Common yet Viral Sigma Male Memes that You Need for all the Laughs

Sigma Male Memes

Don’t you find it intriguing when you come across memes describing a certain level of masculinity? Well, chances are that you haven’t come across the viral sigma male memes yet. A lot more powerful than alpha males, the sigma male memes depict the type of male character that will pick a rise out of the alpha and beta males.

If you are completely clueless about the viral sigma male memes and what they entail, we have accumulated all the interesting information in this article for you.

Best Viral Sigma Male Memes

Sigma Male Memes

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What is Sigma Male?

So, we have all heard about alpha males, so what does a sigma male entail? In simpler words, a sigma male is a powerful and independent male, one that is in a higher power than an alpha male.

Their identity is often compared to that of a lone wolf that doesn’t fall back on the needs of a family or company around them. They enjoy their space and like to rejoice in their independence.

The growth and popularity of a sigma male rose on Instagram and Reddit, wherein people shared these means as a way to compare successful men in the industry.


What is the origin store of Sigma Male memes?

Every meme has an origin story, so what about the Sigma male memes? The concept of a sigma male meme isn’t very old but dates back to 1-2 years in the past.

It was initially shared by Theodore Robert Beale wherein he distinguished and categorized different classes of men depending on the hierarchy. Although he didn’t create the sigma male memes, he was the first person to introduce the concept of sigma male and how they fit into the society.

VoxDay described the traits of a sigma male as someone who is hated by the alphas, who is a man of mystery and doesn’t follow the standard social norms. Based on these standard concepts, more and more people came around to creating a meme on the concept.

The concept of sigma male was then strategically picked up by popular YouTubers like Alpha M, from where things started to escalate on the internet.

So, while you are at it, this is everything that you need to know about the Sigma male mindset and the memes that originated from the same. Ideally, we’d recommend that you keep a check on the latest memes instead of spiraling into the boring options.


1. What are sigma male memes?

Sigma male memes are trending everywhere. These memes describe a certain level of masculinity. It depicts the sigma male type character that will pick a rise out of beta and alpha males. Since these memes are male-oriented, they are mostly used by men and boys.

2. Are sigma male memes funny?

Not all sigma male memes are funny. Some of them are serious too. The whole purpose of these memes is to depict a sigma male trait that makes them different from other males. You can use these memes as a reaction image amid conversations.

3. Can I make my version of sigma male memes?

If you are a creative person, you should try creating your version of sigma male memes. Just get the template and let your creativity flow. Once your meme is ready, share it online and wait for it to get viral.

4. Where did sigma male memes come from?

Sigma male memes are 1-2 years old. It was first shared by Theodore Robert Beale wherein he categorized different classes of men based on the hierarchy. However, he is not the creator of sigma male memes. He only introduced the concept which was later picked by meme creators who made it popular.