Index of How I Met Your Mother [Cast & Plot]: Everything you need to Know about the American Sitcom

Index of How I Met Your Mother

Finding a good quality sitcom that blends in elements and themes of comedy, romance, and thrill all in one can be a little difficult. Don’t worry though because the popular American sitcom, How I met Your Mother is just what you need to watch to spruce up your boring days. The show follows the life of Ted Mosby and is spaced in the year 2030 wherein he narrates to his children the years between 2005 to 2013 when they met their mother and how it happened.

The plot of the sitcom is loosely based around the lives of Thomas and Bay and the friendship that they shared at the time. The entire sitcom contains 208 episodes in total, which means that you have a lot to binge-watch while you are at it.

Although the show received a wide range of positive reviews from the viewers after the launch of the first season, things soon escalated and took a turn for mixed reviews with negative comments as the seasons progressed. However, the negative or mixed reviews didn’t affect the overall viewership of the show, which was pretty impressive, to say the least.

What is the plot of How I met your Mother?

The plot of the sitcom, as mentioned, follows the life of Ted Mosby, who narrates to his two children the way he and their mother met, hence the title. The current Ted Mosby and his family are based in New York in the year 2030, so you get to witness a lot of flashbacks along the ride, which is extremely fun to binge-watch.

The initial season starts with a 27-year-old Ted Mosby and the backdrop is of 2005. However, the initial episodes focus on Ted’s single lifestyle along with his friends. However, he lives a happy life with his friends, all of their lives pretty much entwined with one another’s. 

The first few seasons take you through the character developments and the ups and downs that the characters experience along the way, especially involving the relationships. 

The flashbacks then move back to the present time where Ted is narrating the story to his son and daughter, Luke and Penny. The show takes through the present, future, and past scenarios along the way trying to depict different instances and situations from different people’s points of view.

However, Ted tries to keep the narration extremely PG and clean, trying to ensure that his children only get access to the best of the memories that their parents shared. So, he keeps the talks about illicit drugs, sex, and partying in check. 

The worst part of this American sitcom is the fact that while Ted tries to encompass the entire show surrounding meeting his wife, the character isn’t introduced until the eighth season. Later in the season finale, it is revealed that the “mother’s” name is Tracy McConnell. 

The entire premise and subjective of this show were to bring forth the beautiful ride through Ted’s life before he ended up meeting the love of his life and his children’s mother.

Who is cast in How I met your Mother?

If this is your first time watching the show, you’d be surprised as to how new the cast was back in the days. There were some known actors but the majority of the cast included some pretty new names that are now big names in the Hollywood fraternity.

Some of the primary cast of the show include:

  • Josh Radner
  • Jason Segel
  • Cobie Smulders
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Alyson Hannigan
  • Christin Millioti
  • Bob Saget

Index of How I Met Your Mother

Index of How I Met Your Mother

Since this is an American sitcom that aired back in the early 2000s, it isn’t surprising that they didn’t have individual titles for each episode. So, we are going to break down each season into the number of episodes that are available in them so it’s easier for you to watch them in order.

Season 1 

  • Number of episodes – 22

Season 2 

  • Number of episodes – 22

Season 3 

  • Number of episodes – 20

Season 4 

  • Number of episodes – 24

Season 5 

  • Number of episodes – 24

Season 6 

  • Number of episodes – 24

Season 7 

  • Number of episodes – 24

Season 8 

  • Number of episodes – 24

Season 9

  • Number of episodes – 24

Why is How I Met Your Mother so famous?

It is not every day that you come across shows that are fun but at the same time include emotional elements that make it a worthy watch. It has a very unique storytelling format, witty humor, and relatable characters that the audience resonated with.

The show resonated with a broad audience due to its relatable themes of friendship, love, and the ups and downs of adulthood. Memorable catchphrases, running gags, and iconic characters like Barney Stinson contributed to its popularity.

Overall, it is one of those comfort shows that you simply can’t get enough of. So, there’s no wonder it’s so popular.


How I met your Mother is what you label a classic American sitcom to be. It is your feel-good show that you watch when you want to uplift your mood and just have a relaxed day in. Unlike most of the other ones available, the best thing about this show is how versatile the plot is. It isn’t the same old and boring show that most people know the ending of. So, make sure that you watch it according to your needs.

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1. Does Barney die in How I met your Mother?

Many people have mixed opinions about Barney and have been extremely upset when there were reports that his character was going to die. However, that didn’t happen but something equally tragic did when Barney and Robin got divorced and he ended up having a kid with someone else. No one saw it coming.

2. How did Tracy Mosby die in How I met your Mother?

Although there isn’t much information about Tracy and her presence throughout the show, the character’s death was due to an unnamed illness in the show. It happened in the ninth season of the show, or the finale, as you’d like to call it.

3. Who was the highest-paid actor in How I met your Mother?

The highest-paid actor in the show was Harris since he was a pivotal character and a driving force behind the growing popularity of the show. He got a whopping $400,000 per episode by the final season of the show, which was crazy.

4. How do I watch How I met your Mother?

Since this is a pretty popular show, it is sometimes available on a few of the cable channels. However, if you want to stream online, the sitcom is available on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Is How I Met Your Father And Mother Connected?

If you haven’t watched How I met Your Mother, being confused about this question is normal. But, to answer your question, yes, both shows are connected. How I Met Your Father, which currently airs on Hulu is set in 2022 around nine years after the end of How I Met Your Mother.

6. Who does Ted end up with?

If you were rooting for Ted throughout How I met your Mother, you’d be happy to know that he ends up finding love by the end of the show in someone called Tracy McConnell. They met at a train station, hit off pretty much immediately, and got engaged a year later.

7. Did How I Met Your Mother end badly?

The ending of How I Met Your Mother was potentially one of the most disappointing. It led to a lot of outrage among the audience because it seemed forced and very much to please the audience. We don’t want to spoil too much.

8. Do I need to Watch How I met your Mother to Understand How I met your Father?

We’d recommend watching HIMYM if you want to know the characters better before watching HIMYF. You will otherwise be confused.

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