Index of Mad Men – Everything we know about this American Period Drama Series

Index of Mad Men

Don’t you sometimes want to peek into what the 1960s looked like in America? Mad Men helps you do just that with their amazing plot and even better acting. It is a popular American period-typical drama series that deals with the themes of America back in the 1960s when situations included elements of cigarette smoking, typical homophobia, adultery, feminism, antisemitism, and racism.

The political and cultural shifts in the series are what gained a lot of highlight throughout the seasons, garnering a huge audience base from across the world. The show was created by Matthew Weiner and produced by Lionsgate Television. The show aired on AMC between 2007 and 2015. The show consisted of a total of seven episodes with 92 episodes in total.

As per the reports from the pilot episode of the show, it highlighted the coined term “Mad Men”, which was a common slang that was used in the 1950s among Americans. The series follows the life of a fictional character of Sterling Cooper and is based around Manhattan in New York. 

The show gained heavy critical acclamation from the audience for its heavy writing and creative style, along with the historical authenticity that bound the show together further for the audience. Not just Golden Globes, Mad Men has also bagged a few Emmy awards.

What is the plot of Mad Men?

The series starts with the backdrop of America in the 1960s highlighting the character of Don Draper, a promoting leader working at Sterling Cooper’s office in New York City. He is given a case to save the record for Lucky Strike cigarettes; all the while he is battling his battles in the background.

In the meantime, Don hires Peggy Olson to work as his assistant but finds it hard to blend in with the other secretaries, especially one like Joan Holloway. 

The entire plot of the show follows the life of New York’s most mysterious ad agency’s executive, Donald Draper life and the kind of folds and in between that everyone finds a hard time deciphering. 

While Sterling Cooper is experiencing wild success with its sales and its clientele, things start to take a tumble as the competition in the market increases. This is exactly how things unfold along with the series with the seven seasons and 92 episodes. 

Although Mad Men’s plot doesn’t necessarily draw inspiration from true life events that happened in America, some of the critics have reported saying that the portrayal is hedonistic, especially relating to some of the advertising cultures in the U.S back in the 1960s. Sterling Cooper is indeed based on a fictional agency but it draws basic inspiration from some of the leading ad agencies that harboured in New York City back in the 1960s.

Majority of the audience who have watched all the seasons of the show report that it features an extremely ambitious plot but one that is set to make sense and not feel exaggerated along the way.

Who is cast in Mad Men?

Despite the seven seasons that the show has and the overall 92 episodes, Mad Men has had a pretty consistent cast and crew that have worked together to create the masterpiece that we have watched today. 

Some of the primary cast in Mad Men include:

  • Jon Hamm
  • Elisabeth Moss
  • Vincent Kartheiser
  • January Jones
  • Christina Hendricks
  • John Slattery
  • Aaron Staton
  • Rich Sommer
  • Michael Gladis
  • Bryan Batt
  • Robert Morse
  • Kiernan Shipka
  • Maggie Siff
  • Jared Harris
  • Jessica Pare
  • Jay R. Ferguson
  • Christopher Stanley
  • Kevin Rahm
  • Ben Feldman

Index of Mad Men Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 [All Episodes]

Index of Mad Men
Index of Mad Men

If you have made it to this part of the article, we are pretty sure that you want to know about all the episodes on the show and what you can watch with ease.

The episodes don’t come with individual titles, so we are going to give you a quick breakdown of all the available episodes on the show.

Season 1

  • Number of episodes – 13

Season 2 

  • Number of episodes – 13

Season 3 

  • Number of episodes – 13

Season 4 

  • Number of episodes – 13

Season 5 

  • Number of episodes – 13

Season 6 

  • Number of episodes – 13

Season 7 

  • Number of episodes – 14

Season 7 is the last and final season of the show and there have been no further reports about the renewal of the show.


If you love watching shows that are different and out of the box, Mad Men is one that you wouldn’t regret watching. From typical themes of America in the 1960s, the show also highlights a range of amazing truth-to-life controversies that tames that period typical America. Some bits are exaggerated but there’s not much you can expect from the shows otherwise, which is something that you wouldn’t regret watching otherwise.

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1. Is Mad Men based on a true story?

Unfortunately, no. The show is completely based on fictional settings and characters, so nothing is inspired by true events. However, it does deal with situations that chase around the typical settings of 1960s America.

2. What problems does Don Draper deal with?

For those who aren’t aware or have issues understanding things, we’d say that Don Draper has inclinations towards narcissistic personality disorder with antisocial personality disorder as well. 

3. How does Don Draper die in Mad Men?

Don Draper dies at the age of 88 in the show due to a scene of cardiac arrest. He leaves behind his son Robert Draper.

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