Funny and Unique Hold Up Memes You Have to See Today

Hold Up Memes

If you are a meme fanatic, chances are that you know about the hold up memes. Picturized over the black and white image of Vault Boy, the meme gained immense popularity in the meme world and is now a viral reaction picture that most people use in the middle of different conversations. 

For the readers who aren’t sure, the Hold Up meme came from Vault Boy, which is from a popular video game series called Fallout. The meme in totality is a black and white meme with Vault Boy holding his arms in front of him.

Most of the unique hold up memes take quicker to go viral, especially with the kind of popularity it has gained in such a short period.

Best Funny and Unique Hold Up

Hold Up Memes

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When can you use a Hold Up meme?

The hold up meme serves as a popular reaction image that you can share amid a conversation. Besides that, you can also use the meme as part of your unique meme creation journey with a situation and text mentioned on it.

Since the Hold Up meme depicts an emotion of, “Wait, what?”, you can often use this meme as a shocked reaction to most of the conversations that you didn’t expect would happen in the first place.


Where can I find the Hold Up meme?

Since the hold up meme is quite popular and mainstream, it isn’t surprising that you can find it across all the social media platforms and on the internet. So, if you are looking for some creative memes with fun taglines, we’d highly recommend that you look into the different Instagram meme pages.

However, for a more targeted and easier search, we’d suggest that you look it up on Google because that’s the easiest way to find a bunch of different versions of the hold up a meme that you can forward as a reaction as part of the conversations.

When downloading or sharing any of them hold up a meme on your social media platforms, and ensure that you share copyright-free images so you won’t get in trouble in the long run.

Hold up memes are no doubt one of the most popular types of reaction-based memes that you can forward over to your friends or family when you are shocked at a revelation. With so many different versions of the meme available, we’d recommend looking into the best one to get into.


1. Where did hold up memes come from?

If you are a meme lover, there’s a high chance that you have come across hold up memes online. These memes are currently going viral. For those who don’t know hold up memes came from Vault Boy, a popular video game series called Fallout.

2. What do hold up memes look like?

Generally, memes are colorful, but hold up memes are not. These memes are black and white and feature Vault Boy holding arms in front of him. Hold up memes became popular in a very short time. You will find several variations of the original meme.

3. When to use a hold up meme?

Hold up memes are used as a reaction image, which means you can use these memes amid a conversation. These memes are best suitable for use as a shocked reaction because of what it depicts. For example, you can use it in conversations that you didn’t expect to happen.

4. Are hold up memes free?

Yes, hold up memes are completely free. You will find them circulating all over the internet. If you like these memes, you can download them for free. Not just that, but you can also create your version of the meme.