The Rig Season 2 – A Return to the Fog-Shrouded Mystery


The chilling supernatural thriller “The Rig” captivated audiences in 2023 with its blend of isolation, suspense, and a touch of the unknown. 

The story followed the crew of the Kinloch Bravo oil rig, stationed off the coast of Scotland, as they became trapped by a mysterious fog and cut off from communication with the outside world. With dwindling resources and a growing sense of paranoia, the crew faced not only practical challenges but also a lurking supernatural threat.

With the first season ending on a cliff-hanger, fans are now waiting for more news about The Rig Season 2 and its potential release date.

When is The Rig Season 2 Releasing?

The good news about the show’s sequel is that Amazon has already renewed the show for another season, so that’s a plus point. However, we can’t take away from the fact that there seems to be very little information available about the show’s actual release date.

Amazon renewed the show for a second season in February 2023, so it isn’t surprising that the fans have been patiently waiting for more news for quite some time now.

However, there has been no news about the eventual return just yet. Also, the creators and the network have not shed any light on the show’s current status just yet. Filming expectedly will start in the later half of 2024 but that’s about it.

What can we expect from The Rig Season 2?

Season 2 promises to pick up where the first left off, with the surviving crew members seemingly rescued by helicopter. However, the sense of danger is far from over. Whispers suggest the crew will be taken to a “bold new location,” hinting at a change in scenery but likely not a change in fortune.

We can expect the core themes of isolation and survival to remain prominent. The crew will undoubtedly face new challenges in this unknown environment, with limited resources and the lingering trauma of their ordeal on the Kinloch Bravo. The supernatural element is also likely to play a bigger role. Season 1 hinted at a dark force at work, and with the crew seemingly transported to a different location, it could be a deliberate move by this entity. Will they finally unravel the mystery behind the fog and the strange occurrences, or will they become further entangled in its grasp?

Another interesting aspect to explore is the connection between the crew members’ pasts and the present situation. Season 1 hinted at hidden secrets and unresolved issues for some characters. This could be further delved into, with the supernatural element acting as a catalyst for these characters to confront their inner demons.

Who is returning to The Rig Season 2?

The plot and cast of the second season are under wraps. However, we can expect the following cast members to return:

  • Iain Glen (Magnus MacMillan) 
  • Martin Compston (Iain) 
  • Emily Hampshire (Rose) 
  • Rochenda Sandall (Lauren) 
  • Owen Teale (Fulmer) 
  • Mark Addy (Alfie) 
  • Molly Vevers (Lucy) 
  • Abraham Popoola (Leith) 
  • Stuart McQuarrie (Rig)