Hilarious and On-point Sad Cat Memes to Share Relatable Reaction in a Conversation

Sad Cat Memes

Sad cat memes are the epitome of reaction images. Given that there are so many different types and expressions, there’s no surprise that sad cat memes are everywhere on the internet. A quick scroll through the internet will bring you millions in search results.

Whatever the context is, the different sad cat memes will never fail you from laughing your heart out. Also, there aren’t enough days in our lives to be grumpy about. So, why not spend most of those days scrolling through the different viral memes, ones involving a cat?

Scroll down to find more about the significance of sad cat memes and why they are so popular.

Best Hilarious and On-point Sad Cat Memes

Sad Cat Memes

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Why are Sad Cat memes so popular?

The use of reaction images, GIFs, and videos is becoming very mainstream. That said, with so many different types of viral memes in the market, it isn’t surprising that the sad cat meme sits on the top of the list as one of the most popular genres of memes.

With the sad cat memes, you can share feelings of:

  • When you feel overwhelmed
  • When you feel sad
  • When you feel loved
  • When you have happy tears that you can’t express in words

A single meme holds the capacity to express a mound of emotions, provided you are using the correct type of expression of the sad cat memes.

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Where can I find sad cat memes?


We don’t even want to deviate you from the easiest source of all the different types of sad cat memes. With a simple search on Google, you can find thousands of search results that you can scroll through and find an ideal reaction that expresses what you are feeling at the moment.

You might find a few different sad cat memes on social media platforms too but we’d recommend a standard search engine as your first preference.


Can I use the sad cat meme template to create my own?

If you have some meme idea in your head that you wish to share with your social media followers, you can 100% use the template to create one of your own. All you have to do is find a suitable meme template and then place your text on it and share it forward.

Finding sad cat memes isn’t as challenging as you think. Given that it has become a viral meme and reaction picture, it is very easily accessible on the internet. We hope this post gives you all the basic ideas about the same.


1. What are sad cat memes?

Sad cat memes are popularly used as reaction images. If you are an avid social media user, you will likely find this meme on your feed. This genre of memes has different sad cat expressions that are funny to look at. You can use these memes to show your reaction in a conversation.

2. What makes sad cat memes so popular?

The hilarious expressions of the cats are what make these memes so popular. Many people use these memes as reaction images on social media. That’s how this meme has gone viral everywhere.

3. Are memes not kid-friendly?

Whether a meme is kid-friendly or not depends on the content of the meme. While most memes are kid-friendly, some of them are meant for adults. These include sexual or any other inappropriate memes. With most kids using phones from a very young age, they are regularly exposed to such content. So you need to pay attention to what your kids are seeing online.

4. What kind of feelings can I express with sad cat memes?

With the sad cat meme, you can express a variety of emotions and feelings. For example, sadness, being overwhelmed, happy tears, etc.