The Legend Of Hanuman Web Series (Index, Cast, Reviews, All Episodes & Other Details)

The Legend Of Hanuman Web Series

We have all grown up listening to the heroic tales of Hanuman. Many of us have also watched the animated adaptation of these mythological tales. But Disney+ Hotstar surprised everyone with the release of the mythological series, The Legend of Hanuman.

It was a surprising moment for Disney+ Hotstar viewers when they launched the trailer of The Legend of Hanuman on 20th January 2021. The trailer bagged a lot of positive reviews both from the critics and viewers. From the storyline to the quality of animation, everything is on point.

The Legend of Hanuman is a 13-episode epic saga focused on Hanuman’s journey of self-discovery, which is narrated by actor Sharad Kelkar. To know more about the series, give this post a read.

The Legend of Hanuman (Review)

The Legend Of Hanuman Web Series


The Legend of Hanuman is the perfect combination of stunning visuals, powerful storytelling, and easy-to-understand language. This 13-episode Hanuman saga focuses on the unseen story of Lord Hanuman which makes it an ideal family series.

The trailer was released on 20th January 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar, which was well-received by the audience as well as the critics. The series premiered on Disney+ Hotstar VIP in seven different Indian languages.

Over the years, we have been introduced to several Hanuman movies and animated shows. With every Lord Hanuman tale, we realise his loyalty, bravery, devotion, and strength. These heroic tales are loved by billions of people across the world.

Although we have seen enough Hanuman shows and movies, none of them have ever showcased the extraordinary journey of self-discovery of Hanuman. Disney+ Hotstar has amazed everyone with its unique storyline and breath-taking visuals.

The Legend Of Hanuman is created by Jeevan J. Kang, Sharad Devarajan, and Charuvi P. Singhal. For the first time, the audience will get to see the story of Hanuman and how he fights his guilt, dilemmas, and self-doubt until he discovers the inner power to become God.

This inspiring story of Lord Hanuman has been brought to life with excellent visuals that will leave everyone amazed. This 13-episode Hanuman saga features a large number of characters, cultures, demons, wars, lost cities, and many other elements.

The series is made in 3D animation of the best quality seen in India. This epic Hanuman saga is ideal for people of all age groups. It is the amalgamation of a gripping storyline and stunning visuals. The story will be narrated by actor Sharad Kelkar.

Index of The Legend Of Hanuman

No of Episode Name of Episode
Episode 1 The Legend Begins Watch Now
Episode 2 The Monkey King Watch Now
Episode 3 Kishkindha Bound Watch Now
Episode 4 The Promise Watch Now
Episode 5 Spirits of the Forest Watch Now
Episode 6 Darkness Rises Watch Now
Episode 7 The yaksha king Watch Now
Episode 8 Enter the void Watch Now
Episode 9 The cave Watch Now
Episode 10 Indras Curse Watch Now
Episode 11 Sampati Rises Watch Now
Episode 12 The mango and the sun Watch Now
Episode 13 Forgotten Truths Watch Now

The Legend of Hanuman Storyline

The Legend of Hanuman is focused on the extraordinary journey of self-discovery of Lord Hanuman. This is the story of a humble vanara who has to awake to embrace his true wisdom and power. The series showcases the journey of Hanuman from a vanara to God.

The universe is engulfed with darkness and it all depends on the hands of a young hero. Hanuman’s power was taken from him when he was just a child and now he must set out on a journey of self-discovery. The story shows how Hanuman battles his guilt, dilemma, and self-doubt to find his true self. He must discover the divinity locked inside him.

Hanuman’s journey will take through a vast world of demons, cultures, lost cities, and several forest beings. He will meet different characters, both good and bad. He must also overcome all the challenges on his way.

The Legend of Hanuman is an adventure story of Lord Hanuman along with his companions. This story of Hanuman will inspire the audience like never before. The series is recently released on Disney+ Hotstar.

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The Legend of Hanuman Voice Cast List

The Legend of Hanuman is an animated web series released by Disney+ Hotstar. That being said, now let’s get to know the actors who lend their voice to The Legend of Hanuman characters.

1. Sharad Kelkar as the Narrator

Sharad Kelkar as the Narrator

Sharad Kelkar is a popular Marathi and Hindi actor who has recently gained a lot of fame after his appearance in the Bollywood movie Laxmii. His other notable work includes Saat Phere: Saloni ka Safar. He will also be seen in the upcoming series The Family Man season 2. Not just that, but he is also making his Tamil debut in Ayalaan.

2. Damandeep Singh Baggan as Hanuman

If you watched the popular cartoon show, The Adventures of Tenali Raman, then the voice of Hanuman will sound familiar to you. Damandeep Singh Bagga is a professional voice artist who has dubbed in several Indian and Hollywood movies before he signed a contract with Hotstar. Some of his best works include Pokemon, The Last Airbender, and the Batman the Animated Series.

3. Sanket Mhatre as Lord Ram

Sanket Mhatre is a very talented voice artist who has been dubbed in various Hollywood production films, especially animated ones. He joined the Legend of Hanuman series as Lord Ram. His best work to date is Ben 10, which is an animated series. He voiced the character of Ben Tennyson from 2008 to 2014 in Ben 10. Besides, that he has also been dubbed in movies such as Iron Man: Armoured Adventures, The Witcher, and The Clone Wars.

4. Vikrant Chaturvedi as Surgiv

Vikrant Chaturvedi is a popular face in the Hindi TV industry. His notable work is Albus Dumbledore in the Hindi dubbed version of the Harry Potter series. In the Legend of Hanuman, he has voiced the character of Surgiv. In the past, he has been dubbed in many hit movies including Avatar, Fantastic Four, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Where can you watch The Legend of Hanuman?

The Legend of Hanuman is released on 29th January 2021. It is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar in seven Indian languages. This includes Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam. To watch this 13-episode series, you need to subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar VIP. If you already have the subscription, you can start streaming it right away.

Is The Legend of Hanuman a Worthy Watch?

With so many different animated shows online, if you want to learn about mythology and watch an animated series that’s homegrown, we’d 100% suggest you give this a watch. The show is very fast-paced, which is great because you won’t feel like the storyline is being dragged out unnecessarily.

Additionally, nothing about the show is fabricated or exaggerated. Everything that’s portrayed has been done with extreme subtlety, which is hands down one of the main reasons why it has gained so much traction in such less time. 

If you want to watch something light-hearted without any complications, this is a worthy watch.

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Final Words

The Legend of Hanuman is an epic saga of 13 episodes. It is based on the journey of self-discovery of Lord Hanuman. With stunning visuals and a gripping storyline, this is a must watch for everyone. It is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.