Joe Burrow Net Worth – From College Star to NFL Millionaire

Joe Burrow Net Worth

Joe Burrow, the charismatic quarterback captivating the hearts of Cincinnati Bengals fans and beyond has seen his star rise meteorically in recent years. His impressive on-field performance, along with his charming personality, has translated into significant financial success.

With the kind of years Burrow has invested in his career until now and the kind of fame he has acquired in this short stint, it is safe to assume that his fans are curious to unfurl more insights about his wealth.

Wondering about something similar? We will walk you through all the details about Joe Burrow’s net worth and his career in the NFL as well.

Early Life

Joe Burrow was born in Ames, Iowa to Jim and Robin on December 10, 1996. His father worked as a football player and coach but what’s interesting is that many people in his extended family, including his grandparents were athletes or associated with sports of some kind.

This explains why Burrow was exposed to the same kind of experiences and expectations growing up. His exposure to football dates back to the 2002 Rose Bowl, which is when he started taking things seriously and even enrolled in the youth football league.

Following a lot of moving around, Burrow’s family finally settled in Ohio, where he attended his high school and became a star football player at Athens High School. He later went to Ohio State University and continued playing football at college too.


After showcasing his talent in high school, Burrow landed at Ohio State University, but his journey wasn’t without its setbacks. He transferred to Louisiana State University (LSU) after limited playing time, a decision that proved pivotal. In 2019, under the tutelage of Coach Ed Orgeron, Burrow blossomed into a Heisman Trophy winner, leading LSU to a national championship. His exceptional performance solidified his status as the top prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Chosen first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft, Burrow’s rookie season was cut short due to a knee injury. However, his talent and determination shone through, leading the Bengals to a surprising Super Bowl appearance in 2022. His on-field success has translated into lucrative endorsement deals with brands like Fanatics, Bose, and LSU Tigers.

Burrow is actively involved in charitable endeavors, supporting organizations like the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund and the National Eating Disorders Association.

Personal Life

Although Joe Burrow has acquired steady fame to his name, which is consistently on the rise too, we can’t deny the fact that he is also a very private person. He seems to be quite close to his family and prefers keeping details about his dating history and relationships out of the media.

Net Worth

According to the sources, Joe Burrow has an estimated net worth of $50 million. As the top draft pick, Burrow secured a four-year rookie contract worth $36 million. His current contract extension, signed in 2023, reportedly guarantees him $146.5 million over five years, with an average annual salary of $55 million – the highest in NFL history. He also earns through endorsements.


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