‘Riverdale’ Season 5 Release Date Along With Global Release Schedule

‘Riverdale’ Season 5

Fans of Riverdale are eagerly waiting for the fifth season of their favorite series. Season 5 of Riverdale will be released quite later than previous seasons. This article will give you details about the global release schedule of Riverdale in different regions. Though Netflix has got season 5 of Riverdale, it will be released on different dates according to different regions in the world. 

After the release of Riverdale Season 4, it earned its name in the list of US Top 10 Netflix series. In countries like Canada, UK, Australia, India, Germany, Netherlands, and France Riverdale has been featured in the top 10 Netflix list. 

What is the reason for the delay in Riverdale season 5? 

‘Riverdale’ Season 5

Apart from its regular October release, Riverdale has been pushed far in its release schedule on The CW. This is due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, season 4 also featured comparatively lesser episodes than its previous seasons. 

Season 5 began filming in August 2020. The production of the series got halted in between due to the pandemic. As per The CW, Riverdale is scheduled to be back by January 2021. 

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Netflix will release Riverdale after it gets premiered in the US on The CW. 

So, we can expect it to release by January 2021. 

The new episodes will be telecasted in the US on every Wednesday before it arrives on Netflix the next morning around 8 a.m. 

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When is the release of Riverdale Season 5 on Netflix US? 

The US should wait a little longer for Riverdale season 5, as season 4 came to Netflix just around a week after the season’s finale happened in May 2020. 

As the release has been delayed to three months, the US will have a delayed release either by September 2021 or a month before by August. 

You do not have to worry much as Riverdale will sure have its Netflix release and stay there for a long time. It will not be removed from the platform.

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Season 5 Exclusive Detail

In Season 5, fans can expect Drew Ray Tanner to feature for a long time and Erinn Westbrook who had featured in Glee will be seen as a new cast member in season 5.

If you are done watching Riverdale, check out Netflix’s rom-com series Emily in Paris. It will take you on a tour around Paris.

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