not go anywhere. The storyline has a shape-shifting ability, which makes it more appealing. This means that the plot initially begins as an ordinary teenage drama exploring the moral conflicts and dilemmas that all adolescents go through and by the time the audience settles down with the set tone, a tragedy occurs which leads the plot to shift its shape and become a crime thriller. Furthermore, the seasons reveal the plot to be a detective drama set in the tone of a thriller mystery. 

The plot revolves around the lives of five high school-going girls Spencer, Alison, Aria, Hanna, and Emily. They are so-called best friends and pretend to share everything. Hell breaks loose when the gang leader goes missing leaving the troop in darkness and doubt. Next, the group meets again after a year when they are harassed by an anonymous person named A. The initial guesses and apprehensions lead the audience to believe that a vengeful Alison has returned for her share of secrets. However, soon the dead body of Alison is retrieved by the police, which makes the girls fear an unknown intruder in their lives who threatens to know it all. 

The following seasons reveal the secret identities of many characters unravel many bitter truths and lead the girls into a thrilling journey of finding out who A is. The seasons possess a lucid narrative with a connected plot that revolves around the suppressed feelings and the buried truths that drive the four girls’ lives. It is one of the best thriller crimes that glues the viewer to his or her seat till the end. 

Who is the biggest A in Pretty Little Liars?

Before we proceed to explain more about Biggest A in the show, Pretty Little Liars, kindly refrain from reading if you don’t want spoilers.

In the television series “Pretty Little Liars,” the identity of the biggest “A” is ultimately revealed to be Charlotte DiLaurentis, also known as CeCe Drake or Charles DiLaurentis. Charlotte was initially introduced as a character named CeCe Drake, who had connections to the main characters and was revealed to be Alison DiLaurentis’ older sister. 

However, it is later revealed that CeCe Drake and Charles DiLaurentis are the same person. Charlotte/CeCe took over the “A” game from Mona Vanderwaal after Mona’s time in Radley Sanitarium. 

How Pretty Little Liars ended?

If you want to know about the show’s ending, it ends with Aria thinking that Ezra stood her up. However, once the truth about the disappearance or delay is revealed, the two reconcile and they eventually get married.

Later, Aria reveals to her friends that following their marriage, they are planning to go through the route of adoption. On the side, Alison and Emily also celebrate and rejoice in their life alongside their two beautiful daughters. They are also appointed in their jobs at Rosewood High School.

The Cast of Pretty Little Liars

This enigmatic television series runs for seven seasons. Although the plot of the series stands out, the cast does a remarkable job of portraying the story on screen. The show has an ensemble closely knit cast that has kept the story going throughout the seasons. The names of the actors who starred in this famous television series have been provided as follows.

  • Troian Bellisario
  • Ashley Benson
  • Holly Marie Combs
  • Lucy Hale
  • Ian Harding
  • Bianca Lawson
  • Laura Leighton
  • Chad Lowe
  • Shay Mitchell
  • Nia Peeples
  • Sasha Pieterse
  • Tyler Blackburn
  • Janel Parrish
  • Andrea Parker

Index of Pretty Little Liars Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 [ All Episodes]

The show was aired for seven seasons with one hundred and sixty episodes in total. The series could generate a loyal set of audience who helped the show get strong ratings throughout the seasons. Though the series is based on human vices and the way it ruins relationships, the end of this epic show marks the triumph of friendship and family over everything. A detailed list of episodes has been provided for the viewer to better understand the content. 

Season 1: 22 episodes

Season 2: 25 episodes

Season 3: 24 episodes

Season 4: 24 episodes

Season 5: 25 episodes

Season 6: 20 episodes

Season 7: 20 episodes

Who are the 4 main girls in Pretty Little Liars?

If you like high school clique-based storylines, Pretty Little Liars is a show that is bound to leave you in awe. The show is quite interesting and the four main characters in the show are Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, and Emily Fields.

However, the storyline follows the break of their clique, which primarily happens when their “queen bee” Alison DiLaurentis disappears out of thin air. The adventurous and thrilling plot of this series is what has made it gain the kind of popularity that it has, even to this day.


With an IMDb rating of 7.4, the show does not require any more validation to conclude that it deserves a watch. It is full of entertainment packed with drama, crime, and romance set in a thrilling tone. Moreover, the unique and spectacular plot is what sets the series apart from the rest. The identity of the mysterious A is something that keeps the audience waiting for a nail-biting climax right through the episodes till the final one in the seventh season. So, do not just keep brainstorming about A, go and watch the show on Amazon Prime Video.

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1. Where was Pretty Little Liars filmed?

The series was filmed at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank.

2. Is the show set in a novel?

Yes, the show is based on a novel series penned by Sara Shepard.

3. Is there a sequel to Pretty Little Liars?

Yes, there is a sequel to the show named Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

4. How can I watch Pretty Little Liars in India?

There are multiple networks and streaming platforms in India that are currently streaming Pretty Little Liars. If you want to watch it with the best UI and viewing experience, we’d recommend streaming it on Netflix for an effortless user experience.

5. Is there A season 2 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?

Netflix has confirmed that Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin will be returned with a second season. Even the news has been confirmed and released in an article by Variety that you can read at your comfort. In short, if you have been waiting for a new season, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Is Pretty Little Liars a kids show?

Pretty Little Liars is a drama series, which is not necessarily a kid’s show. There are certain themes and plotlines in the show, which might require adult supervision, so if your kids are watching, we’d recommend keeping an eye out for that.

7. Why did Netflix remove Pretty Little Liars?

Alongside Pretty Little Liars, even Friends was removed from Netflix, following their deal with Warner Bros. This led to HBO Max having sole rights over the shows and their streaming. 

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