Viral Shirt Cut Memes That You Need to See and What They Mean

Shirt Cut Best Viral Memes

If you are new to the concept of memes and the associated prospects of it, chances are that you might not know what a shirt-cut meme is. The shirt-cut memes involve a series of fan art memes with the characters wearing cropped shirts in five different designs that reveal their bosoms. 

For those wondering about the origin story of this meme, it dates back to June 6, 2021, when a Twitter user, @druzsea took to their account to post a five-panel empty template of the meme with individual headings like Side boob, Inner boob, Boob window, Underboob, and Free space.

The meme creators had the complete autonomy to draw their own characters and fan arts into the template and then share them on Twitter.

Top Viral Shirt Cut Memes

Shirt Cut Best Viral Memes

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How did the Shirt Cut Meme Spread and Became Viral?

Following @druzsea sharing the first empty template of the shirt cut meme, it was later on June 08, 2021, that popular Twitter user @NumsNam made the first complete submission with the empty template that was shared by the first user.

The moment the finished meme template was shared, it picked up the pace and went viral, gaining over 3800 likes and 460 retweets. Once the first version went viral, it wasn’t surprising when other creators took to Twitter to share their version of the fanart, further adding to the popularity and trend of the meme.

Another popular rendition of the shirt cut meme was made by Twitter user @Shamenado, who creates a joke version of the meme and later gained over 10,300 retweets and over 37,700 likes. 


Will my version of Shirt Cut Meme get flagged?

Since most of the versions of the shirt cut memes involve exposing breasts, many users have a query of whether or not the same will get flagged and restricted on Twitter. Until now, the same hasn’t happened.

However, if you are concerned, we’d recommend taking the template and then sharing the same via Tumblr since fanarts and submissions are very popular and appreciated across the platform. Your account shouldn’t be flagged for sharing your own creation.

A shirt cut meme is more than a fun or joke kind of situation. Instead, it involves memes that showcase the creativity of the fans in the anime fandom. If you are good with drawing anime figures, we’d highly recommend that you get into using the shirt cut meme template as a reference and then sharing your version of it.