Popular and Creative Online Class Memes Every Student Needs to See

Online Class Funny Memes

E-learning is no longer an option or alternative, it has become a necessity for students, especially with the onset of the pandemic. However, we can’t stress enough that the onset of online classes has paved the way for an uncountable number of memes too.

So, if you are bored in your online class, why not pass your time looking through some of the relatable memes that can make the most out of your situation?

For the users who aren’t aware of online class memes and where to find them, let us walk you through the details.

Best Popular and Creative Online Class Memes

Online Class Funny Memes

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Where can I find online class memes?

Before you go around thinking about creating your online class memes, you’d have to first look into finding inspiration.

And, what better way to get that besides looking on the different social media platforms? Instagram is a treasure trove for such memes. Since people wanted to find a distraction from the prospect of quarantine and isolation and online classes, the memes surrounding these subjects have become very popular.

So, a quick search on Instagram should fetch you a good range of search results on the varying social media platforms.


What are some instances I can share online class memes?

Sharing online class memes with your friends doesn’t require specific timing. You could be scrolling on your Instagram feed and come across one that’s relatable. Click on the share button and share it with people who will appreciate it equally.

Similarly, if you found an online class meme template, you can enter your text on the image and then share the same with your friends to tickle the fun and giggles.

So, there is no “perfect” instance for you to share an online class meme. It is all about finding one, relating to it and then forwarding it to someone who would appreciate the meme equally well.

Just ensure that when you are sharing any online class meme, ensure that the resolution of the image is top-notch and readable. The last thing that you want to do is end up sharing an image that isn’t readable by the recipient.

Online class memes are a fun escape from the dark reality of the pandemic that all of us have struggled with all this while. So, instead of dwelling on the what-ifs and the wrongdoings, why not make the best out of the situation and look at it in a positive light?


1. What are online-class memes?

Online class memes became popular during the pandemic when everyone was doing online classes from their homes. These are funny memes that depict the feeling of students when they are attending online classes. If you are a student, you will enjoy sharing these memes.

2. How to use online-class memes?

You can share online-class memes with your friends and other classmates. If you have a group chat, post it there to get a good laugh out of them. Most of these memes are funny which is why they have become so viral.

3. Can I create my online-class meme?

Yes, you can create your version of an online-class meme. For this, you need the meme template. You can create an online-class meme based on your experience. Once your meme is ready, you can share it online. If your meme is really good, expect it to go viral.

4. Where can I download free online-class memes?

Online-class memes are circulating on social media. There are many variations of this meme. So it’s hard to tell which version is good and which ones are not. You can download these memes free of cost from social media or Google.