Loss Memes that are Based on the Popular Web Cartoon

Loss Hilarious Memes

Web cartoons are popular and have gained immense popularity among the audience, and Loss.jpg is hands down one of the most popular cartoon strips that have scoured a lot of audiences ever since its release in 2008. Besides its legacy as a renowned and viral “internet meme”, the loss memes were created by Tim Buckley made by highlighting the concepts of Ctrl+Alt+Del.

The comic follows the life of the pivotal character Ethan and his fiancé, Lilah, who are in the process of having their first child but later experience a miscarriage. It is a four-strip comic that only includes illustrations and no dialogues.

If you aren’t aware of the popularity of Loss memes and why they gained so much popularity, we have all the information you need to know.

Best Loss Memes

Loss Hilarious Memes

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How did Loss Become an Internet Meme Sensation?

Ever since the first release of Loss memes, the four-panel comic strip got immediate popularity and became a trending internet meme wherein popular creators and accounts on Twitter and Tumblr started using different parts of the comic strip to create their version of the meme.

More than the popularity of the actual comic strip, the parodies and edits of the meme started gaining more and more traction. It was taken up by popular animated and gaming series like Super Mario Bros and other works involving Pokemon and Futurama.

Although the memes and the jokes were based on a very dark theme, it isn’t surprising that most people found humor in dark spots, hence the growing popularity all across the internet.

Brian Feldman in one of his podcasts in 2016 declared this as one of the longest-running jokes on miscarriage. The loss memes were also used as part of the 2016 United States Presidential campaign.

However, owing to how sensational the meme became over a decade, it wasn’t surprising when the creators replaced the original strip of Loss with a newer and edited version called Found.


Can I edit the Loss Meme?

The loss meme is a very niche-specific meme with a lot of copyright issues present in it. So, it isn’t surprising that as a meme creator, you have to be cautious about the version of the edit you are creating to ensure that you don’t end up sharing something that gets you into copyright troubles.

Also, when looking for the templates, we’d recommend choosing the free versions of the Loss memes from the different generators online. Don’t look into the copyrighted versions.


1. What are loss memes?

For those who don’t know loss memes are based on web cartoons. This meme was created by Tim Buckley who highlighted the concepts of Ctrl+Alt+Del. You will find different variations of the loss meme that can be used in various situations.

2. What is the loss meme all about?

The loss meme features a four-strip comic with no dialogues, but only illustrations. These memes are inspired by the main characters Ethan and his fiancé Lilah. They want to become parents, but Lilah suffers a miscarriage. The loss meme became popular shortly after it was posted on the internet. You will find many social media users sharing this meme on their timelines.

3. What is meme culture?

A meme is a style, idea, or behavior that spreads using imitation from person to person within a culture. It often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular theme or phenomenon. Memes have become so popular that you will find them everywhere on the internet.

4. Are loss memes free to download?

Yes, you can download loss memes for free. Whether you save it on your device or share it on social media, you don’t need to pay a single penny to use lost memes.