Index of Westworld – Season 1 to 3 (Episodes, Cast, Reviews and FAQ)

Index of Westworld – Season 1 to 3

Science is often considered a curse and a boon. While some are thankful for its advancements, we are also aware of the negative connotations of it. Westworld is a web series that highlights the dangerous liaisons of technology and how it has taken over humans. 

This 2020 American sci-fi web series has gained immense popularity and specific critical acclamation. It is one of those series that goes beyond the realms of basic science and fiction and taps into war and destruction.

If you have been meaning to watch the series, here’s a quick rundown of every last detail you’d possibly need to know of.

Quick Fact Check

Index of Westworld

  • Number of seasons – 3
  • Number of episodes – 28
  • Directed by – Jonathan Nolan
  • Running period – 2016-20
  • Release date – October 02, 2016
  • IMDb Rating – 8.7

Primary Cast and Characters

  • Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy

  • Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay

Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay

  • James Marsden as Theodore “Teddy” Flood

James Marsden as Theodore “Teddy” Flood

  • Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe

  • Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Armistice

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Armistice

  • Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs

Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs

  • Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore

Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore

  • Sidse Babett Knudsen as Theresa Cullen

Sidse Babett Knudsen as Theresa Cullen

  • Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton

Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton

  • Shannon Woodward as Elsie Hughes

Shannon Woodward as Elsie Hughes

  • Angela Sarafyan as Clementine Pennyfeather

Angela Sarafyan as Clementine Pennyfeather

Why is Westworld famous?

When you look up “HBO’s most-watched original series,” Westworld’s first season is what comes up as the answer. Now, this goes to show that the series is one of the most popular in the lot, and for all the right reasons.

Wondering why the show has gained so much traction is a pretty justified reaction. Ideally, it’s a combination of factors. The viewers report that the show’s growth is all thanks to the performances of the cast, the visuals, and also the soundtrack of the show. 

Overall, Westworld is one of those series that leaves you intrigued right from the first episode, so there’s no wonder why it’s so popular.

Will Netflix pick up Westworld?

One of the most common misconceptions that people have regarding Westworld is its native streaming rights.

Westworld is an HBO-exclusive series, which means that the network has the show’s streaming rights at this point. So, if you wish to watch Westworld, you’d need to do so via HBO only.

Netflix doesn’t own any rights to the show’s streaming, which suggests why you can’t watch the show on the said platform. At present, besides HBO in the U.S., Westworld is available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

Index of Westworld Series (Season 1 To Season 3)

Index of Westworld Season 1

Index of Westworld Season 1

The first season of the series consists of 10 episodes, introducing the pivotal characters one after the other.

Name of The Episode Availability
Episode 1 The Original Check Now
Episode 2 Chestnut Check Now
Episode 3 The Stray Check Now
Episode 4 Dissonance Theory Check Now
Episode 5 Contrapasso Check Now
Episode 6 The Adversary Check Now
Episode 7 Trompe L’Oeil Check Now
Episode 8 Trace Decay Check Now
Episode 9 The Well-Tempered Clavier Check Now
Episode 10 The Bicameral Mind Check Now


Episode 1 – The Original

The first episode of the series introduces Teddy and Dolores as a couple on the Android theme part named Westworld. The partners are suddenly attacked by the Man in Black. With the sudden change to the theme of the game, the developers try to trace what is wrong with the host. In quest of finding the issue, Dr. Ford commands writing codes that have the hosts vanquished. In the meanwhile, things take a turn for the worse with the hosts and characters.

Episode 2 – Chestnut

The second episode introduces the characters of Logan and William who enter Westworld as guests. Even with persistent reluctance, William finds himself feeling infatuated with Dolores and developing feelings for her. The developers are consistently trying to find whether Dolores she was tampering or being tampered with. They later find that her association with Maeve was the cause behind the issues. Meanwhile, Man in Black kidnaps Lawrence trying to get the location of the maze.

Episode 3 – The Stray

Dr. Ford takes control of Teddy’s narrative and changes it. Later, he also takes it on him to inform Bernard about his former partner, Arnold, and the ill fate he sustained. Following gaining the knowledge, Bernard starts to consistently worry about Dolores and how it would negatively affect her, to which Dolores reassures him and stays in the loop. She later finds herself in a situation where she is attacked by a group of men who try to take advantage of her. Even though she picks up the gun in her self-defense, she is unable to shoot unless she imagines them as the Man in Black. She experiences rapid flashbacks of events.

