Hilarious Adios Memes that will leave you Cackling

Adios Viral Memes

The Adios wormhole meme is one of the most popular meme genres that you will find on the internet. This is a trendy meme, which involves a man in red and black while going into a white hole in the space.

Ideally, this meme is a perfect reaction picture when you are done with a conversation and want to get out of it without mentioning any of the question words. Although the “newer” version of the meme has come up recently, the OG version of the adios meme dates back to 2012 when it was published via cubed.com.

If you want to know more about the significance and utilization of the adios meme, we have some inputs to share with you.

Best Hilarious Adios Memes

Adios Viral Memes

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Is there any information regarding the origin of the Adios meme?

The origin of the Adios meme is not known at this point. However, given that it came up on the internet and became a viral sensation so soon, we can very well suggest that the meme’s concept is very well written.

As said, the earliest known version of the Adios meme dates back to 2012 when it was published on cubed.com. Since then, there has been no further information regarding the newest version.

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What is the meaning behind the Adios meme?

The Adios meme is primary a significant way to express distaste in a situation, especially involving situations that you don’t take a liking to.

Memes like:

Me: stand up too fast

My vision: *adios*

These are some of the common types of meme examples with the Adios meme that you can explore. This is a random meme but is quite a trending one, so we can’t brush aside the fact that creating your meme using the template of the adios meme holds the potential to make your content go viral.


Where can I find good Adios meme examples?

Since the adios meme is quite rarely made nowadays, we’d recommend going on Google to find some good adios memes to share with other people, be it your friends or family.

You might occasionally come across a few versions of the Adios memes on the Instagram meme pages but don’t put your trust in them.

Adios memes are a fun way to be sarcastic yet funny with your reply. If you are considering creating your own, there are several meme generators where you can find the template to put your text on and share it forward.


1. What are adios memes?

The word ‘adios’ means goodbye. In adios memes, we can see a person entering a wormhole, meaning he is saying goodbye to everyone. This is because once you enter the wormhole, there’s no returning. These memes are popular as a reaction image when you are done with a person or conversation.

2. Are adios memes new?

Adios memes are not exactly new. They have been around since 2012. Although it’s been a decade, these memes are still very popular among meme lovers. You will find many social media pages sharing these memes. Also, there’s a new version of this meme that has recently become popular.

3. Why are memes so popular?

We generally love sharing things that others can understand easily. This is what makes memes so popular. You can share them with your friends and they will instantly understand the intended message. The shareability of memes makes them popular on a global scale.

4. Where to find adios memes?

Whether you are looking for the older or newer version of adios memes, you will find both online. Just search it on Google and you will see hundreds of these memes on the results page. Also, they are free to download.