Viral and Quirky Laughter Memes for All the Giggles

Best Laughter Memes

Laughter memes are a standard part of your meme library. They are simple, easy to decipher, and tangible memes that you shouldn’t have a hard time decoding. However, with the incidence of laughter memes becoming more and more mainstream, people are losing their creativity while creating them.

The last thing you want to do is create a laughter meme that is not original and includes text and themes that are already done a thousand times across different meme pages. 

Uniqueness in the meme is what makes it viral. So, if you intend to create or publish a viral laughter meme, you have to be on your top game.

Best Viral and Quirky Laughter Memes

Best Laughter Memes

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How do I create a Laughter Meme?

Laughter memes are a generic meme genre. This means that you can use almost any image for your background in the template. This gives the individual access to a lot of creative freedom while creating the final meme.

So, what are the steps involved in creating a laughter meme?

  • Firstly, decide on a theme for your meme. A theme enables you to pick the image for your meme’s template. 
  • Once you have the theme sorted, your next step is to find copyright-free images or pre-existing laughter meme templates that you can use to create and publish your meme content.
  • On the final template, you have to add the finishing touches, add the text and then publish the final content on your meme page on various social media platforms.

Always ensure that you use HD resolution templates for your memes so they stand out amidst all the other ones in the score.


How can I make my Laughter Meme go viral?

Simply publishing your laughter meme won’t make it go viral. Instead, you have to put conscious effort into marketing the meme to the target audience.

You can cross-promote with other meme pages or even use ads as a way to reach a wider chunk of your target audience.

Also, use correct hashtags and captions in your post so it appears on the explore page of the target audience who enjoys meme content, especially the generic laughter memes.

Laughter memes are no doubt quite popular and with the right tricks, you too can have viral memes in no time at all. We hope this post gives you a good idea about creating different laughter memes and then working towards making them a viral sensation.