Love Season 4: Will Netflix allow this series for a comeback with fourth season

Love Season 4

As Netflix is one of the most subscribed entertainment platform, people loves the content and shows telecasted over there.

Many shows are released with multiple interlinked seasons and hence excitement and wait for the next season of each show might be at the peak.

However, if you’re a die-hard fan of the series ‘LOVE’ which has accomplished 3 seasons so far, then we’ve a bit of bad news that might disappoint you.

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Netflix has officially announced that there won’t be any season 4 for the ‘LOVE’ series. Yeah, even after marvellous response they’ve gained from audience for all the seasons; they’ve made a very disappointing decision. Well, it’s full and final decision made by Netflix and there’s no chance of mistake as they’ve officially announced the same.

Fans of ‘LOVE’ would like to know that whole series is exclusively created and produced by Apatow production. 

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Moreover, we tried interviewing the producers to know the reason behind not producing this fan loaded season. However, they didn’t revealed anything. Yeah, reasons are completely unknown for everyone.

So, we can’t share any release date, cast, or anything else for this marvellous romantic comedy show as there won’t be any fourth season at all. 

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Also, in a recent interview, we asked the lead cast Gillian Jacobs about possibility of next season. And, she confidently told that she has no idea at all about season 4 of the LOVE as no one from production house has tried to contact her after the season 3 of the LOVE. Well, it might be a fact or a lie, we don’t know, but that’s what she answered to our question.

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In a nutshell, if you’re a die-hard fan of this amazing Romantic comedy season then you’re not left with any choice than being disappointed with the news. Moreover, if you still want a season 4 of LOVE then you can approach creators via variety of social media platform and request them for 4th season. And, with number of people asking for next season they might like to give it one more chance.

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