Index of Peaky Blinders Seasons 1 To 5 [Plot & Cast]: Here’s What We Everything about the British TV series, Peaky Blinders

Index of Peaky Blinders

Possibly Cillian Murphy’s best performance in a TV series, Peaky Blinders is more than just the British Aristocracy and the thrill behind each episode. Available on Netflix, the show is one of the most viewed series on the platform, reeling in hundreds and thousands of viewers from across the globe.

This British period crime drama, created by Steven Knight is set against the backdrop of Birmingham, England, and follows the life of the Shelby crime family that brought along following the First World War. One unique thing about the show is the fact that the plot is heavily inspired by an urban youth gang under the same name who were active during the periods between the late 1890s and the early 2000s.

The series includes a pretty diverse and heavily popular cast in the show, including big names like Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, and Paul Anderson in the lead roles. The show initially aired on BBC Two for the first three seasons, following which it was moved to BBC One for the fourth and fifth season. As for the streaming partner, the show is available on Netflix for you to binge-watch.

What is the Plot of Peaky Blinders?

A fair reminder that if you don’t want the plot or premise of the show spoiled for you, we’d recommend skipping this part and moving onto the next part of the article to get an idea about the cast and the index of the episodes.

The plot of the series follows the life of Thomas or Tommy Shelby who forms a unit named Peaky Blinders following the conflict of 1919. With the help of his team members, Shelby acquires his hands on a range of weapons from the native arms manufacturing unit.

Following finding the issue, Winston Churchill appoints Inspector Campbell to visit Tommy and get all the arms back safely. However, upon investigation, Campbell soon finds out that Shelby was a former sergeant main, leaving him shocked.

Knowing about the discourse that has happened, Aunt Polly constantly urges Tommy to hand over the weapons to the authority instead of keeping them with him. However, Tommy has a firm belief that these weapons would come to benefit him.

Later, Tommy, Arthur, and John meet up to look for a horse for the race at Lees. When they reach there, The Lees insult the Peaky Blinders, leading to discourse and fight happening in the situation. In a separate situation, Freddie and Ada handle to flee, however, Freddie has to go away. Before doing so, Freddie and Ada marry each other and Aunty Polly gives them enough money to take off.

While Tommy tries to keep all the weapons a secret to ensure it is well concealed, news breaks out, and soon the secret is put out by the IRA members. When Grace overhears the agents talking about attacking Tommy to retrieve the weapons, she gets herself in between and gets attacked by one of the officers.

Who is Cast in the Peaky Blinders?

As we said before, the cast of Peaky Blinders is extremely impressive, especially because they have managed to bring in some of the most notable names in the British and Hollywood film fraternity. Here’s who is included in the primary cast in the television series.

  • Cillian Murphy
  • Sam Neill
  • Helen McCrory
  • Paul Anderson
  • Sophie Rundle
  • Ned Dennehy
  • Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Alfie Evans Meese
  • Harry Kirton
  • Joe Cole
  • Annabelle Wallis
  • Andy Nyman
  • Richard McCabe
  • Neil Maskell
  • Charlie Creed-Miles
  • Iddo Goldberg
  • Tommy Flanagan
  • Packy Lee
  • Tom Hardy
  • Finn Cole
  • Charlotte Riley
  • Noah Taylor
  • Paddy Considine and many more

Can a 12-year-old watch Peaky Blinders?

Watching Peaky Blinders comes with a lot of unwarranted ups and downs along the show that isn’t suitable for children to engage in. If you are wondering if your children would fare well watching the show, we’d recommend avoiding it altogether.

Although the storyline of the show is indeed pretty promising and the premise of the show is fairly engaging, we can’t deny the fact that it comes with a lot of brutal scenes and violence that isn’t ideal for kids to watch, even under adult supervision. There are gore-related scenes involving stabbing, impalements, etc., which can be traumatic for a 12-year-old.

Is Thomas Shelby Based on a true story?

The storyline of Peaky Blinders has raised a lot of eyebrows, leaving people wondering if the show is influenced by real-life characters. 

The main character of the show, Thomas Shelby, is reportedly inspired by Thomas Gilbert, who also used the alias, Kevin Mooney. He was one of the most renowned names in the gang culture back in the day. So, when it comes to depicting whether or not the storyline of Peaky Blinders is inspired by actual people, we’d have to say that the answer is yes. 

Index of Peaky Blinders Seasons 1 To 5 [All Episodes]

Index of Peaky Blinders
Index of Peaky Blinders

If you have yet to watch the show, be prepared because the series has five seasons that are available on Netflix and the sixth season is going to be released pretty soon as well. So, before the release, you can end up streaming all the remaining episodes without any hassle.

The first three seasons consists of normal episodes with no specific name for the individual episodes. It is only in the fourth and fifth seasons that the individual episodes came with a title.

Season 1

Number of episodes – 6

Season 2

Number of episodes – 6

Season 3

Number of episodes – 6

Season 4

Episode 1 – The Noose
Episode 2 – Heathens
Episode 3 – Blackbird
Episode 4 – Dangerous
Episode 5 – The Duel
Episode 6 – The Company

Season 5

Episode 1 – Black Tuesday
Episode 2 – Black Cats
Episode 3 – Strategy
Episode 4 – The Loop
Episode 5 – The Shock
Episode 6 – Mr. Jones

For season 6 of the show, it was officially confirmed that the cast and crew had started filming in January 2021. However, the fandom was badly hit with news on April 16, 2021, when the death of Helen McCrory was announced after her battle with cancer. Since then, there hasn’t been an official release date confirmed yet for season 6.


If you are fond of thrillers and mystery with a crime in the mix, this British series is just what you need to binge-watch for entertainment. Cillian shines through with the character of Shelby from the get-go. Also, despite the plot of the show seems very simple and minimal, you’d be surprised at the twists and premise that the plot brings in.

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1. Is Peaky Blinders available on Amazon Prime?

No, Peaky Blinders is exclusively available for international streaming on Netflix, if you are outside of the U.K. All the five seasons of the show with six episodes each are available only on Netflix.

2. Is Peaky Blinders a true story?

Although the overall plot of the story is fictional and is written with the creative spice of the writer, there are urban legends that do depict the possible presence of a character similar to Thomas Shelby back in the days that inspired the series.

3. Will there be a Season 6 of Peaky Blinders?

Yes, season 6 of the series is expected to be released by the end of 2021. However, nothing is set in stone yet.

4. Can a 16-year-old watch Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders is not suitable for kids at all if that’s something you are focused on. If you aren’t above the age of 18, we’d recommend that you avoid watching this show altogether. It’s not worth the trauma and scarring since some of the scenes are quite rough and daunting.

5. Is any of Peaky Blinders true?

The entire story of Peaky Blinders is fictional and is roughly inspired by the Peaky Blinders gang and historical Birmingham, England. The actual stories and plot don’t relate to what happened in or with the gang. If you want a more realistic representation, we’d recommend checking out Carl Chinn’s The Real Peaky Blinders.

6. Which season of Peaky Blinders is best?

With the kind of positive reception that Peaky Blinders has gotten over the years, it is tough to pinpoint which exactly is the best season. Each season up until the end manages to grasp the attention of the viewers, which is quite tough in today’s date.

7. Is Peaky Blinders a horror?

Peaky Blinders is more of a period drama than a horror movie. However, as the show is progressing, some of the individual episodes do end up including elements of horror and gore that might freak you out a little.

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