Index Of Narcos Season 1 To 3 (Seasons, Episode List and Star Cast)

Index Of Narcos Season 1 To 3

Pablo Escobar is not a new name, especially if you keep up with the world of mafia and guns. The man in Columbia was known for first introducing the rich to the world of cocaine. The man who made Columbia a drug hub in the world. But that is not what is he is known for. Escobar is known for his skills and strategies of continuing with his work right under the nose of the authorities.

Narcos is a drama TV series that encapsulates Escobar’s journey and gives you a living insight into the ways he made things possible. It depicts his rise to power and his expansion throughout the three seasons and 30 prolonged episodes.

The best part about this crime web series is the picturisation. The way the first two seasons take you through the rise of Escobar and the third depicts the downfall. But, even with the downfall, Escobar’s legacy has managed to thrive on, even to this day.

Quick Facts

  • Total Seasons – 3
  • Total Episodes – 30
  • Running Period – 2015-17
  • Release Date – August 29, 2015
  • Streaming on – Netflix
  • Directed by – José Padilha, Edward James Olmos, Michael Stahl-David
  • IMDb Rating – 8.8

Is Narcos Ok For 14-Year-Olds?

Like any other show airing or streaming on the internet, even Narcos comes with the warning that it isn’t for kids. The show depicts the historic origin of cocaine and the drug mafia lord, all of which comes with violence, murders, and a whole lot of gore.

What’s great about Narcos is the fact that it isn’t designed for children. It is targeted towards a more mature and adult audience who will know to watch the show with their best judgment. Now, coming to the relatability factor, Narcos is a highly realistic drama, which means that there are scenes, which depict what happened in Colombia and surrounding the life of the protagonist, Pablo Escobar.

Why did Narcos end?

Narcos gained a lot of traction, thanks to the realistic storyline and the character depiction and development. However, the end of the show did come as a shock to the audience, and for all the right reasons.

When the question was asked to co-creator Carlo Bernard regarding the show’s end in an interview, he exclaimed that the main reason behind the show’s end was because it “seemed natural.” They didn’t want to extend the show for the sake of it. 

Narcos Full Cast and Characters

  • Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar

  • Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy

Boyd Holbrook as Steve Murphy

  • Pedro Pascal as Javier Peña

Pedro Pascal as Javier Peña

  • Joanna Christie as Connie Murphy

Joanna Christie as Connie Murphy

  • Maurice Compte as Colonel Horacio Carrillo

Maurice Compte as Colonel Horacio Carrillo

  • André Mattos as Jorge Ochoa

André Mattos as Jorge Ochoa

  • Roberto Urbina as Fabio Ochoa

Roberto Urbina as Fabio Ochoa

  • Diego Cataño as Juan Diego “La Quica” Díaz

Diego Cataño as Juan Diego “La Quica” Díaz

  • Jorge A. Jimenez as Roberto “Poison” Ramos

Jorge A. Jimenez as Roberto “Poison” Ramos

  • Paulina Gaitán as Tata Escobar

Paulina Gaitán as Tata Escobar

  • Paulina García as Hermilda Gaviria

Paulina García as Hermilda Gaviria

  • Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Vélez

Stephanie Sigman as Valeria Vélez

  • Bruno Bichir as Fernando Duque

Bruno Bichir as Fernando Duque

And many more.


Index of Narcos – Season 1 to Season 3

While it is possible for us to give a logline for the individual episode, doing so completely dismantles the thrill and gives away the majority of the plot. Instead of delving into each episode, we are going to give you a quick rundown of a basic summary for each season of Narcos.

Index Of Narcos Season 1

Index Of Narcos Season 1
Index Of Narcos Season 1
Name of Episode Availability
Episode 1 Descenso Check Here
Episode 2 The Sword of Simón Bolívar Check Here
Episode 3 The Men of Always Check Here
Episode 4 The Palace in Flames Check Here
Episode 5 There Will Be a Future Check Here
Episode 6 Explosivos Check Here
Episode 7 You Will Cry Tears of Blood Check Here
Episode 8 La Gran Mentira Check Here
Episode 9 La Catedral Check Here
Episode 10 Despegue Check Here


The first season of Narcos is available on Netflix for online streaming and has 10 episodes in total.

