Relatable yet Quirky Dumb Memes that You Have to See Today

Quirky Dumb Top Viral Memes

Before you get this wrong, dumb memes don’t necessarily mean it’s you that’s dumb. Instead, it signifies a relatable instance that you had with someone that didn’t have basic intellect. Dumb memes are very common and stem from regular day to day examples that happen in our lives.

With so much going around, it isn’t surprising that finding creative and relatable dumb memes on the internet can be a pain. Ideally, you want to indulge in memes that are fun enough to share and forward to other people.

So, have you ever considered creating your dumb memes?

Best Quirky Dumb Memes

Quirky Dumb Top Viral Memes

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What do you need to create dumb memes?

Despite the abundance of dumb memes available on the internet, it isn’t surprising that people are still on the hunt for more. And, if you are creative enough, you can easily fill that gap.

But, how do you create your dumb memes?

  • Pick a context first. We’d highly recommend that you find the theme of the meme first and then find a similar image that lives up to the context. Once you have the base image for the meme, the next step is to sort out the text you will put in the image.
  • For the text, pick readable fonts that are easy to understand. You should also keep a check on the color of the text that you are adding to the image.


Should I create an Instagram account to share dumb memes?

Once you have created the dumb memes, the next thing that you will likely consider is sharing them across the different social media platforms. 

We’d suggest sharing them on Instagram instead of Facebook because the meme consumption on Instagram is a lot better compared to other social media platforms.

Also, when sharing dumb memes on Instagram, ensure that you always mix and match the content. Simply posting dumb memes will make the Instagram page very niche-specific, which will eventually stunt the growth of your account. 

So, random posting will prevent that from happening and enable you to grow your account seamlessly.

Dumb memes are hilarious, fun and very creative too. So, if you are looking to start your meme page across social media platforms, we’d recommend looking into this as a possibility. And, if you are considering creating memes from scratch, this post should give you a detailed insight into the process.


1. Does sharing quirky dumb memes make me look stupid?

Quirky dumb memes don’t mean that you are dumb. The quirky dumb memes are often shared to laugh out loud about all the dumb things that we do in our daily lives. Sharing quirky dumb memes doesn’t mean that you are dumb or stupid.

2. Can I make my version of quirky dumb memes?

It’s not tough to make memes these days. Take help from the Internet or other sources for templates, or you can use Photoshop. Create your version of quirky dumb memes and share them on social media to have more fun.

3. How did the quirky dumb memes, start trending on the Internet?

The quirky dumb memes certainly present some instances to which we can all relate. It does not indicate a person or a thing as stupid, but very common silly things that have happened. As people started relating to it, quirky dumb memes became famous on the Internet.

4. Where can I find funny, quirky dumb memes?

The quirky dumb memes started training on social media platforms as well as on the Internet. Internet connection is the bank, from where meme makers can find the best memes to share with friends. Search for quirky dumb memes on the Internet, and you will find lots of them.