Funny and Trending Do something Memes template And How to Use it

Do something Meme

The “Do Something” meme is a funny and internet popular meme that involves a stick figure with a wooden stick in their hand poking at something to move and do something in the process. Given how versatile the meme is, it isn’t surprising that the meme is so known across the internet, irrespective of the niche that you are in.

That entire aside, when you have the Do something meme template with you, we’d highly recommend that you look into some of the creative ways to create your own version of the memes to share on the internet.

Here’s what you need to do:

Funny and Trending Do something Meme

Do something Meme

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Find the intent

The first thing that you need to do when you have the template in hand is to focus on the intent of the meme. Ideally, since the meme template is so open and versatile, you can integrate any subject into the meme and share it as your own. So, if you are in a specific fandom, or have a niche-specific meme page, we’d recommend that you pick the subject of the meme first.

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Download copyright-free templates

When you have a template, ensure that you have a copyright-free template from the random meme generators. There are quite a few options available online but most of them have a copyright on them. So, ideally, you want to sort out the template first. 

Use a good photoshopping tool

With the template in front of your system, the last step is to include the subject of the meme. You can download images to crop and add to the template or you can create your own version on most of the photo editing apps that are available on the internet. 


Should I share the Do Something Memes Online?

Once you have created your version of the unique and creative Do Something memes, you can directly share them online. However, these memes do better as a reaction image in a conversation, especially fandom-specific conversations.

Contrary to popular beliefs, these kinds of memes perform exceptionally well on Twitter because of the different fandom interactions and tweets there.

Do Something memes aren’t going to ever get out of trend and especially if you are into different fandoms with artists that haven’t released or done something in a long time. With correct progress, you too can get your tweet or the meme to go viral with the right dose of creativity.