Index Of Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 To Season 3 (With Cast & Seasons Recap)

Index Of Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 To Season 3

Index Of Avatar: The Last Airbender

If you love watching stories about ancient traditions, victories, and action-adventure, you would surely love watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American animated series that was released in 2005. The series deals with themes such as honesty, principles, responsibilities using magic, and skills. 

The plotline in brief

The plot of this series revolves around a young boy who has the magic power to alter the natural elements. One day he wakes up after a hundred-year hibernation. His duty or aim now is to save the world from destruction using his magical powers. 

Series Highlight

The beauty of this series is it is appealing to both adults and children alike. It is entertaining to the core and you will get addicted to it once you start watching it. The series is half American and half anime. These both blend to give a great hybrid. It is one of the best anime series to watch when you are bored. Apart from just American, the series also shows the culture of South Asia, East Asia, Western, and many other cultures. This heroic action-adventure story would sure give you a great feeling of entertainment. 

Now, let’s look at the recap of its episodes, main characters, and series details. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender Series Details

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Genre: Action, Animation, Adventure
  • Total Seasons: 3 Seasons
  • Total Episodes: 61 Episodes
  • Written By: Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko, Aaron Ehasz, Dante Basco
  • Directed By: M. Night Shyamalan
  • Running Period: 2005-2008
  • IMDb Rating: 9.2/10

Available in Platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, CBS, MSN, Nick AU, iTunes, YouTube.

Is Avatar: The Last Airbender OK for a 7-year-old?

Avatar: The Last Airbender is typically an anime series that’s created and developed for children, which means that it might be suitable for children under the age of 7. However, certain scenes in the anime might be too violent for children under the age of 10.

The anime combines a series of action, adventure, and fantasy elements but contains some emotionally charged moments in the show, which might be too harsh for children under the age of 7. We’d highly recommend that if you are letting your children watch the anime series, do it under your supervision.

Who is the new Avatar after Korra?

If you started watching Avatar, which is a popular anime series, chances are that you fell in love with Korra, who was one of the best avatars in the show.

After Korra, the next Avatar in the lot was Jimu, who was in hiding for four years but finally returns when he witnesses the kind of damage that Shi has inflicted to date. Eventually, things unfold in the series as we see Jimu entering the Spirit World and getting himself in danger. Only he has the means to get himself out of the trouble.

Main Characters in the series 

  • Aang


  • Zuko


  • Katara


  • Sokka


  • Toph Beifong

Toph Beifong

  • Appa


  • Azula


  • Uncle Iroh

Uncle Iroh

  • Admiral Zhao

Admiral Zhao

  • Ty Lee

Ty Lee

  • Lord Ozai

Lord Ozai

  • Princess Yue

Princess Yue

Index Of Avatar: The Last Airbender (All Seasons)

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 1 – Episodes List

The Last Airbender Season 1

  1. Chapter One: The Boy in the Iceberg
  2. Chapter Two: The Avatar Returns
  3. Chapter Three: The Southern Air Temple
  4. Chapter Four: The Warriors of Kyoshi
  5. Chapter Five: The King of Omashu
  6. Chapter Six: Imprisoned
  7. Chapter Seven: The Spirit World (Winter Solstice, Part 1) 
  8. Chapter Eight: Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice, Part 2) 
  9. Chapter Nine: The Waterbending Scroll
  10. Chapter Ten: Jet
  11. Chapter Eleven: The Great Divide
  12. Chapter Twelve: The Storm
  13. Chapter Thirteen: The Blue Spirit
  14. Chapter Fourteen: The Fortuneteller
  15. Chapter Fifteen: Bato of the Water Tribe
  16. Chapter Sixteen: The Deserter
  17. Chapter Seventeen: The Northern Air Temple
  18. Chapter Eighteen: The Waterbending Master
  19. Chapter Nineteen: The Siege of the North Part 1
  20. Chapter Twenty: The Siege of the North Part 2

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 1 – Summary 

The series starts with Aang traveling along with Katara and Sokka to the water tribe in the North. Aang aspires to learn the water bending art and also improve and enhance his skills in water bending, which is why he is going there. Another aim of Aang is to defeat the Fire Nation. Just like Aang Prince Zuko also wants to pursue the same goal. 

