Brutally Trolling KKR Memes that Depict the Truth of IPL and Losses

KKR Memes

If you follow the Indian Premier League or IPL, chances are that you know how much Kolkata Knight Riders are trolled daily. Even Royal Challengers Bangalore doesn’t fall short on the memes created about them.

However, someone or the other Indian cricket fans manage to pull down KKR to the dust and ground that will most definitely leave you laughing from the start till the end. Despite what you presume, none of the memes are made with malicious intent. Instead, they are all for the fun and giggles only.

Let us explore more about the brutal KKR memes and why they are so popular around. The KKR memes are the new trend on the internet and you have to jump on the bandwagon.

Best Brutally Trolling KKR Memes

KKR Memes

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Are the KKR memes only for when the team loses?

It is a very common misconception that the IPL memes are only targeted toward Kolkata Knight Riders but that isn’t the case. Most of the IPL memes are targeted toward almost all the teams but KKR and RCB are often subjected to the blunt end of the knife in most cases.

Although there are evergreen KKR memes that come up throughout the IPL season, the intensity of the memes generally takes a front seat when the team manages to lose out big time.


Can I find KKR memes on social media?

Since IPL and KKR memes are so popular on the internet, don’t be surprised if you come across a bunch of random yet tangible KKR memes and IPL-related meme pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The popularity of these kinds of memes is generally on the rise during the IPL season but they are available throughout the remainder of the year as well.

More than on Instagram, you are likely going to find more of the KKR memes on the Facebook pages and meme groups that are available for public access. Not only do they create fresh and unique memes, but they are also highly aligned to the current trends so you know they will tickle your senses quite well.

Still, confused about KKR memes? Don’t be. Instead, let go of the confusion and indulge in the influx of memes that are coming around and available in abundance on the internet. But, first, familiarize yourself with the different players before you go ahead and look for memes in the wrong place.