The first season starts in 1992, depicting the start of Pablo Escobar’s journey into cocaine manufacturing in Columbia. It walks you through the string of events that happened in Columbia and how Escobar played a crucial role in it. 

But, the twist to the story is the narration. Instead of it being in Escobar’s narrative, it is shown from the perspective of DEA Agent Murphy, who was a leading character in the whole charade. The story depicts how much drastic changes happened in Columbia, a country that didn’t have any legal drugs or addictive materials in the beginning.

With so many changes, Escobar finds himself wired in the situation and gradually becomes a black marketer as well. It also shows Escobar’s and Mateo “Cockroach” Manero’s friendship and professional relationship who asks him if he’d be interested in joining the dealings with him.

The first season depicts their rise to power where Mateo was responsible for manufacturing cocaine and Escobar distributed it around. But, when the demands increased, the duo switched from their small lab to the expansion of their dreams. It results in unprecedented expansion.

But, soon after cocaine becoming more and more prominent in the U.S market, things get put on the police radar, which was responsible for a big chunk of the cash flow to Columbia. To further get a better understanding of things, Americans appoint DEA to directly visit Columbia and find the reason behind the issues.

The first season of the web series ends with Pablo fleeing from jail after being arrested.


Index Of Narcos Season 2

Index Of Narcos Season 2

  Name of Episode Availability
Episode 1 Free at Last Check Now
Episode 2 Cambalache Check Now
Episode 3 Our Man in Madrid Check Now
Episode 4 The Good, The Bad, and The Dead Check Now
Episode 5 The Enemies of My Enemy Check Now
Episode 6 Los Pepes Check Now
Episode 7 Deutschland 93 Check Now
Episode 8 Exit El Patrón Check Now
Episode 9 Nuestra Finca Check Now
Episode 10 Al Fin Cayó! Check Now


The second season also consists of 10 episodes and starts right where the first season ends. Even after fleeing, the soldiers cross paths with Pablo outside the La Cathedral jail but are too afraid to arrest him again because of his influence.

While he remained loyal to the cartel initially, things start taking a turn for the worse soon enough. He tries to override the cops by travelling in taxis instead of his vehicle. He became ruthless soon enough and tried to override everyone’s presence with money. Anyone who tried to disclose his identity was killed by him.

This sudden change in his behaviour led to conflicts and fights that Escobar didn’t realise were possible. He also gets into a fight with the Columbian police, both of them fighting ruthless battles consistently.

But, as his luck and karma would have it, things take a turn for the worse when every man he had previously exiled from his gang gets back and forms a mutiny against him to take him down. The mutiny was backed by a CIA-supported anti-communist parliamentary gang as well.

When two of Escobar’s cartels get caught, he sees defeat coming his way when they also turn against him. Taking his bodyguards along with him, Escobar flees before situations take a turn for an even worse.

When he tries to reconnect with his family to speak to them one last time, things take a worse turn and he is captured by the police instead. In an altercation, Pablo gets shot twice by the cops and is later executed as well.

Following the downfall, Escobar’s wife, Tata seeks immediate help from the cartel members to help her flee the country. But, even after Escobar’s death, the Cali cartel keeps taking on his legacy.


Index of Narcos Season 3

Index of Narcos Season 3

  Name of Episode Availability
Episode 1 The Kingpin Strategy Check Now
Episode 2 The Cali KGB Check Now
Episode 3 Follow the Money Check Now
Episode 4 Checkmate Check Now
Episode 5 MRO Check Now
Episode 6 Best Laid Plans Check Now
Episode 7 Sin Salida Check Now
Episode 8 Convivir Check Now
Episode 9 Todos Los Hombres del Presidente Check Now
Episode 10 Going Back to Cali Check Now


The last season of the series is the best one to date. Even after Escobar’s death, it depicts the Cali cartel’s dedication to him and how they kept carrying on his legacy. Even after his death, the business remains big, booming, and expanding.