If you didn’t know who is Prince Zuko, he is the exiled and deported son of King of Fire Lord Ozai. Taking help from his uncle Iron, he chases Aang and his group, hoping that he would conquer Avatar. He does all this to earn respect, pride, and honor from society so that he can get back to his old position in society and become the undisputed king. 

Apart from Prince Zuko and Uncle Iron, Zhao- a fire nation Admiral is also chasing Aang and the other two people with him. Zhao is looking for Aang because he wants to gain validation from Lord Ozai to get his favors. The story takes a twist when the northern water tribe is attacked by the Navy. The moon spirit is killed by Zhao and the princess of the tribe Yue is sacrificing her life just so she can bring it back to life again. Aang will escape from his enemies and drive them away at the end of the first season. 


Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 2 – Episodes List

  1. Chapter One: The Avatar State
  2. Chapter Two: The Cave of Two Lovers
  3. Chapter Three: Return to Omashu
  4. Chapter Four: The Swamp    
  5. Chapter Five: Avatar Day
  6. Chapter Six: The Blind Bandit
  7. Chapter Seven: Zuko Alone
  8. Chapter Eight: The Chase
  9. Chapter Nine: Bitter Work
  10. Chapter Ten: The Library
  11. Chapter Eleven: The Desert
  12. Chapter Twelve: The Serpent’s Pass
  13. Chapter Thirteen: The Drill
  14. Chapter Fourteen: City of Walls and Secrets
  15. Chapter Fifteen: The Tales of Ba Sing Se
  16. Chapter Sixteen: Appa’s Lost Days
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Lake Laogai
  18. Chapter Eighteen: The Earth King
  19. Chapter Nineteen: The Guru
  20. Chapter Twenty: The Crossroads of Destiny

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 2 – Summary 

If you are wondering why Aang is struggling so much, it is because he has set his goal to improve and enhance his skills. In season 2 Aang’s goal is to learn your earth bending. For this, he gets training from Toph Beifong. Toph Beifong is a master in earth bending. But the drawback is he is blind. Toph teaches everything about earth bending to Aang. 

Zuko and Iron are now fugitives who are roaming around after being exiled. They stay in the Earth Kingdom for a while. Aang along with his group is traveling to Ba Sing Se, where Zuko and Iron are also staying now. Aang is traveling there to get the support of the Earth kingdom to destroy the fire kingdom. They plan to attack Fire Nation at a specific time during the solar eclipse which will arrive in a while. This is done because the fire benders will lose their power during the period of the solar eclipse. This would provide the advantage of succeeding in the battle. 

A Coup d’etat is triggered by Azula which will result in the place coming under the control of Fire Nation. Zuko will take his sister’s side and Aang will be wounded brutally by Azula. Katara will help Aang to get him back to his good health. 


Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 3 – Episodes List

  1. Chapter One: The Awakening
  2. Chapter Two: The Headband
  3. Chapter Three: The Painted Lady
  4. Chapter Four: Sokka’s Master
  5. Chapter Five: The Beach
  6. Chapter Six: The Avatar and the Fire Lord
  7. Chapter Seven: The Runaway
  8. Chapter Eight: The Puppetmaster
  9. Chapter Nine: Nightmares and Daydreams
  10. Chapter Ten: The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion
  11. Chapter Eleven: The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse
  12. Chapter Twelve: The Western Air Temple
  13. Chapter Thirteen: The Firebending Masters
  14. Chapter Fourteen: The Boiling Rock, Part 1
  15. Chapter Fifteen: The Boiling Rock, Part 2
  16. Chapter Sixteen: The Southern Raiders
  17. Chapter Seventeen: The Ember Island Players
  18. Chapter Eighteen: Sozin’s Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King
  19. Chapter Nineteen: Sozin’s Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters
  20. Chapter Twenty: Sozin’s Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno
  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Sozin’s Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Season 3 – Summary

In season three of Avatar: The Last Airbender, you can see the conclusion to the first two seasons. In this season, the Fire Nation capital is finally captured by Aang and his group to destroy the Fire Nation. This is done during the time the solar eclipse occurs. They Retreat due to unexpected situations. Zuko will abandon the Fire Nation and join Aang and his group to teach fire bending skills to Aang. 

