‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Release Date On Netflix & All You Need To Know About It

‘Raising Dion’ Season 2

As we all know, Raising Dion was one of the biggest debut shows of the year 2019. And, it was also one of unlikely hits of late 2019 if we consider the viewing stats for the show. 

And, now, 2nd season of Raising Dion is almost on its way. But, when will it be available on the Netflix? Well, that’s what we’re going to uncover in this article. And yeah, we’ll also uncover all the information that we’ve obtained from our sources regarding the upcoming season of Rasing Dion.

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However, before we proceed further, we’d like to explain tidbits of first season if you’ve missed it. Yeah, it’s a story based on a comic book named Raising Dion which was authored by Dennis Liu. Moreover, it’s a Netflix Original’s Superhero Drama series which is being praised by all superhero genre lovers.

Also, after an adaption into a short film back into 2015, it gained a lot of popularity throughout the internet. And, as the short film version gained decent amount of popularity among a massive audience, Netflix captured the opportunity and ordered the web series format of whole comic book. Yeah, it’s been produced and directed by the author itself and that’s the most amazing part about it.

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Raising Dion Season 2’s Renewal Status on Netflix

After few months of wait by audience and fans, Netflix announced that the show will return with another season. Also, it was first renewal of the year 2020 on Netflix which this show has been provided with.

What to Expect From Second Season of Raising Dion?

As first season has already been given with a suspense packed climax. Now, our young superhero might work towards finding a way for his dad’s return to home for making all the good. And yeah, in next season we’ll see cliffhanger as one of the enemies of our superhero Dion.

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As during first season, the lead role was not quiet familiar with his superhero abilities, in next season we might see him mastering all his powers. And, with experience from previous other superhero movies and shows we could clearly state that while trying to master his superhero abilities, he’s definitely gonna face a lot of challenges along the way. Yeah, what and how? That we’ll have to experience directly on the screen.

Moreover, if the story is stretched for four seasons then we might see both of our lead roles in younger version as well. Yeah, that’ll be a fun to watch them in younger version.

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What’s Current Production Status of Raising Dion Season 2?

According to our sources, due to the pandemic and advert situations throughout the globe, production of Raising Dion Season two was on hold for a long period. However, as of now it’s been started and from the beginning of January 2021, team is working hard to produce the show as soon as possible so that audience could experience the power and beauty of little hero on the screen without further wait.

We’ve also obtained that filming might get done within May 2021, and then all other activities to make the show a bit interesting from technical aspect as well might take place. Well, that might not take more than a month or two.

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What’s The Nearest Possible Date Of Release for Raising Dion 2?

Due to Covid-19, production was delayed and hence the release date too. But, with current pace of production and efforts from the team, now they’re expecting its launch on the end of 2021 if not in early 2022.