Funny Wake Up Memes for every Late Riser

Funny Wake Up Memes

Have you ever woken up first thing in the morning and looked at the mirror? How do you find your appearance in the morning? Disheveled, hair flying in all directions? Well, what if we said that there are memes that depict that early morning feeling that you are experiencing?

Wake up memes are amazing conversation starters, especially if you are talking to someone who has a habit of waking up disoriented and all over the place. But, by no means is the wake up memes the trendiest genre of memes.

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Best Funny Wake Up Memes

Funny Wake Up Memes

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Who should I send the wake up memes to?

We all have that friend or a sibling or a relative that we know enjoys their sleep a little bit more than a normal human being would. The wake up memes is just a representation of them and their personality.

If you come across a relatable and funny wake up a meme that you know for a fact is harmless and will make the other person laugh, we’d a 100% recommend that you forward it over to them without any questions asked.

Also, most of the wake up memes are there to compare a late riser to a disgruntled kitten with their hair all over the place. There’s no way someone would take offense to that.


Where can I find good wake up memes?

There are hundreds of wake up meme templates available on the internet that you can download to create your memes and share them forward. However, if you don’t want to go that extra mile, we’d recommend that you go on Google to make a quick search.

Since wake up meme is a niche-specific meme, you should find a plethora of websites sharing these memes as a blog.

You can find the most creative ones from the lot, look for the ones with no watermark or copyright on them, and then share it forward to someone you think would appreciate the meme and the humor as much as you did.

Since wake up memes isn’t a type of “trending” meme, chances are that you wouldn’t find many new concepts of memes floating around. In that case, we’d highly recommend that you look into the already existing ones and scroll through to find the ones that best catch your attention. With a little bit of digging through, you should find a few worthy ones.


1. What are wake up memes?

Wake up memes are created to depict the early morning face that you wake up with – disheveled and messy hair. These memes depict the early morning feeling. Wake up memes are great conversation starters. You can send it to your friends who have the habit of waking up disoriented.

2. What should I do with wake up memes?

Memes are meant to be shared online. Whether it is wake up memes or any other memes, you can post them on your social media profile for others to see. Other than that, you can also send it to your friends.

3. Are wake up memes free?

Yes, wake up memes are free. You can download them for free and use them the way you like. To get the best wake up memes, you should go to the top-ranking sites on the search results page. Since these memes are free, you can download as many of them as you like.

4. How do I send memes to my friends?

You can share your favorite memes with your friends on social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, etc. You can also post them in group chats and enjoy a good laugh with your friends.