Funny and Viral Dirty Memes for all those Dual-Minded People

Viral Funny Dirty Memes

Every time that your friend sends you a message with double meaning, you likely have an urge to reply with a dirty meme as a reaction image. If that’s the case with you, be assured that you aren’t the only person feeling like that.

Dirty memes are available in abundance on the internet. Some are sexual jokes and some are downright filthy. But you can’t deny the fact that dirty memes are a fun and hilarious and very common addition to our digital lives.

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Best Funny and Viral Dirty Memes

Best Dirty Memes

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Are dirty memes censored?

It is a very common myth that dirty memes are either banned or censored on the internet. That isn’t the case at all. Instead, you’d just have to look for them in the right channels.

We’d highly recommend that you search for them on social media platforms instead of a standard Google search. 

Instagram and Tumblr are no doubt some of the best places to explore your meme game. They are available in high quality and abundance along the way as well. Not once will you have to complain about the quality of the memes or the content in the memes.

Originality and the fun aspect of the dirty memes are only discoverable when you find creative and unique ones.


Who do I share dirty memes to?

Well, it’s your choice and preference who you share the memes with. Ideally, dirty memes are most for friends, partners, or anyone that you have a banter-like relationship with.

So, who you decide to share the memes with is completely your choice. However, always ensure that you source intriguing and high-resolution dirty memes so they aren’t lost in the process.

Ideally, we’d recommend finding copyright free and downloadable dirty memes that you can directly save to your phone and forward to the person of choice.

Also, you can often use dirty memes as a reply in conversations. However, the instances are quite rare and it also depends on the kind of conversations that you are having with the person.

Dirty memes are a lot more mainstream than you think. They are one of the most popular types of meme niches on the internet. It is just that people are too shy to admit that they consume this genre of content very closely. We’d recommend making the most out of the situation.


1. Is it offensive to use dirty memes on social media platforms?

No, using a double-meaning dirty meme is never an offensive act. Remember that most of the dirty memes are presented sarcastically. Thus, the viewers have to understand the meme first. Dirty memes with double meanings are not wrong. You can share dirty memes with your friends.

2. How do I create my dirty memes? 

You can use a photo editing app and collect good pictures that fit the dirty memes. There is another way to create dirty memes with the help of templates. There are many templates available on the Internet for creating dirty double-meaning memes. 

3. Why dirty memes are used so much?

Dirty double-meaning memes indeed have more traction. People love to see some funny and goofy movements among their friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. By sharing the double-meaning memes, people can relate to them and laugh hard.

4. Can I get double-meaning dirty memes for free?

You can find dirty memes, which have a double meaning, on the Internet for free. There are also many websites available that deliver all the kinds of memes you want without charging any fees. There is a vast collection of dirty memes.