Index Of Krypton: The Untold Story of Superman’s Home

Index Of Krypton

Krypton is an action-adventure sci-fi series that aired on Syfy from 21st March 2018 to 14th August 2019. This American series is the product of David S. Goyer which explores Krypton, the home planet of Superman.

The series was made for Syfy and focuses on Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman. Yes, you read that right! The storyline is set approximately 200 years before the birth of Superman and takes place on the fictional planet of Krypton.

The story for Krypton has a kind of unique hook that will lure you to watch it. Many of you might ask the point of making a series on Superman’s grandfather. Once you watch the series, you will realise that this prequel is needed to understand the birth of Superman. Also, you get to know a lot about his home planet.

The idea of saving Superman means dooming Krypton has a kick to it. Another aspect of the series is that no one has any superpowers. Doomsday and Brainiac are introduced as the only super-power beings in the season. The story relies on tension, drama, and romance. 

The show has two seasons consisting of 10 episodes each. After the first season, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered on June 12, 2019. But, in August 2019, Syfy canceler the series after two seasons. To know more about this series, you should give this article a read.

What is the plot of Krypton?

The Krypton series is mainly about Superman’s grandfather, Seg-E, whose family is shamed and ostracised. The story is set approx. 200 years before Superman’s birth. Seg fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved ones from the world chaos.

Before the birth of Superman, the bad system drives the city of Kandor and executes Val-El, grandfather of Seg-El, for treachery. Seg and his family are deprived of their advantages and are exiled to the lower-class ghettos. After fourteen years, Daron-Vex orchestrate a marriage between Seg and his beautiful girl Nyssa.

Adam Strange, a man from Earth gives Seg a Sunstone with the El image and advises him to discover the “post”.

Charys, Seg’s mother takes him to the Fortress of Solitude, which contains Val-El’s examination. This is where Seg’s entire family is slaughtered by Jayna-Zod. Back at the Fortress, Adam tries to discourage Seg to delete Superman. However, Seg ignores Adam’s admonition and plans revenge on Daron. 

Daron reveals that Val was executed for his sinful confidence. Seg brings a Science Guild information tablet to Kem and Adam for assessment. In the meantime, he plans to kill Daron. Nyssa gives Seg the remains of his family to gain his trust. 

Seg uses his blood to unlock a DNA lock in the Fortress. He learns of Brainiac, with Krypton in its sights. While checking on the information further, Adam and Kem find proof of a scout test. 

Jayna’s sister Lyta, prepares to cleanse the ghettos to get rid of the Black Zero psychological militants. Despite Jayna cautioning her, Lyta ends up murdering Quex-Ul, assuming responsibility for the unit.

Overall, the Krypton series doesn’t have a gripping storyline or a compelling start. Right from the first episode, it feels very ordinary. The fact that the show is based on Superman’s grandfather is what makes it less exciting. Frankly, fans want to watch Superman and not some new character like his granddad. 

Naturally, the show failed to impress the audience which is why it is cancelled just after season 2. They also cancelled the spin-off. If you want to watch it, you will find all the episodes of Krypton on Amazon Prime Video.

Why was Krypton Cancelled After Two Seasons?

Krypton, which aired on Syfy, ran for two seasons only after which the show was canceled by the network. The Superman original drama series, which acquired a dedicated fanbase didn’t opt to renew the show after the second season.

Now just the cancellation of the show, Syfy also reported that they won’t be proceeding with the staple Lobo spinoff. However, there are reports that Krypton’s producers are currently in talks with Warner Scripted Television and other networks to continue the show’s airing.

Which is the best Season of Krypton?

If you like supernatural television series, Krypton is a pretty great option worth exploring. It is available for streaming on Syfy, meaning that you won’t have to worry about differentiating which episode would be ideal.

Since the second season is the last one that aired before the cancellation, most of the audience has confirmed that the show’s second season is the superior one. The drama and the progress and character development in the show are something you won’t regret indulging in at all. 