Since he was a kid Aang has been brought up by monks. Therefore, he knows how to respect the monks and act in a disciplined way. So, he knows he would have to kill Ozai to end the war. After Sozin’s Comet return Aang involves in a major fight with Ozai and makes uses of his Avatar Powers to siphon fire bending skills of Ozai from him. 

Ba Sing Se is freed by Aang’s friends during the battle. They also destroy Fire Nation and capture Azula. This is a victory sign for them. Now Zuko will become the new king and the war finally comes to an ultimate end. 

What is an “Avatar” in the context of the show?

In the show, the Avatar is a being who can control all four elements and is responsible for maintaining peace and balance in the world. They are reborn in a new cycle whenever they die, and Aang is the latest incarnation.

The uniqueness of the concept is something that has helped the show run for multiple seasons and it has garnered such a dedicated viewership as well. If you are someone who has been wondering what the show is about and the inspiration behind it, we hope this gives you a brief understanding of it.



Remarkable character development and action sequences have made Avatar: The Last Airbender a finest anime series ever. If you loved watching this anime series, you should sure watch The Blood of Zeus, one of the recent popular anime series. It is streaming on Netflix and has been on the Top 10 list in Netflix for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About The Last Airbender Season 1 To Season 3

How many seasons are there in Avatar: The Last Airbender? 

There are three seasons in this anime series. 

When was Avatar: The Last Airbender released? 

The first season of Avatar: The Last Airbender was released in 2005, February.

How many episodes are there totally in this anime series?

Avatar: The Last Airbender has up to 61 episodes in total. 

Where is Avatar: The Last Airbender streaming online? 

This anime series is streamed on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, CBS, MSN, iTunes, and Nick AU.

Why was “Avatar: The Last Airbender” cancelled?

If you have loved watching this animated show, you’d be disappointed to know that the show was taken off and cancelled off of Netflix. Although there hasn’t been much disclosed about the cancellation, it is believed that the primary reason behind it was due to creative differences.

What did Aang die of?

Aang reportedly died at the age of 60 due to natural causes, as the theories suggest. For someone who was stuck in an iceberg for over a century in the Avatar state, it likely weakened his body and state of mind, leading to the final cause of his death.

Did Korra end the Avatar cycle?

Although quite a few misconceptions are surrounding this suggesting that Korra was the one who ended the Avatar cycle, that wasn’t the case at all. It was Unalaq and Vaatu who ended the Avatar cycle, which began with Wan. Alternatively, it was Korra who started a new Avatar cycle when she re-fused with Raava.

Who was the strongest Avatar?

Although this is quite a subjective opinion, generally people claimed that Ryoshi was the most ruthless of them all. However, Roku was designated as the wisest of them all, so there has been a constant battle between the two trying to figure out who was the strongest. While Aang had the most balanced personality, Korra had the best raw talent, so at this point, and the choice is all subjective.

Who did Zuko marry?

Mai has been Zuko’s romantic interest in the show from the get-go. If you are yet to watch the show, Mai is one of Azula’s friends, who go out on a hunt for Zuko and Iroh. Once Zuko can bring down Aang is when he and Mai finally get together into a proper relationship.

How to watch the Avatar series in order?

Avatar: The Last Airbender currently has three series that are available on Netflix for you to binge-watch. Since the seasons are connected, we’d recommend that you go on Netflix and start with the first season. Following completing the episodes of the first season, you can then start the second one and end it with the last or third season. All the episodes are organized chronologically on Netflix.

How old is Katara in season 3?

Katara or the young waterbender in the Avatar series is aged 14 throughout the entire series and that includes Season 3 as well. This is considered one of the reasons why she has such amazing bending skills, thanks to her young age.

Is there 4 seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

If you have finished watching the first three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender and have been awaiting the release of Season 4, you are going to be disappointed. The show doesn’t have a fourth season and it was never going to have one.

Which season did Avatar stop?

Book three or Fire is the third and final season of Avatar and that was exactly where the show was meant to end. If you were expecting another season, we have to say that you need to halt your expectations there.

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