How To Create Your Own Memes Using Let Me in Meme Template?

Hilarious Let Me in Meme

The Let me in the meme is a gif version of a meme of popular American comedian Eric Andre who is holding onto the metal railings and screaming “Let me in” in front of the Democratic National Convention in 2016. Ever since then, the meme has gained immense popularity on the internet and has gone viral.

So, when you have access to the Let Me In meme template, how can you create your own version of the meme using it? We will help you out with a few important tips that can help in the long run.

Best Let Me in Meme

Hilarious Let Me in Meme

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Create a theme first

Even when you are creating memes, there is a certain level of creativity that goes into it. So, you can’t expect to whip a random line on the template and expect it to go viral. Instead, you have to focus on working out a theme that works first with the idea that you have in your mind. Once you have the idea or caption sorted, it is easy to place and market it as a meme to your audience.

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Choose readable fonts

Besides the actual meme template, you have to be mindful of the font that you put a caption on your meme. If the font isn’t easily readable, it will more than likely affect a person’s reading experience. So, what you need to do is ensure that you pick easy and readable fonts that your audience won’t have to squint hard to read.


Ensure the quality of the template

When downloading the let me in the template from online sources, always ensure that it is in high resolution so you won’t have to compromise on the quality of the final meme that you create. When we talk about resolution, we are talking about the pixelation on the image. You want to ensure that Eric Andre’s face is clearly visible and the let me in is clearly understood in the image too.

Creating a meme from scratch involves a lot of work and brainstorming. While having access to the template solves more than half of the problem, there are a lot of other factors that you have to look out for. We hope this article gives you a clear idea of how you can use the template to create your own version of the meme and then market it to the audience with the correct heading and captions.


1. Where did the Let Me In come from?

The Let Me In meme is inspired by the popular American comedian Eric Andrew. A picture of him holding onto the railings of the Democratic National Convention and shouting ‘Let Me In’ went viral in 2016. This inspired the popular Let Me In memes that you see on the internet.

2. Can I create my version of Let Me In?

If you are a creative person, you can easily create your version of the popular Let Me In meme. The original meme has numerous variations available that are created by different individuals. You can take inspiration from those memes to create your version. After that, you can publish that on the internet.

3. How to create a meme?

Creating a meme sounds like a fun activity, that’s because it is. To create a meme, you need to first select a theme and fonts. Make sure that the fonts are readable. Lastly, focus on the quality of the meme. Unless the meme is funny or impactful, it will not go viral.

4. Where to find Let Me In memes?

You will find Let Me In memes for free on Google and social media sites.