Black Clover Season 5 – Everything We Know So Far 

Black Clover Season 5

The Black Clover anime series took a break after its fourth season aired in 2021. The reason behind this hiatus was that the show had caught up with the manga it’s based on. However, the manga has since moved forward, providing plenty of new material for future episodes.

Despite this, Studio Pierrot, the production company behind the first four seasons, hasn’t confirmed whether there will be a fifth season.

Considering the show’s popularity and the recent release of its spin-off movie on Netflix, many fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Black Clover season 5.

When is Black Clover season 5 releasing?

As of now, the fate of Black Clover season 5 remains uncertain. There hasn’t been any official announcement regarding its release, but there’s hope that one might come soon.

The reason Season 4 concluded wasn’t due to a decline in popularity, but rather because it had caught up with the manga it’s based on. However, the recent release of the movie “Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King” has sparked speculation about the potential return of the TV series.

With the announcement that the first four seasons of Black Clover will stream on Netflix, and the promise of the remaining seasons later in the year, interest in the series has been reignited.

The manga continues to unveil new chapters, providing ample source material for the anime to draw from. While the manga is approaching its final arc, the exact conclusion date remains uncertain due to the sporadic release schedule.

It’s possible that Studio Pierrot, the studio behind Black Clover, might be waiting for the manga to conclude before adapting the final arc for Season 5.

What can we expect from Black Clover season 5?

Since the conclusion of season 4, the Black Clover manga has released 92 new chapters. The story is centred on Asta and his journey into a world where magic is supreme. Asta’s uniqueness lies in a book that cancels out magic.

Season 4 wrapped up with Asta gearing up for a showdown with the current Wizard King, while he and his fellow mages from the Black Bulls continue honing their skills for the conflict.

Season 5 of Black Clover would likely delve back into Asta’s pursuit of strength, along with the emergence of a new threat from the underworld. While Asta’s quest for the Wizard King’s throne remains a focal point, it will intertwine with the looming confrontation with the Dark Triad.

Who are the voice actors in Black Clover season 5?

Even though Black Clover season 5 is not officially renewed, we are free to speculate about the voice actors who might return in the new season. The list includes the following members:

  • Asta by Gakuto Kajiwara (JP) / Dallas Reid (EN)
  • Noelle Silva by Kana Yūki (JP) / Jill Harris (EN)
  • Magna Swing by Genki Muro (JP) / Ian Sinclair (EN)
  • Liebe by Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP) / Bryce Papenbrook (EN)
  • Yuno by Nobunaga Shimazaki (JP) / Micah Solusod (EN)
  • Yami Sukehiro by Junichi Suwabe (JP) / Christopher R. Sabat (EN)
  • Julius Novachrono by Toshiyuki Morikawa (JP) / Robert McCollum (EN)