Restoring Galveston Cancelled – Has Magnolia Network Cancelled It?

Restoring Galveston Cancelled – Has Magnolia Network Cancelled It?

Home restoration shows have recently been gaining more and more traction on the internet and among them Restoring Galveston is a show that deserves a shoutout. It has been making the rounds on the internet lately.

However, while the audience is awaiting more reports about the show’s new season, which would be Season 6, there seems to be speculations of a potential cancellation. This has left the audience quite disappointed in the moment.

If you are in the same boat and confused about Restoring Galveston Season 6 and its renewal status, we have all the details for you.

When is Restoring Galveston Season 6 Releasing?

The fifth season of Restoring Galveston finished wrapping up in June 2023 and since then, the audience is excited to know what’s next.

When is the sixth season coming and what’s in store for the audience? To be fair, there’s a lot that could be happening. However, since the fifth season has only finished wrapping up a few months ago, it would be futile to expect a new season right now.

The good news is that although we don’t have a green signal yet, we do know for a fact that the show is returning because the network has not canceled the show yet. So, we would have to wait for further reports from the showrunners and the network regarding the fate and future of the show.

It would be interesting to witness the kind of renovation projects that the husband-wife duo brings with the sixth season.

What can we expect from Restoring Galveston Season 6?

In Season 6, Michael and Ashley will tackle a variety of challenging and rewarding projects, including restoring a magnificent Victorian mansion, converting a commercial building into a charming home, and giving a historic home a much-needed makeover. 

Along the way, they will share their passion for historic preservation and their expertise in restoring Galveston’s architectural treasures. Viewers can also expect to see the Cordrays’ signature style come to life in every home they renovate.

If you have watched the previous seasons of the show, you most likely know that the renovation projects that Michael and Ashley bring are not for the faint of heart. They are extensive but they are worth the time.

So, it will be quite interesting to see the extent of the renovation projects that they bring in the sixth season.

Who is returning to Restoring Galveston Season 6?

Michael and Ashley Cordray will of course be returning to host Season 6 of Restoring Galveston. They will also be joined by their team of talented contractors and designers, who help them, bring their vision to life.


We don’t have any idea if Restoring Galveston will be renewed for a sixth season or not. Also, we don’t have any idea if the show has already been canceled or not. At this point, everything seems very fuzzy and unclear. What we’d recommend you do while you wait for the new season is to catch up with the older ones.


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