Zoom Human Avatars Features – Here’s How it Works

Zoom Human Avatars Features – Here’s How it Works

Zoom has grown its user base exponentially since the pandemic and become a mainstream platform that people leveraged to optimize their video conferencing experience.

If you are an avid Zoom user, we have some good news for you. The video conferencing platform has finally released the beta version of its human avatar feature on the app. This feature will allow the users to use an animated version of themselves instead of being there in front of the camera in flesh.

The human avatar feature will be available under the filters section where the users can play around with the avatar that best aligns with their appearance and personality. Zoom is consistently adding and updating its collection of filters. Not only will it help break the ice but also help camera-shy users to feel more comfortable during the meetings.

In their Blogspot, Zoom said that these new features are part of the personalization combinations, which will enable the users to display their virtual selves in front of others during a meeting. What’s unique about this new human avatar feature is the accessibility. It moves and mirrors the expressions and movements of the users. 

So, instead of having a stoic and static presence in the meetings, the feature will allow the users to be more present and engaging throughout the meeting. This will also improve the dynamicity of the meeting instead of featuring a static profile image when the camera is turned off.

As mentioned, the Avatar feature on Zoom is currently available in beta format across the world to all users. Zoom developers further confirmed as they progress through their beta program, they will add more features and customization options for the individual avatars.

Besides the human avatar feature, Zoom has also introduced a variety of other new upgrades, including meeting templates, threaded messages, chatting experience during the meetings, and multiple Q&A features too.

Amidst them, the Meeting templates feature is experiencing a lot of positive feedback, allowing the users to schedule meetings, focus on relevant content and even keep a check on the settings. The threaded messages and reactions feature will be available in the next few weeks or months.

With the kind of improvements and innovations Zoom is introducing to its user experience, it isn’t surprising that the platform is all set to take things up by a notch, especially when it involves the user experience and the interface.