British Airways Tests New Gadget to Streamline Passport-free Travel Experience

British Airways Tests New Gadget to Streamline Passport-free Travel Experience

When it comes to traveling internationally, one of the biggest headaches is carrying passports. But recent news suggests that British Airways is allowing passengers to travel internationally without a passport during their departure.

British Airways is said to be the first airline in the world to utilize this new smart technology, a type of biometric technology that is set to streamline the international travel experience for passengers. 

According to the reports, the passengers will have the option to scan their face, passport, and their boarding pass directly on their smartphones before getting on their flight.

How does it work?

Now, British Airways being the first airway to introduce this feature, being confused about how it works is fairly common.

Keep in mind that this particular feature is only available at Terminal 5 of Heathrow airport in London. The airways have installed a Smart Bio-Pod camera at the said terminal, which will verify the individual and exclusive features of the individual passengers within 3 seconds or less.

Using the new feature, the passengers will not get to travel through the airport without ever bringing out their passports during their departure. 

Taking to the new smart feature, David Breeze, the operations transformation manager at British Airways confirmed that UK residents will get a choice to save their biometric information from the comfort of their home for the initial record.

Following that, British passengers will be able to take international flights from London without any hassle.

According to Breeze, this new smart-end technology is expected to improve users’ travel experience, especially through the airport. It is also expected to cut down the time passengers have to spend verifying their identity and going through and boarding before a flight.

This particular biometric smart feature’s trial run will continue for 6 months for British Airways flights leaving from London to Malaga, Spain. 

Besides the convenience, airways have confirmed that they plan on never misusing the data they are getting from the passengers. Everything will be encrypted and stored securely for the benefit of the customer only.

With this new feature, passengers will now be able to experience a Fast-track security lane along with a private boarding experience. If the feature works out well for the airways and ensures optimal security for travelers, chances are that the feature will be further diversified in the future, especially for other passengers.