Hilarious Relax Meme that Serves as a Sarcastic Reply

Relax Memes

How often do you find yourself pissed at someone and want them to shut up in the middle of the conversation? It happens a lot more than we’d like to take credit for. Relax memes are a great reaction image that texters can use as a reply.

Besides serving as a sarcastic comment or reply, the relax memes are also a fun way to let people in your online network know about your day or even the successful completion of a project. There is an abundance of relax memes available on the internet and almost all of them serve a different purpose.

We will explore more about Relax meme, its significance, and its proper usage in this guide.

Top Hilarious Relax Memes

Relax Memes

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When can I use the Relax Meme?

The usage of Relax meme is a subjective experience. You can use it as a sarcastic reply, or even as a standard post to let people know you are relaxing after a hard day at work.

Using the relax meme often depends on the image and the text that is integrated into the meme. There are a few different categories and we will explore them next:

  • Sarcastic reply

This is the most common use of relax meme where you reply with a meditating figure with “Relax” written at the bottom. This gives the message that you are asking them to calm down or back out of the conversation. This kind of reply also serves as a reminder that you aren’t interested in carrying the conversation any forward.

  • Break and relax

“Time to Relax. You are Done” is a very popular Kermit meme wherein you can publish it to let people know that you are done with your work and it is time to unwind and catch a break after a tedious few hours of work.

  • No care in the world

Have you ever had someone reply to you with a Kermit meme with the text “Mode: Extremely Relaxed?” If yes, it is another type of sarcastic reply wherein the other person doesn’t care about what you are saying. 

Whenever you are downloading relax memes off the internet, look for reliable and copyright-free images that you can share without any limitations.

Relax memes are gaining popularity among the users and rightfully so. If you are looking for good-quality and engaging relax memes and were wondering how to use them in day-to-day life, we hope this article gives you a detailed insight into it.


1. How to use relax memes?

You can use relax memes most hilariously. Most of the time, you will find people using relax memes to express situations like deadlines, the stress of life, the night before exams, and tense moments in a sarcastic way. The main purpose of sharing hilarious memes is to show that you are relax, no matter what. 

2. From where can I get trending relax memes?

Relax memes can be found on the Internet. You can search for websites that deliver a collection of memes, including relax memes. You can simply search the Internet for “relax” memes. That’s how you can get the templates for relax memes and see which ones are perfect to share.

3. How can I use relax memes as a reply?

Relax memes are often used as a reply while chatting. There will be many moments when you want the other person to shut up, but you cannot tell them. That’s when you can use the relax memes funnily. Instead of being rude, you can end the conversation sarcastically with the help of relax memes.

4. Are relax memes trending?

Yes, relax memes are always trending. No matter what professionals, students, and frustrated people find out, relax memes are very relatable. That is the reason relax memes always trend on social media platforms.