Index of Modern Family: A Hilarious Relief

Modern Family

One of the most popular situational comedy television series about families set in a modern world with its modern ways, this American mockumentary will make you laugh your head off and at the same time will make you reflect on the true meaning of family and how nothing can change that. Modern family is made in the style of a documentary in which each character talks directly to the camera. The show explores the modern definition of family and the way the equations and dimensions change or remain the same despite these alterations.

The television series is the brainchild of Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan who in an attempt to speak about their own families came up with the initial idea of this masterpiece. The show was first launched on American Broadcasting Channel in September 2009. The show became immensely popular and went on to win 22 Emmy awards along with the hearts of its audience worldwide. 

The show features the everyday struggles that all families face while dealing with each other. The bittersweet relationship, the parental insecurities, and anxieties, the troubles of puberty and old age, all these common occurrences in a family have been portrayed with a hilarious tone. Moreover, the series explores the age-old concept of family. It highlights the fact that a modern family respects and values emotions more than blood ties.

The narrative of the show is hysterical. The way each character speaks to the camera and then gets off with their everyday lives contributes to the script in such a way that the characters look more real. A unique style of storytelling that this American comedy series adapts is that it lets the characters tell the same story from each of their perspectives. This gives the viewers a peek into each of the characters and lets them know the real story. Modern Family is one of the best comedy series of all time and deserves a watch by all the families out there. 

The Plot of Modern Family

The Modern Family had been aired for eleven seasons with around two hundred and fifty episodes in total. The television series was so loved by the audience that the final episode of the show had around 7.37 million viewers when it was first run. It has also received critical acclaim from movie buffs all over the world. The primary rationale behind such a huge success of the show is the most relevant setting, a brilliantly eccentric script, and most importantly a phenomenal cast. 

The plot of the show revolves around the modern take on families and essentially aims to explore three kinds of families that are nuclear, same-sex, and blended. The families stay in Los Angeles. The common link between all three families is Jay Prichett, a veteran businessperson who has remarried a much younger Columbian woman, Gloria Delgado Ramirez. Gloria also has a son, Manny from her previous marriage. Jay also has two children from his previous marriage. Claire, the daughter lives in a nuclear family with her husband (Phil), two daughters (Haley and Alex), and a son (Luke). Mitchell, the son, on the other hand, is gay and lives with his partner Cam and their adopted six months old daughter Lily who hails from a Vietnamese background. 

The stories depict the different events that affect their lives and how they overcome them by staying together, for, and by each other. It also gives the audience a look into the complicated relationships that are just a part of the modern way of living. However, the show does not stop there. It also most importantly highlights that no family is perfect. All families have their little secrets, suppressed grudges, unresolved issues, and a lot of unexpressed love but at the end of the day, all you have is your family. 

Each of the episodes tells a new story while the characters evolve and grow through them. Above all, what Modern Family does to you is that with a streak of laughter, it teaches you to believe in your family. So, do watch Modern Family even if you have a traditional one because at the end of the day who does not need some fun and love?

Do Modern Family actors still get paid?

Would you be surprised if we told you that the success of Modern Family was so heightened that Sofia Vergara, at one point, was getting paid $500,000 per episode? Sounds like a fever dream, doesn’t it?

Besides Sofia, some of the highest-paid actors on the show include Ed O’Neill, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ty Burrell. Even they were earning half a million per episode, according to the reports.

Ideally, since financial reports surrounding shows aren’t revealed, it’s tough to assume whether or not the cast is still getting paid or not. We’d think they are though.

Why is Jay in Modern Family so rich?

For those who don’t keep up with Modern Family and have no idea about the characters, not knowing what Jay does is fairly common. So, let us brush up on your basics.

Jay works as the owner of Pritchett’s Closets & Blinds. That’s pretty much the business that he owns and runs, which has managed to bring him a steady source of income. Amidst all the reel-life characters on The Modern Family, Jay seems to be the wealthiest of the lot. He also hired his daughter, Claire to help him out with the business.

The Cast of Modern Family

The show ran for around eleven years from 2009 to 2020. The television series had an amazing story to share coming up from the three unconventional and yet much familiar modern families. The series had an ensemble, close-knit, dedicated, and enigmatic cast who perfectly fitted into the skin of each character and then evolved into the same. The names of the actors cast have been given as follows.

  • Ed O’ Neill
  • Sofia Vergara
  • Julie Bowen
  • Ty Burrell 
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson
  • Eric Stonestreet
  • Sarah Hyland
  • Ariel Winter
  • Nolan Gould
  • Rico Rodriguez
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons
  • Jeremy Maguire
  • Reid Ewing

Index of Modern Family Season 1 To 11

The series had eleven seasons and two hundred and fifty episodes. The cast has remained the same throughout and has grown with the characters. The list of episodes is given below for better understanding.

Season 1: 24 episodes

Season 2: 24 episodes

Season 3: 24 episodes

Season 4: 24 episodes

Season 5: 24 episodes

Season 6: 24 episodes

Season 7: 22 episodes

Season 8: 22 episodes

Season 9: 22 episodes

Season 10: 22 episodes

Season 11: 18 episodes

How did they end Modern Family?

With 11 years of runtime, Modern Family has to be one of the most popular shows that has been released to date.

If you have missed out on the ending, Modern Family ends with Haley, Dylan, and their kids living with Phil and Claire initially. However, when Cam, Mitchell, and Lily relocate to Missouri to start a new chapter of their lives, Haley and her family shift to live in their home.

When asked, Sarah Hyland, who plays the character of Haley said that she was quite upset with how the show ended, especially with the ending that her character got.


The Modern Family intends to tell the story of how the modern age has changed the meaning of family yet some things remain the same at the core, uninfluenced by time. The show explores all the traditional relationships like husband-wife, father-son, and mother-daughter with a modern flavor of same-sex marriage, blended family, and nuclear family. Each episode comes with a heart-warming message wrapped in epic comedy. With an IMDb rating of 8.4, all the episodes can be streamed on Disney plus Hotstar. 

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1. Where was Modern Family filmed?

Modern Family was filmed in Los Angeles.

2. Is Mitchell gay in real?

Yes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is gay in real life.

3. Is there going to be a spin-off of the show?

No, there is yet no news of a spin-off. 

4. What is the funniest episode on Modern Family?

Given how popular the show is, it isn’t surprising that picking one favorite funny episode is tough. Almost all the seasons have certain episodes that are exhilarating and fun. However, if we had to pick a few, we’d recommend watching Fizbo, Hawaii, Little Bo Bleep, The Party, Paris, etc.

5. Is Modern Family the best sitcom ever?

Although it would be wrong to crown Modern Family as the “best” sitcom, it does sit in the top 10 list. We’d recommend you binge-watch the show from the start till the end to make the most out of the show because the character development and plotline are immaculate.

6. What swear word did Lily say in Modern Family?

If you haven’t watched the Modern Family yet, be prepared because Lily starts swearing pretty early in the show, saying the f-word. Every time she says the word, you will find Cam giggling from the sidelines. 

7. Why do people like Modern Family?

People watch sitcoms to have a distraction after a hard life. So, one of the main reasons why people watch Modern Family is because of the talented cast, fun storyline, and heart-warming moments on the show.

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