Did Moana Die in The Storm? Revealing All the Details

Did Moana Die in The Storm?

People have been quite taken with Disney movies and rightfully so. The well-crafted animation and engaging storyline are not only engaging for children but adults alike. If you are someone who has been a big fan of Moana ever since its release in 2016, we have some facts to share with you.

The plot and relatability of Moana and the mysterious Maui became a fan favorite pretty quickly. What made things stand out was Moana’s resilience. The patience that the character showcased in the movie was worth commending. 

But, the movie left a question in the audience’s mind, “Did Moana die in the storm?” There are several theories surrounding this and we have all the relevant details for you here.

Is it true that Moana died at the beginning of the movie?

If you have yet to watch Moana, we’d recommend you skip this section because it will contain a few spoilers.

At the beginning of the movie, we witness how Moana sets out in search of their demigod, Maui, with hopes of saving her people. But, on the way of her journey, she finds herself battling a storm and is soon left on an uninhabited island.

This is why most of the fans believe that Moana died at the beginning of the film, during the storm, and that the entire movie is a hypothetical situation. Some theories also believe that Moana might have communicated with her ancestors telling them about her death.

What is the theory behind Moana’s death?

When it comes to depicting the theories behind Moana’s death, there are a few that come up. Firstly, one of the most common speculations is that Moana died during the beginning of the storm.

Another theory suggests that Maui is Moana’s guardian angel and that Moana is some form of mythical god. We can see throughout the movie that only gods, demigods, and other legendary figures interact with Moana, which further solidifies this theory.

Also, the fans have pointed out that Moana (supposedly a human) has survived some of the most brutal storms and was left unscathed. This seems very unrealistic to the plot.

Did Moana come back to life in the end?

The death of Granda Tala in the Moana movie is hands down one of the most crucial elements of the whole plot. 

According to the plot, the necklace that the grandmother presented Moana with apparently possesses some kind of magical powers. The necklace would also be used to save Motunui by reviving Te Fiti.

By the end of the movie, we witness the power of the necklace and how it implements its power of restoration to fix the boat that was wrecked. 


Several theories are floating around on the internet related to Moana’s death. If you have been curious to know more about it, we hope the insights shared come in handy for you. Besides that, we’d also recommend that you share the kind of theories that you have regarding Moana’s death in the movie.


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