Episode 4 – Dissonance Theory

The fourth episode follows Logan who goes out on a Bounty Hunt with William, consistently teasing him about having Dolores as a company. When they get hold of a fugitive, Logan decides to take things even more seriously and decides to present him to the boss. Parallelly, Man in Black, who had held Lawrence captive kept on hunting snakes and crossed paths with Armistice. In the meantime after rescuing Escaton from prison, they gradually rescue Teddy on their way back. Maeve also starts having premonitions and flashbacks to Armistice and Escaton attacking the city and realises that she has a bullet lodged in her belly.

Episode 5 – Contrapasso

With all the confusion that takes place, Hughes gets the information that whatever is happening inside the park is illegally being relayed to third-party people. Upon getting the information, he relays the same to Bernard. In the meantime, Man in Black kills Lawrence and transfuses Teddy with his blood. Dr. Ford on the other end tries to reassure Teddy that he would be able to step out of the maze and helps charge him back to full strength.

Episode 6 – The Adversary

The sixth episode of the season lodges quite a lot of confusion but introduces the Union Army post. The soldiers in the post recognise Teddy as one of Wyatt’s accomplices who was responsible for the killing of thousands. On the other end, news breaks out that Dr. Ford is harbouring a group of hosts that he has kept hidden from everyone else. Theresa also breaks her ties with Bernard. Meanwhile, when Elsie starts to look through the reasons behind the glitches and changes, she realises that Theresa is the one to blame.

Episode 7 – Trompe L’Oeil

The seventh episode of the series unveils the true culprits in the form of Theresa and Hale. They were the ones consistently conspiring against Ford trying to steal his work and then kick him out of the park. They even drag their stories and their plans to a point where they explain how Ford’s consistent reveries make the hosts extremely destructive and hostile.

Episode 8 – Trace Decay

In a way to leave fewer suspects, Bernard takes on Ford’s baits and fakes Theresa’s death as an accident. When Bernard starts getting flashbacks of killing Elsie, Ford has no other way but to wipe out Bernard’s memories once and for all. These sudden decisions plants seeds of suspicion in Stubb’s mind, making him question Ford’s behavior this who time. In the meantime, Felix incorporates a special power in Maeve that allows her to control other hosts.

Episode 9 – The Well-Tempered Clavier

The ninth episode starts with Maeve trying to somehow convince Bernard to let her in back into the part, saying that she is a host. Once in, she crosses path with Escaton, with whose help she tries to escape the park. Bernard becomes aware of the consistent game that Ford had been playing and demands he restore his lost memory. When things don’t go as planned, Bernard tries to kill Ford but he somehow manages to flee the backdoor of the code.

Episode 10 – The Bicameral Mind

The last episode of the first season brings back the character of Man in Black. He is seen using consistent force and intimidation, trying to bring information out of Dolores, especially trying to find out Wyatt’s location. During the altercation, she gets a flashback about being commanded by Arnold to kill him and realis es she is Wyatt. Realising the situation, she flees from the spot and escapes with Teddy to a beach away from the boundaries of the park.


Index Of Westworld Season 2

Index Of Westworld Season 2

The second season of the series also has 10 episodes.

Name of The Episode Availability
Episode 1 Journey Into Night Check Now
Episode 2 Reunion Check Now
Episode 3 Virtu e Fortuna Check Now
Episode 4 The Riddle of the Sphinx Check Now
Episode 5 Akane No Mai Check Now
Episode 6 Phase Space Check Now
Episode 7 Les Ecorches Check Now
Episode 8 Kiksuya Check Now
Episode 9 Vanishing Point Check Now
Episode 10 The Passenger Check Now


Episode 1 – Journey into Night

Following the last episode of season one, the second season’s first episode follows the character of Bernard and Charlotte, where they secure their place and try to further hunt down Peter Abernathy. On the other hand, Dolores is on a hunt for the survivalists. She confesses to Teddy that the malfunctioning in her programming led to her waging a war.

Episode 2 – Reunion

Dolores tries to regain her footing and marks her territory on a refurbishment outpost. In the meanwhile, she also works with Teddy to teach him how things work as a host. To ensure better chances at winning and survival, she hires Confederados and declares that she currently is on the lookout for the Valley Beyond. It is this place that harbours a special weapon that could help her put an end to humanity.

Episode 3 – Virtu e Fortuna

The third episode of the second season follows Bernard and Charlotte, who are held captive by the Confederados. Dolores soon learns that Peter’s host had been malfunctioning and commands Bernard to immediately find the cause behind it. Upon further research, Bernard finds that Peter’s character is being tapped by a third-party entity that is keeping an eye on him.