So, if you are looking for a more engaging season, we’d recommend watching the first season and then engaging in the second season for a more rounded viewing experience.

The Cast of Krypton

You will come across different faces throughout the series. Besides the main actors, you will see a lot of guest appearances as well. To give you an idea, we have mentioned the names of the actors present in the show.

  • Cameron Cuffe
  • Georgina Campbell
  • Shaun Sipos
  • Elliot Cowan
  • Ann Ogbomo
  • Aaron Pierre
  • Rasmus Hardiker
  • Wallis Day
  • Blake Ritson 
  • Colin Salmon 
  • Hannah Waddingham 
  • Ian McElhinney

Index of Krypton Season 1 and 2 [All Episodes]

Index Of Krypton

Krypton received only two seasons consisting of 10 episodes each. After the completion of season 2, the show was cancelled for unknown reasons by Syfy. Here is the list of episodes names:

Krypton Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 2: House of El 

Episode 3: The Rankless Initiative

Episode 4: The World of Rao

Episode 5: House of Zod

Episode 6: Civil Wars

Episode 7: Transformation

Episode 8: Savage Night

Episode 9: Hope 

Episode 10: The Phantom Zone 

Krypton Season 2

Episode 1: Light-Years from Home

Episode 2: Ghost in the Fire

Episode 3: Will to Power

Episode 4: Danger Close

Episode 5: A Better Yesterday

Episode 6: In Zod We Trust

Episode 7: Zods and Monsters

Episode 8: Mercy

Episode 9: Blood Moon

Episode 10: The Alpha and The Omega

Is Krypton season 3 out?

Despite the kind of popularity that Krypton received, it is quite disappointing that the show was canceled after two seasons.

Many of the fans were awaiting more news related to the third season and its potential release. Instead, the creators and the network confirmed that they would likely bench the show because the second season didn’t perform as well as it should have.

So, if you were hopeful that another network besides Syfy would pick up the show and release the third season, it is most likely not happening. As disappointing as it is, all you can do is watch a re-run of the first two seasons.


Krypton is all about the fictional planet Krypton. It explores Superman’s home and is set approx. 200 years before his birth. The story is mainly focused on Seg-El, Superman’s grandfather. It may not be a very exciting show to watch, but you can give it a try once, especially if you are a Superman fan.

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1. Why Krypton is cancelled?

Syfy’s Superman prequel series Krypton has been cancelled after two seasons. The simple explanation for this is that the show failed to gain enough ratings to get a third season. However, there are other underlying reasons too that are more complex.

2. Where can you watch Krypton?

Both season 1 and 2 of Krypton is available on Amazon Prime Video. All you need to do is subscribe to Prime Video and you will get access to all the episodes of Krypton.

3. Is Krypton worth watching?

Krypton has a unique story with compelling characters. Also, the visual look of Krypton is phenomenal. Despite all the good things, the show failed to impress the audience. Due to which the show was canceled just after two seasons.

4. Will there be a season 3 for Krypton?

Unfortunately, Krypton has been canceled after airing its first two seasons. So, if you have been awaiting the release of Season 3, it isn’t going to happen anytime soon. What we’d recommend you do instead is watch the first two seasons and look for similar shows.

5. Does Superman appear in Krypton?

Surprisingly, yes. Multiple characters traveled back in time to Krypton and that included Superman, who returned in the 1960 story, just a few years before the destruction. You’d have to watch the show to get full context because we don’t want to give spoilers.

6. Why was Krypton discontinued?

Reports suggest that Syfy had to take down Krypton because it was only averaging around 400,000 views from the 1.8 million viewership that it gained in the first season. With the rapid decline in viewers, it made sense to take the show down for good.

7. How many episodes of Krypton are there?

Krypton has two seasons and a total of 20 episodes spanning those two seasons. So, if you have been meaning the watch the show, we’d recommend that you start it quickly, given how many episodes are there to watch.

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