Hanna Season 4 – Will Amazon Prime Video Bring the Show Back?

Hanna Season 4

If you watched the 2011 movie, Hanna, you probably already have watched the series and the first three seasons of it that were inspired by the movie. The series initially premiered on Amazon Prime Video and since then has gained a lot of traction.

The creators of the show released the first episode as a time-limited preview on February 3, 2019, and once it was successful, they released the remaining eight episodes on March 29, 2019. According to reports, the third season was the final one.

This article will talk more about Hanna Season 4, its potential release date, and whether Amazon Prime Video will revive it in the future.

When is Hanna Season 4 Releasing?

As we just mentioned, Hanna’s creators confirmed that the third season was the final one in the lot. There isn’t going to be a fourth season, which is quite disappointing.

David Farr, who is the show’s creator, confirmed that there won’t be a fourth season because whatever storyline they had planned for the show was wrapped up by the third season. They planned the show to be three seasons long from the start.

So, if you are one of those fans who have been patiently waiting for some miracle to happen, it unfortunately isn’t happening. The show isn’t returning anytime soon.

Also, if you watch the first three seasons, you will know that there’s no room for the creators to further extrapolate the plotline. They have ended things in a pretty conclusive manner with the third season, leaving no room for further plot exploration.

What can we expect from Hanna Season 4?

If there were to be a Hanna Season 4, it is difficult to say what we could expect. The third season ended with Hanna starting a new life in the United States, and it is possible that a fourth season could follow her in this new chapter of her life. 

However, it is also possible that a fourth season could explore a completely different story, perhaps following one of Hanna’s fellow UTRAX graduates or even introducing a new protagonist.

All that said, you have to realize that a possible return of a fourth season doesn’t seem plausible. Things have concluded pretty well with the show, so it’s safe to assume that the creators won’t be bringing it back after all.

Who is returning to Hanna Season 4?

Now that we know that Hanna Season 4 isn’t a possibility, there’s no point speculating who would have returned on the show.

But, if we had to guess, we could be hopeful that the main cast would most likely make a comeback. We could have witnessed new additions to the cast as well. However, none of that will be happening at all.


Hanna Season 4 seems like a farfetched dream at this point. David Carr has confirmed that the show isn’t returning, so there’s no point sitting and waiting for further updates. All we will do is end up upsetting ourselves. What you could realistically do is binge-watch the three available seasons on Amazon Prime Video.


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