Even with all these happenings, it creates a raging suspect in the DEA. The episode then carries on to introduce the character of Manuel De Dios Unane who investigates an explosion that happens in a lab. He crosses paths with Chepe who is later killed by Unane.

In the meanwhile, Feistl and Van Ness keep on with their investigations but get no possible leads. For a better understanding of situations, they raid the house Gilberto was renting out.

The entire third season is filled with backstabbing, unprecedented twists, and events that left the audience right on the edge of their seat.

The fourth season of Narcos is officially renewed. And, with the teaser released already, the season is going to hit the screens on November 16, 2020. So, if you want to watch the new season, we’d suggest you catch up on the previous seasons first.

Is Narcos OK for 14-year-olds?

We have heard about or read about the inception of the drug cartels in Colombia, so it isn’t like kids aren’t aware of what happens related to that.

However, we’d still not recommend Narcos for 14-year-old children since some of the scenes contain too much action and violence, which aren’t appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. The drama has been shot and portrayed very realistically to bring the truth to the people about what happened.

To bring that authenticity, there is a little too much truth to the plot and some of the scenes and episodes can be too triggering for children.



Narcos is more than just the mafia gangs, cartel life, betrayal, and drugs. The show depicts the pivotal characters’ rise to fame, strategies to skip cops, and things that happened in real life. It walks you through events that you otherwise wouldn’t have to know about. It depicts aside to this lifestyle of fights and wars that the ordinary people aren’t aware of. It is also quite an informative piece for individuals who are studying law and need good investigative pieces for their studies.



Is Narcos better than Narcos Mexico?

Even though there’s nothing that beats an original series, we’d suggest you watch Narcos instead. The latter focuses on Escobar and the cartel life more than the adjoining accessory people, which is what the show is all about.

When is the fourth season of Narcos coming?

The fourth season of Narcos is going to be airing on Netflix for streaming from November 16, 2020. The teaser is already out.

Does Narcos have all factual telltale?

No, according to several viewers who are well versed with Escobar’s life and his tale has said that the series doesn’t have all the facts straightened out. There are some exaggerations.

Is Narcos based on a true story?

Yes, Narcos is based on the life of Pablo Escobar. It follows his life with his friends Steve Murphy and Javier Pena and the first narco-terrorist mission that they implanted and accomplished. The show follows the uphill rise of Escobar and the dreadful downfall of the man as well.

Did Escobar kill Carillo?

Yes, Escobar did kill Carillo. He came along and confronted him, shooting Carillo in the leg. However, Carillo’s death was one of the major triggering factors that ended up shaking the Columbian government who then went on a goose hunt for Escobar.

Was Pablo Escobar the richest drug lord?

Often named as the King of Cocaine back in 1989, Escobar was named as the kind of drug lord. Back in the day, Forbes magazine even declared Escobar as the seventh richest man in the worth with an estimated wealth of $30 million during that time.

How many series of Narcos are available?

Currently, Narcos has three seasons available, all of which can be streamed online on Netflix. There has been no confirmation about a fourth season yet.

Where is Felix Galardo now?

Gallardo is currently serving his 37 years of imprisonment in one of the secured prisons in Mexico. He was one of the biggest traffickers.

How many episodes of Narcos are in season 1?

Released on August 18, 2015, the first season of Narcos, which is streaming on Netflix has 10 episodes that you won’t get bored binge-watching. Each episode unfurls a thrilling twist and features a fast-paced plot, which is extremely fun and engaging to watch.

Who is Narcos Season 1 based on?

If this is your first time watching Narcos and you are confused about who the show is based on, the first season is influenced by the real-life events of Kingpin Pablo Escobar. He was the leader of the Medellin Cartel and a billionaire based out of Colombia.

How to watch the Narcos series in order?

Narcos is available for global streaming on Netflix. So, if you are planning to watch it in chronological order, we’d recommend you start from the first season and watch the episodes from the start till the end. That should give you a complete rundown of the storyline and the progression of the plot.

Is Narcos season 2 better than season 1?

If you watched the first season of Narcos and liked it, we can vouch for the fact that the second season of the show is even better.