Episode 4 – The Riddle of the Sphinx

Bernard, who doesn’t remember being unconscious, suddenly regains his consciousness and finds himself inside a cave. Upon further inspection of the cave, they come across a host programmed just like James Delos. The episode then marks a series of flashbacks of William and James trying to recreate the same.

Episode 5 – Akane No Mai

The fifth episode depicts back to Dolores who is in a position trying to figure out what to do with Teddy. Realising that Teddy is way too decent for the plans that she has hatched, Dolores decides that keeping Teddy would soon become a burden. So, she does the only thing she could, she has him reprogrammed against his wishes. 

Episode 6 – Phase Space

In a quest to find Peter, Dolores plans an even bigger war by using explosives for massive destruction. When Bernard and Elsie return to Mesa, they are crestfallen to find everything hijacked. Trying to save everything from falling into shambles, Bernard injects himself into Mesa.

Episode 7 – Les Ecorches

Following injecting him into the Cradle, Bernard crosses paths with Ford’s persona. In a later turn of events, Strand, Stubb, and Charlotte are shocked to find that Bernard has always been a host. With the new information, they decide to interrogate him. When Bernard starts restoring his memory, he realises that Westworld was all a plot to help mankind attain immortality.

Episode 8 – Kiksuya

The eighth episode reintroduces William into the score, who is thrown into the Ghost Nation Camp. When Emily arrives at the camp, she urges to let her take William without the need for revenge or such. When Maeve is taken for a diagnosis to find about her capabilities of handling hosts, everyone remains shocked when they realise that it’s Charlotte who was controlling everything.

Episode 9 – Vanishing Point

As weird as the name of the episode sounds, this is a very important episode in the entire series. It discloses the truth behind William’s mother, Juliet’s suicide. The episode compromises several flashbacks that walk you through a series of events that unveil the mistakes that William had done, forcing Juliet to commit suicide.

Episode 10 – The Passenger

The last episode leaves the audience with their mouth wide open when Dolores murders both Strands and Bernard. She then flees to the mainland and later recreates Bernard, with the hope that he might be able to help her destroy humanity once and for all.

Index of Westworld Season 3

Index of Westworld Season 3

The last season of the series consists of 8 episodes.

Name of The Episode Availability
Episode 1 Parce Domine Check Now
Episode 2 The Winter Line Check Now
Episode 3 The Absence of Field Check Now
Episode 4 The Mother of Exiles Check Now
Episode 5 Genre Check Now
Episode 6 Decoherence Check Now
Episode 7 Passed Pawn Check Now
Episode 8 Crisis Theory Check Now


Episode 1 – Parce Domine

The first episode of the last season takes on three months after the major massacre. Dolores tries to fake her identity with hopes to get close to Liam. Just as Dolores gets the information of Serac who made Rehoboam, the artificial intelligence version of Dolores is knocked out by Connells.

Episode 2 – The Winter Line

In a twisted turn of events, Bernard soon finds out that Ashley’s host is still alive. They gradually find Maeve’s host too but she lacked a pearl, making the process difficult. They also realise that even when Dolores again resurrected Bernard, she didn’t make any kind of changes to her existing code. Finding that, they start digging deeper into the same to find out more about the misplaced hosts.

Episode 3 – The Absence of Field

The episode starts with Charlotte’s host who finds out about Serac being the richest on the planet. She further realises that Serac was in a quest to take down Delos with moles, who was no one but the humanised form of Charlotte. 

Episode 4 – The Mother of Exiles

To ensure a better balance in the world, Charlotte tries to convince Serac to not buy Delos. When they arrange for a meeting with William, things take a turn for the worse when William consistently keeps getting flashbacks about Emily. In the meantime, Serac bribes Maeve to help her buy out Delos in exchange for building communication back with her daughter.

Episode 5 – Genre

The fifth episode gives a clear insight into why Rehoboam was formed in the first place. It takes several flashbacks via Serac. It is revealed that the main reason why this was built was to prevent everyone from destroying humanity. The place is skilled to find out the threats to humanity and collectively get rid of them.

Episode 6 – Decoherence

Using simulation, Maeve finds herself amidst World War. Serac, on the other hand, stays in the real world and tries to copy her body. She later finds about Dolores hosting herself in Connells and enquires what she plans with it. Dolores later realises that Maeve didn’t have any ill intentions but to gather allies and so poisons the board and steals all the data she had.

