Index of Iron Fist: A Superhero in Rising

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is one of the rare television series that intends to throw light upon different aspects of the elite society and how a boy growing up in such a society meets with an unforeseen fate that sets him on a quest to find his real identity. The show poses a unique blend of spirituality, mysticism, and kung-fu with a modern age drama. Iron Fist takes the viewer through the illusion of pomp and glory and slams him or her into a world of tai chi in which all that matters is the truth. 

Iron Fist character Danny Rand is a popular character of Marvel Comics and was produced by Marvel Television with the association partner being ABC Studios. The series was launched in March 2017. 

The series covers multiple genres of drama, action, and superhero fiction. One of the remarkable elements that the show has to offer is the details with which Kung-fu has been painted in the story. Moreover, the sheer brilliance with which the director has portrayed the relevance of ancient martial art with day-to-day life is beautiful.

Viewers who love action as much as they love drama with an extra topping of mysticism and superhero fiction should certainly keep Iron Fist on their bucket list. 

The plot of Iron Fist

It is often heard that superheroes are born not made. However, Iron Fist the television series depicts the story of a character who thrives on a completely antagonistic idea. It is a story about the journey of a common boy belonging to an imprudent and extravagant family. The journey of a boy becoming a man through unprecedented circumstances till he is forced to find his real identity as a human being. 

The plot of the television series revolves around Danny Rand the son of a wealthy entrepreneur who goes missing after a family accident. He loses his parents in the accident and eventually ends up in the mystical land of Kun-Lun. His journey from a child to an adult observes many challenges. However, Rand emerges victorious. He learns Kung-Fu and even develops the unnatural power of an iron fist. Next, he sets out to avenge his parents’ death and reclaim his family’s legacy. Gradually, he recognizes his duty towards society and becomes a hero in the making.

The show had two seasons before Netflix cancelled it due to poor viewership. However, both the seasons are packed with dark secrets and unravelling of mysteries. The series possesses an honest attempt at making one of the famous Marvel Comics characters come to life. Viewers should go for this superhero fiction. Although Finn Jones has received negative feedback for the portrayal of Iron Fist, it is the negative feedback that has helped the show soar high in ratings.

The Cast of Iron Fist

The cast of this popular American show comprises some well-known names. Iron Fist features an ensemble cast. Here are the names of the actors who have been cast in the series.

  • Finn Jones
  • Jessica Henwick
  • Tom Pelphrey
  • Jessica Stroup
  • Ramon Rodriguez
  • Sacha Dhawan
  • Rosario Dawson
  • David Wenham
  • Simone Missick
  • Alice Eve

Index of the Iron Fist Season 1 & 2 [All Episodes]

Despite the critical reviews received by Iron Fist, the show was able to have an average rating when it was aired. It has an IMDb rating of 6.9 and still counts among one of the significant series of the Marvel Universe. The storyline of Superhero fiction has an all-around appeal and glues its audience to their seat. The action-packed drama has only two seasons with 23 episodes. The list of episodes has been provided to give the viewer more insight into the show.

Iron Fist Season 1

Episode 1: Snow Gives Way

Episode 2: Shadow Hawk Takes Flight

Episode 3: Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch

Episode 4: Eight Diagram Dragon Palm

Episode 5: Under Leaf Pluck Lotus

Episode 6: Immortal Emerges From Cave

Episode 7: Felling Tree With Roots

Episode 8: The Blessing of Many Fractures

Episode 9: The Mistress of All Agonies

Episode 10: Black Tiger Steals Heart

Episode 11: Lead Horse Back to Stable

Episode 12: Bar the Big Boss

Episode 13: Dragon Plays With Fire

Iron Fist Season 2

Episode 1: The Fury of Iron Fist

Episode 2: The City’s Not for Burning

Episode 3: This Deadly Secret

Episode 4: Target: Iron Fist

Episode 5: Heart of the Dragon

Episode 6: The Dragon Dies at Dawn

Episode 7: Morning of the Mindstorm

Episode 8: Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance

Episode 9: War Without End

Episode 10: A Duel of Iron


Iron Fist is one of the rare Marvel Comics productions that has received critical feedback. Moreover, a major chunk of the movie buffs has provided negative feedback for Finn Jones portraying the character of Danny Rand. However, these setbacks have not been enough to reduce the viewership of the show. It can also be assumed that it is because of this negative criticism that the show was able to touch a larger spectrum of audience. On a different note, Iron Fist has a strong storyline and a stronger cast. Though the plot does not completely match with the Marvel Comics story, the script produces a gripping effect on the audience. The show beautifully entails the story of a lost man with nothing but a conscience. It also does not fail to capture the inner conflicts that each one of us goes through when we face choices in life. So, do not clench your fist after missing the show, watch Iron Fist on Netflix now.

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1. Where was Iron Fist filmed?

Iron Fist was filmed in New York City.

2. How many Iron Fists have been there till Danny Rand?

It is believed that there has been a lineage of Iron Fists. Danny Rand is the 66th Iron Fist.

3. What is the name of the trainer who taught Danny Rand Kung-Fu?

The name of the trainer who was responsible for imparting Kung-Fu training to Danny is Lei Kung.

4. Is Iron Fist a hero?

Iron Fist is considered one of the few heroes that are still alive in 2099. He is termed the “Defender of the Streets” and is responsible for training and leading a group of artists that specialize in martial arts. 

5. How much powerful is Iron Fist?

If you are yet to watch the show and you are confused about the progression of the character, we’d recommend that you be aware of the character’s spiritual journey that helps augment his speed to superhuman levels. He can take down a hundred feet tall monster in no time.

6. Does Iron Fist have superpowers?

When Iron Fist focuses his energy on his fist, he can amplify the said force and make the most out of the situation. He is also integrated with fire destructive blasts and has healing abilities to help people recover from different injuries and illnesses.

7. Is it worth watching Iron Fist?

Iron Fist is quite a rare television series that not many people are aware of. If you are sitting there wondering whether or not the show is worth the time, we’d 100% recommend you give this a watch, especially if you are into action, avengers, and those concepts.

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