Breaking Bad Season 1 to 5 (Plot, Cast & Index of All Episodes): Here’s What We Know about the Non-Western Crime Drama so Far

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Crime dramas are a guilty pleasure for several people and if you are hooked watching those, we’d recommend giving Breaking Bad a try. Following the release of five successful seasons, the show has managed to reel in a whole lot of audience and positive reviews, making it one of the tops watched shows on Netflix.

One great thing about this non-Western crime drama series is how few people expect things to take a turn for the 180 and that is exactly what happens along the way. Each episode brings in a twist of fate that no one would have expected along the way. The show is set in the backdrop of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and narrates the life of Walter White.

Ever since the release of the first season of the show, the audience has been pretty positive about the premise, claiming that the show does have a promising end to it. Throughout the first three seasons, the show gained a moderate number of viewers, allowing it to be renewed for the fourth and fifth consecutive seasons too.

It was the last two seasons of the show, especially the final season that groped in all the audience from across the globe, making it one of the most viewed TV series internationally. It was only in the fourth season that the show was made available on Netflix, seeing a sudden rise in viewership.

If you are here looking through the index of Breaking Bad, we are sure that you want to know more about the series and the episodes available.

What is the plot of Breaking Bad?

If you haven’t watched the series yet and want to go in and have a clear watching experience with no spoilers, we’d recommend you scroll down to the Index portion of the show. However, if you are one of those viewers that enjoy watching shows after reading through the premise, feel free.

The story follows the life of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher. He leads his life with struggles after being diagnosed with a type of inoperable lung cancer. During a ride-along with his brother, Hank Schrader, a DEA agent, White crosses paths with one of his former students, Jesse, who was found fleeing the meth lab.

Following that initial encounter, White decides to confront and meet Jesse to devise and hatch a plan to sell methamphetamine to companies. He tells Jesse that he would be the one curating it and Jesse could use his connections to get them delivered to the companies in need.

Walter soon finds himself experiencing the side effects of producing meth, especially with his battles with cancer and the over piling medical bills. Despite the issues, Walter decides to keep doing what he’s doing to Jesse.

However, Season 2 is where all hell breaks loose and one of Walter’s accomplices and friend, Badger gets arrested after being caught in a sting operation. Walter then appoints Saul Goodman, a renowned lawyer for Badger to get him out of the situation he is stuck in.

As the season progresses, the levels of crime increase, and new characters are introduced as well. However, the final season of the show witnessed a sharp peak in viewership when strains and hostility take their course between Jesse and Walter’s professional relationship.

Who is cast in Breaking Bad?

The cast of Breaking Bad is pretty diverse, offering the limelight to a range of old and new faces that you will love watching along the five seasons. Here’s what the primary cast of the show looks like:

  • Bryan Cranston
  • Anna Gunn
  • Aaron Paul
  • Dean Norris
  • Betsy Brandt
  • RJ Mitte
  • Bob Odenkirk
  • Giancarlo Esposito
  • Jonathan Banks
  • Laura Fraser
  • Jesse Plemons

Is season 5 of Breaking Bad the best?

The finale of anything is often the most anticipated and ends up being the best part of the cake if you call it such. So, when it comes to the fifth and final season of the show and whether or not it was the best, the answer is yes.

The creators of the show have ventured into a very foreign territory with the fifth season, focusing on DEA as well as the Neo-Nazis, which enhances the overall plotline for the better. If you are looking to watch something entirely new and different, we’d 100% recommend this show.

Which is the highest-rated episode of Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad is one of the absolute best television series that you will get to watch. Not once but the show has managed to break records an infinite number of times with each episode that has aired. If you are meaning to watch the show and have been confused about how to get around things, we’d recommend that you keep track of the highest-rated episodes.

One that deserves a special mention in the list is Ozymandias, which is the highest-rated episode on the show until now. The dramatic storytelling is nothing short of amazing.

Index of Breaking Bad

As we have said from the beginning, Breaking Bad has five seasons, all of which are available on Netflix for you to stream and watch. Here we will be breaking down all the available episodes with hopes that you find something valuable for yourself in the process.