Episode 7 – Passed Pawn

The seventh episode depicts the face of the battle between Maeve and Dolores. Maeve tries to kill Dolores but, in the altercation, Dolores disables her. In the meantime, Bernard gets through Caleb’s true status. But with all that was happening, William finally comes to everyone’s rescue to free the world of the remaining host and save humanity.

Episode 8 – Crisis Theory

In the last episode of the show, Dolores has her memory completely wiped out by Serac. But, even in the last minutes, she tries to manipulate Maeve against Serac and kill him in the process. Caleb takes control and deletes Rehoboam once and for all and he and Maeve leave. In the meantime, Bernard meets Arnold’s wife and they bond over Charlie’s death.


Where to watch?

All the seasons and episodes of Westworld are available for you to watch on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch it here.

Why is Westworld rated 18?

Westworld is a sci-fi drama, which makes many people wonder why is the show 18+ rated. Well, even though it is a sci-fi drama, we can’t rule out the grim parts in the show and the fore and action involved as well.

Some of the scenes that are depicted throughout the different seasons of the show aren’t ideal for children or teenagers to watch. We also have sexual elements in the show, which isn’t suitable for kids under 18.

If you are watching the show with children who are over the age of 18, we’d still recommend that you practice caution.

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If you came to this article searching for a good sci-fi series to binge-watch this weekend, Westworld is hands down one of the best options. With the ongoing rumors surrounding the launch of the fourth season, things might likely be pushed to 2022 or even later, depending on situations around. But, with that said, the lack of a new season to pile up to the existing ones give you more time to watch the old seasons and binge-watch the episodes to familiarise yourself with the characters and the episodes before watching any new one.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Westworld

What is the main logline behind Westworld?

If the individual logline is not something you want to go through and spoil the fun, here is a quick rundown of the most important summary of the series. It depicts how human-grown technology can at one point become a threat to mankind. The characters of Arnold Weber and Robert Ford steal the show with their robots and how things take a turn for the worse.

Where can one watch Westworld?

Westworld is available on several streaming platforms including Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Hulu, and HBO.

Is there going to be another season of Westworld?

The fourth season of Westworld is likely suspense still as revealed by HBO. But, the channel also clarified that the fourth season of the series will not likely have a lot of episodes. There has been no further communication about the same.

Is Westworld a worthy series to watch?

If you are someone who enjoys themes of science fiction, then Westworld is just the show that you need to watch. Ever since the release of the first season, the show has pretty much managed to cement its position as one of the best shows around. The first two seasons are the most popular ones as compared to the third season, which witnessed a drop in ratings.

Is Westworld available on Netflix?

No, Westworld is not available on Netflix, even though many people claim that it is. The show is internationally available on HBO and Disney+ Hotstar in India. If you find the show illegally uploaded on the pirated websites, we’d recommend that you steer clear off of it.

Does Westworld have a fourth season?

Although there have been no official confirmations of the release date of the show, the fourth season is likely going to come sooner than one expects. Reports suggest that the fourth season could very well be released before 2022. At this point, we just have to wait and see how things unfold. 

Which is better – Dark or Westworld?

Since Westworld and Dark have pretty similar themes surrounding them, people have time and time drawn conclusions as to which one is a better watch. If we had to suggest, we’d recommend watching Westworld over Dark. The primary reason behind the same is because Dark has very limited themes and plot to the show. Westworld, on the other hand, explores a lot more and manages to keep the audience on the edge of their seat throughout.

Is Westworld confusing to watch?

If you are watching Westworld for the first time, you are going to be confused. There are no two ways about saying it but the things surrounding the show do get better once you start exploring and watching the other seasons.

Which season of Westworld is the best?

If you are considering binge-watching Westworld and have been contemplating and wondering which season of the show is the best amidst all the options, we’d recommend streaming Season 4. According to public reviews and statistics, Season 4 is undoubtedly the best one with the most votes.

Why was Westworld canceled?

Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed in one of their recent publications that Westworld has been officially canceled. This came as a shock to most of the avid viewers. However, the channel cited a decline in viewership as the primary reason why the show was canceled.

Is Westworld still worth watching?

Westworld has indeed experienced an early cancellation, which goes to show that the show might not be worth the while. However, we’d recommend that you go ahead and watch it either way because it’s well worth the time. 

Is Westworld season 5 confirmed?

HBO has canceled Westworld after four seasons. So, if you have been anticipating the release of Season 5, we have some bad news for you. That said, we’d recommend that you go and watch the first four seasons, especially the fourth season since it’s pretty amazing.

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