Fortnite Season 4 Coming Soon: What to Expect?

Fortnite Season 4

Things are about to get more exciting for Fortnite fans as the release date of season 4 is drawing near. Despite the hardcore competition going between Epic, Google, and Apple, it didn’t stop the company to create the right hype for Fortnite season 4.

There is news that Fortnite Season 4 is going to have a cameo from Marvel comics. This has triggered the audience even more and now they are eagerly waiting for season 4 to release.

To know more about Fortnite season 4, read the post below. We have tried to cover all the details you need to know.

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When Fortnite Season 4 is going to release?

Fortnite season 4 is going to be released on August 27th, 2020 which is just a few days away. The release date has been confirmed by the developers in their blog post, so we can be sure that this is no rumour.

The next Free Fortnite tournament by Epic is going to challenge biggies like Google and Apple. Players participating in the tournament will get exclusive prizes in return for which they will send their feedback.

The tournament is going to start on August 23rd, 2020. This means it’s going to start just a few days before the release of season 4 of Fortnite. 

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What happened between Epic, Apple, and Google?

Fortnite Season 4 Coming Soon

There is a legal battle going on between Epic and two mobile storefronts Google and Apple. 

The issues occurred between the companies when Epic Games came up with a method to circumvent Google and Apple’s payment systems. This allowed the players to make payments directly to Epic, which as a result reduced their sales. 

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Right now there is no more news or updates available about the dispute. But will get to know what happens as time passes. 

As far as the fourth season is concerned, Epic Games have released their trailer where we can see a big cameo from the Marvel Universe.

All mobile users will have to face a tough time getting the update as there is a legal dispute going between Epic, Apple, and Google.

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What’s in the trailer?

The trailer shows us Thor’s eyes. We can also see golden locks on the logo. 

 This is the third time that Marvel decided to collaborate with Fortnite. The first time was Thanos and the second time, it was Deadpool. No doubt, this makes the season more interesting for the fans. But we hope that the battle between the companies doesn’t ruin our experience.

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