Season 1

Episode 1 – Pilot

Episode 2 – The Cat’s in the Bag

Episode 3 – And the Bag’s in the River

Episode 4 – Cancer Man

Episode 5 – Gray Matter

Episode 6 – Crazy Handful of Nothin’

Episode 7 – A No rough stuff type of deal

Season 2

Episode 1 – Seven Thirty-Seven

Episode 2 – Grilled

Episode 3 – Bit by a Dead Bee

Episode 4 – Down

Episode 5 – Breakage

Episode 6 – Peekaboo

Episode 7 – Negro y Azul

Episode 8 – Better Call Saul

Episode 9 – 4 days Out

Episode 10 – Over

Episode 11 – Mandala

Episode 12 – Phoenix

Episode 13 – ABQ

Season 3

Episode 1 – No Mas

Episode 2 – Caballo Sin Nombre

Episode 3 – I.F.T

Episode 4 – Green Light

Episode 5 – Mas

Episode 6 – Sunset

Episode 7 – One Minute

Episode 8 – I See You

Episode 9 – Kafkaesque

Episode 10 – Fly

Episode 11 – Abiquiu

Episode 12 – Half Measures

Episode 13 – Full Measure

Season 4

Episode 1 – Box Cutter

Episode 2 – Thirty-Eight Snub

Episode 3 – Open House

Episode 4 – Bullet Points

Episode 5 – Shot gun

Episode 6 – Cornered

Episode 7 – Problem Dog

Episode 8 – Hermanos

Episode 9 – Bug

Episode 10 – Salud

Episode 11 – Crawl Space

Episode 12 – End Times

Episode 13 – Face Off

Season 5

Episode 1 – Live Free or Die

Episode 2 – Madrigal

Episode 3 – Hazard Pay

Episode 4 – Fifty One

Episode 5 – Dead Freight

Episode 6 – Buyout

Episode 7 – Say My Name

Episode 8 – Gliding Over All

Episode 9 – Blood Money

Episode 10 – Buried

Episode 11 – Confessions

Episode 12 – Rabid Dog

Episode 13 – To’hajiilee

Episode 14 – Ozymandias

Episode 15 – Granite State

Episode 16 – Feline

Why is Breaking Bad so famous?

There is no shortage of crime and drama series on the internet. Almost all the streaming platforms that you can think of have a crime drama series. However, among them, Breaking Bad manages to break through the shackles and for the right reasons.

Firstly, the plot is immaculate. You can’t fault the plot of the show at all. It is unique and not something that you have watched elsewhere. Besides that, the character development that you get to explore with each season is another thing that makes it stand out. The humanization of each character is marvelous and a worthy watch.


If you are into watching crime series and shows, Breaking Bad is a worthy option that you can binge-watch. Also, since the show is complete, you wouldn’t have to await for a new season to find out what’s next.

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1. Is Breaking Bad 18+?

Yes, Breaking Bad is titled as an 18+ shows, which is mainly because of the elements of Violence and Gore that it binds in the plotline.

2. Why was Breaking Bad Cancelled?

Breaking bad was cancelled after airing five seasons because the producers and directors of the show felt like the story was dragging out unnecessarily. While there are audiences who wanted the show to have another season, Season 5 was declared as the last one for the show, which was pretty disappointing.

3. Why did Walt kill Mike in Breaking Bad?

Walter had to kill Mike to protect themselves and their identity mainly because he knew that Mike’s men in jail would flip. He was well aware that it was Mike that was prohibiting them from getting the success they wanted.

4. Why is breaking bad season 5 split?

When asked, Vincent Gilligan reported that the reason why Breaking Bad Season 5 was split was that he wanted people to be able to focus on the show and have more time to watch the final episodes with a lot of conviction.

5. Is season 5 of Breaking Bad good?

People who are avid fans of Breaking Bad have reported that this is one of the few web series that has managed to stay consistent with the storyline and the plot. Even the fifth season has blown people’s minds and features an all-consuming storytelling experience.

6. What is the best Breaking Bad season?

Although it is difficult to pinpoint which season of Breaking Bad is worth the watch or the best, we’d recommend watching the show from the start till the end. Most viewers suggest that the second half of the fifth season is the best one so far.

7. Is Breaking Bad the best series ever?

Without being biased, Breaking Bad is undoubtedly one of the best series available, if not the best. From the acting to the storyline, everything about this show is worth the watch. The plot twists at the end of each season are nerve wracking, to say the least.

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