Watch Vitthal Teedi Drama Web-Series on OHO Gujarati (Index of Vitthal Teedi Web Series)

Vitthal Teedi

With new web series platforms coming up for the entertainment of the audience, it isn’t surprising that we now have one dedicated to Gujarati content. OHO Gujarati splashed across the news and the audience is pretty stoked as to what the platform has in store for them.

Following the official release, Vitthal Teedi, st arring Pratik Gandhi surfaced and the fans can’t contain their excitement anymore. The internet collection is also going to star Shraddha Dangar as a supporting act.

If you have watched Sony LIV’s Scam 1992 and loved the character that Pratik Gandhi played, you will want to watch this series too. The only obstacle at this point is that the show is in Gujarati. The new show, Vitthal Teedi is set against the 1980s backdrop and finished filming in January 2021.

The official poster and announcement of the show were made via the Instagram account of OHO Gujarati showcasing Pratik Gandhi in a completely new avatar. The audience is intrigued as to what they can expect from this new show and Pratik’s acting skills. The trailer of the show has come out on May 01, 2021.

Given the kind of popularity that Pratik Gandhi has garnered from his first web series as a lead, it isn’t surprising that the audience is pretty excited about this new project too. Born a Gujarati, Pratik has been an active part of the Gujarati theatre and entertainment industry for a way longer than his audience knows him for. So, to see him in this new element is going to be pretty amazing.


Index of Vitthal Teedi Web Series

No of Episode Name of Episode
Episode 1 Child’s Play Watch Now
Episode 2 The Only Play Watch Now
Episode 3 Euphoric Watch Now
Episode 4 Unforeseen Watch Now
Episode 5 Undaunted Watch Now
Episode 6 Downpour Watch Now

What can the audience expect from the show?

If you have watched Scam 1992, the themes are pretty similar but the plot isn’t. So, don’t worry because you wouldn’t be bored watching the show at all. The plot of the series follows the life of a gambler, who spends his life in a village but manages to surprise his people with the kind of skills he possesses.

However, things take a complete U-turn when he reaches the city and tries out his luck there only to lose everything. What happens when he indulges in the largest gamble of this life? This is what the series is all about and is going to gradually unfold as the episodes unfurl.

The OTT platforms where the show will be available have released a trailer for the audience to binge-watch and get an idea about the storyline and expectations.

Does the Vitthal Teedi Drama Series Come with an Age Rating?

If this is your first time watching Vitthal Teedi drama and you are wondering if it comes with an age rating, it technically doesn’t.

However, there are certain scenes in the movie, which might be triggering for children or even teens to watch. So, we’d recommend you tread with caution.

In case you are watching the series with your family, certain factors need to be kept in mind, especially when it involves certain scenes with violence and dialogues that might contain vulgar words that aren’t ideal for children to listen to.


1. Where can I watch the Vitthal Teedi web series?

With the kind of popularity that the show has gained, it isn’t surprising that people are now looking for ways to watch Vitthal Teedi. The show is available on OHO Gujarati. You can stream all the episodes on the said platform and watch what the hype is all about.

2. How many episodes are there in Vitthal Teedi?

Despite how much the show has grown in such a short period, Vitthal Teedi only has 6 episodes, which is a lot less than you’d anticipate. This is one of the reasons why most people are desperate for more episodes in the future.

3. How many seasons are there in Vitthal Teedi?

At present, Vitthal Teedi only has one season that is streaming on OHO Gujarati. Whether or not there will be more episodes in the future is something we’d have to look forward to.

4. Is Vitthal Teedi worth watching? 

If you want to have an immersive viewing experience, we’d recommend you go ahead and stream Vitthal Teedi on OHO Gujarati. The show is worth the time and you won’t regret streaming the six episodes on the show.